Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 677 - What Should I Do? I Am Also At My Wits’ End.

Chapter 677: What Should I Do? I Am Also At My Wits’ End.

Lea turned around to glare at Gu Mengmeng. “You are still laughing?! What did you tell those wolf pups?!”

Gu Mengmeng shrugged helplessly. “It’s not my fault. There were just things I mentioned when telling stories to Sandy. She can’t understand their meaning, anyway. When we went for that beauty pageant and entrusted those wolf pups to Sandy’s care, she had recited the same stories to them at bedtime. What could I do? I am also at my wits’ end at that.”

Lea sighed. “I have no idea what to do with that Jialue. You teach your own brat, I can’t.”

Elvis harrumphed. “Would I still need you to teach him if I could handle him myself?”

Lea looked at Elvis with sympathy. “Ah… so you are also at your wits’ end with that kid.”

Elvis cracked his neck. “Once, when Mengmeng wanted to speak in private with Sandy, hadn’t I led those four little ones for their basic training? I had thrown three of them into a mud puddle, and when the time came for Jialue, he put on a pitiful look and hugged my leg, asking me 「Are you really going to throw me in?」That expression was exactly like Xiao Meng’s and I couldn’t bear to do it… in the end…”

Elvis clenched his fists with a cracking sound, as a vein on his forehead throbbed. “In the end, that young punk climbed onto my head and peed on me!”

“Pfft…” Gu Mengmeng couldn’t help laughing out loud. “I thought Kanwu was the most difficult for you to handle, but Jialue is the real troublemaker.”

Elvis and Lea exchanged glances before turning to look at Gu Mengmeng and saying in unison, “All because he inherited your eyes…”

Gu Mengmeng fiddled with her hair and winked at Elvis with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “If Lea is unwilling to help you, how do you intend to train those three?”

At the mention of his four sons, Elvis really had no idea.

Since the day they were born, he had always regretted doing such a foolish thing?! Those four fellows were obviously sent by the Beast Deity to torture him.


Xiao Meng loved them.

With a sigh, Elvis said, “I will just throw them into the wild wolf pit and let fate decide their life and death.”

Gu Mengmeng was stunned and she carefully scrutinized Elvis’s expression, trying to find some hint that he was just joking.

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

He was being serious.

Before Gu Mengmeng could speak, Lea held onto her shoulder. A flawlessly handsome profile blocked Gu Mengmeng’s line of sight. “Elvis grew up among the stray beasts and the training he endured was far more strenuous than the one he has planned for them. That was why Elvis predicted you could not bear it, and the reason why he rejected Kanwu’s request for him to train them.”

So it was not… to wear down Kanwu’s arrogance?

But because… Kanwu would probably not survive his training?

Gu Mengmeng lowered her head and reached out her little hand to tug at Elvis’ arm.

Elvis pulled her into his embrace. He couldn’t understand the origins of her pain, but still held her tenderly.

“I am just saying that, I will not really throw them into the wild wolf pit. Anyway, even if I am willing to teach them, they may not want to learn from me. Burke’s methods are more mild, but ultimately safer. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

Elvis could only come up with this consolation.

Gu Mengmeng shook her head. “Hubby, what did you experience before you met me.”

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