Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 1377 - “Come On Their Own (3)”

Chapter 1377 “Come On Their Own (3)”

A sense of ecstasy filled Mu Xue’s heart once she became aware of what the message meant. It’s so strong that even her body had started to tremble.

“Bitch, so what if you tricked the king? You will never beat me in the end, hahahaha!” She laughed wickedly like a witch that has lost her mind.

Once I ascend into the post of being the demon queen, I will deal with you Mu Ying and all the rest that dared to cross me. How dare you betray me and our mother! I will rip out your heart and feed it to the birds!


Meanwhile at the same time, Bai Yan was back in the palace sitting along a bed she arranged inside the garden pavilion when an urgent cry snapped the sleeping woman out of her nap.

“My Queen, this is bad, very bad!” A female figure quickly ran over.


Still slightly drowsy in the face, Bai Yan turns to make a frown along the face. This individual wasn’t someone she’s familiar with so the person didn’t hold much of an impression. “What’s going on, why are you acting so rashly while inside the palace?”

The maid’s eyes were full of anxiousness like something critical just happened: “Just now I saw the little princess being taken away by someone. They should be at the main city gates by now. What should we do Your Highness?”


Getting up in one full motion, Bai Yan’s face took on a stern and serious look as she grabbed at the maid’s shoulder for further detail: “Ling Yan got taken away? Did you inform Di Cang of this matter yet? I’m going to find him now!”

Seeing how the desperate mother’s about to run to the study, the maid grew antsy and yelled out the only reaction she knew: “I will go inform the king. My Queen, you should hurry and go save the princess on your own…”

Originally Bai Yan had lost her wits due to the story revolving around her children, but that last careless remark instantly sent her into a wary alarm. Holding her steps into a slow pace, she turns around with skeptic eyes: “Where’s Mu Ying?”

That’s right, I ordered that girl to watch over my daughter at all times, never to leave Ling Yan’s side. Why is it this maid that I barely have an impression coming here to tell me this? Something’s not right….

The maid’s face grew more flustered: “Mu Ying… she-she got knocked out during the scuffle, that’s why I had to come in her stead.”

Growing even more skeptical now, Bai Yan didn’t miss the flicker of panic avoidance in the maid’s eye. “Alright, you can go inform Di Cang, I’ll go look for Xiachen first.”

If these people want to drive me away for some reason then I better find out why.


It’s time I did some housecleaning in the palace. I can’t have these spies constantly running around trying to cause trouble.

“Yes, Queen.” The maid bowed, not daring to make eye contact.

“What are you standing there for still? Hurry and go!” she snapped.

Under that oppressive and forceful glare, the maid didn’t need any more urging. In a blink of an eye, she was gone and disappeared from view.

Once that’s done, Bai Yan didn’t twaddle around either. Looking in the opposite direction, she headed in the direction of the main gates at incredible speed. It’s just that instead of making it far, she ended up running into Mu Ying who was still holding Ling Yan in her arms not far away.

“Greetings to Your Highness.” The guardian maid says after placing the princess down.

“Mother.” Running up with glee in those eyes after getting her footing, the peachy princess didn’t need any goading to throw herself into Bai Yan’s arm, which was warmly received in kind.

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