Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 1325 - The Death of Demi Divine Lord (5)

Chapter 1325 “The Death of Demi Divine Lord (5)”

Ticking her eyebrows up, Bai Yan seems to remember what that old hag was saying about this old man from earlier – that he used to be very strong but have regressed over the years due to his mental state.

“Grandpapa, can you let me examine your body?” “Bai Yan asks with a gentle voice that was akin to sugar to the ear.

“Of course, of course,” nodding repeatedly, “what do you need to check?”

“I will use my spiritual feelers to check the inside of your body. All you have to do is relax and not resist me.” She says while slowly standing up from the ground.

In an instant, the old coot could feel something seeping into his skin and swimming through his internal structure.

“Huh?” Showing a tint of surprise in her eyes, Bai Yan appeared puzzled by what she found. “Generally speaking, those who can’t grow and become stagnant in their strength is because their meridian veins are blocked by something, but your body is perfectly fine from my examination. Can you tell me when your mental stability started to wane?”

What’s going on here? This doesn’t make sense at all.

Shaking his old head like a rocking drum, “I am not crazy, I am not crazy! Why are you saying I’m crazy like those people? I’m not crazy, I only want to find you….”

Seeing how antsy the other side was becoming due to her own words, Bai Yan hurries to calm the old man down with her soft cooing voice: “Okay, okay, you’re not crazy, it’s those people framing you.”

“Yes, they framed me! I’m not crazy.” Puckering his lips into a ducshape, the old coot still sounded unhappy based on the grunt he made.

“You don’t have a place to go back to now so why don’t you return with me to my home?” Bai Yan offers with a smile.

Nodding heavily, “Okay, I’ll follow my granddaughter anywhere, as long as you’re with me then I’m happy.”

That actually brought the lady into a chuckle due to how sincere and honest it was. Nevertheless, the desire to find out what’s wrong with this strange old man still lingered in Bai Yan’s heart. It’s too strange, a condition that shouldn’t be happening.

“Mother!” It’s then a young excited voice calls out to her from the back.

Before the woman could react when she turned, a soft and small body had already thrown himself into her stomach and causing her to fall backwards from the impact.

Warm in her face upon recognizing it’s her own son: “Thank goodness you’re alright, but how come you’re back so fast?”

Grinning like a child that he was, Bai Xiachen looked like a proud little boy that wants to be praised and patted on the head. “Mother, me and Dragon Flame set that herb mountain on fire. We also killed many of the defenders there so we decided to come back to you before those Keepers find us.”

Such a pity we couldn’t take all those herbs. Mother would’ve been so happy if we brought all those ingredients to her right now….

Happily obliging her boy’s wagging tail appearance, Bai Yan has never been one to be stingy on the pampering: “That’s a smart choice Xiachen, it’s not a good idea to face those Keepers alone. And I know what you’re thinking, those herbs in that mountain isn’t very good compared to the ones in the Sky Mountain. You don’t have to look so disappointed on not taking everything.”

“Really?” Almost stunned in his little face, Bai Xiachen looked like a boy that got caught doing something naughty at being read so easily. “But Dragon Flame gathered some of the herbs before we burned it, does that mean Mother don’t want them anymore?”

Almost breaking out into a laughing fit over her boy’s silly behavior, Bai Yan really had to hand it to this son of hers. “Of course not you silly, how can I not want the things you brought back?”


Using action to express himself, Bai Xiachen directly gives the lady a peck on the cheek before breaking out into a happy grin again: “Mother is the best, I love Mother the most.”

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