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Chapter 678 - Gu Mengmeng Invites Burke

Chapter 678: Gu Mengmeng Invites Burke

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Elvis chuckled and he held Gu Mengmeng’s little face with both his hands. “If I could turn back time, I will go through that long period of suffering again. I will choose to undergo even more toil and grind, to become an even better version of myself to receive you, protect you and look after you.”

Gu Mengmeng lowered her eyes. “I would rather you to be a little weaker and have to undergo less suffering.”

Elvis kissed Gu Mengmeng’s delicate face. “If I was weaker, I would probably never have met you, you silly girl.”

Gu Mengmeng looked up, her eyes full of tenderness and aching.

Elvis pinched her little nose. “Alright, let’s stop talking about me. Let’s discuss about Cole. That fellow… we must guard against him.”

Lea nodded. “The injured have more or less recovered. We cannot continue sitting here to wait for Cole’s next move. If he does not do anything in another three days, we will continue towards Saint Nazaire.

Gu Mengmeng nodded and pondered for a moment. “Maybe… I should conform to Cole’s script.”

Lea looked askance at Gu Mengmeng with a stern expression. “What are you intending to do?”

Gu Mengmeng gave a light laugh at patted Lea’s shoulders. “Don’t worry, I will not mess around like before. The current me is a wise, old demon.”

Lea smiled at Gu Mengmeng’s words and nodded. “Tell me your plan and we will discuss it.”

Gu Mengmeng nodded and shared her thoughts.

The frowns on Lea’s and Elvis’ faces deepened as they listened. In the end, Elvis was clenching his fists so tightly that his bones cracked, while his brows were in knots. “I think I would rather just kill Burke and then make our way back to Saint Nazaire, while waiting for Cole to make his next move.”

Lea nodded. “I agree.”

Gu Mengmeng propped her cheek on one hand. “How will you answer to Kanwu if you kill Burke? Moreover, as Lea said, Burke is just a bait set by Cole. He is also an innocent party being used. Why take his life?”

The other two knew Gu Mengmeng too well. They knew she had already made up her mind just by that look on her face.


Apart from sighing, Elvis and Lea could only go over the plan repeatedly, to ensure no room for mistakes.

That night, Kanwu was once again full of injuries when Burke led him and his brothers back for dinner.

Gu Mengmeng held Kanwu in her arms as she comforted him and listened to his stories of today’s progress. She cupped his little face and gave him a tender kiss.

“Burke, for your training session tomorrow… can you bring me along? Gu Mengmeng turned towards Burke as she made her request.

Burke gave a slight start before instinctively looking at Elvis and Lea.

Elvis and Lea both looked away as a show of silent consent.

Burke couldn’t rein in the look on his face. He thought that he was already doing all he could for Gu Mengmeng by training Kanwu. The dinner every night was the part of the day he looked forward to the most. He never expected for the chance to get even closer to her. It was like a dream come true.

Gu Mengmeng gazed at Burke’s rapidly shifting expressions and cleared her throat. “Would it be… convenient?”

Burke hurriedly shook his head. “No inconvenience. None at all.”

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