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Chapter 679 - Lea Loses Control

Chapter 679: Lea Loses Control

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Having realized he had answered too quickly, Burke cleared his throat and lowered his head. He dared not look Gu Mengmeng in the eye. With blushing red ears, he hastily added, “I am worried that you cannot bear to watch them…”

Gu Mengmeng chuckled. “Children have to grow up, eventually. I am willing to do anything for them, but cannot take their place in growing up.”

Gu Mengmeng tilted her head with a smile. Burke only caught a glimpse of it but already felt as if his heart was blooming with countless flowers. It was as if the entire world was an illusion and that smiling face was all he saw.

Burke was finally led away by the three youngsters as he stumbled after them like a lost soul.

Feeling sour, Lea held Gu Mengmeng in his embrace and propped his chin on top of her head. He gazed toward the departing Burke, and said unhappily, “How long has it been since you spoke to me so gently? Huh? This Burke… tsk, it’s better to kill him.”

Gu Mengmeng pinched Lea. “”He is just a pawn being used. Embroiled into the conflict between Cole and us. He is already very pitiful. Anyway, he is Kanwu’s teacher after all.”

“Humph.” Lea harrumphed loudly.

He reached out to pull up Gu Mengmeng but was intercepted by Elvis.

Looking at Gu Mengmeng being held in Elvis’s arms, Lea felt an uncontrollable sense of frustration. He charged at Elvis with bared teeth and a rage-filled expression.

Gu Mengmeng was shocked. Apart from the time when he was heavily injured and Lea took over the duty of becoming her legs, Elvis had always been the one carrying her around. Lea had never been upset by that, so why now…?

Elvis looked exceptionally stern. He held Lea’s head with one massive hand and frowned angrily. “Are you challenging my authority as the first partner?”

Lea was stunned as he stared into Elvis’ eyes. He froze and only managed to compose himself after some time. He pushed off Elvis’ hand and rubbed his temples. “I am sorry, I was wrong.”

Elvis wiped off the anger and murderous rage on his face. He didn’t say another word and just carried Gu Mengmeng off. Lea didn’t follow them.

After moving a distance, Gu Mengmeng saw that Elvis still looked very grim. “Are you still angry?”

Elvis shook his head. “I am not angry, but just worried. Lea’s behavior… is not normal.”

Gu Mengmeng recalled Lea’s vicious expression earlier and nodded. “Perhaps he has been overly distressed regarding the situation with Cole. The stress of it caused him to lose control of his emotions. Don’t take it to heart.”

Elvis sighed. “I hope so. But Xiao Meng, there is something you should know.”

“Huh?” Gu Mengmeng responded with a single syllabus.

Elvis said, “In a family, the authority of the first partner is absolute. Only then can he provide the best living environment for the female. Although our family has two males, me and Lea, the same rules apply. I can accept your love for Lea but I cannot allow him to challenge my authority as the first partner. If this happens again… I will not let him go so easily.”

In reality, Gu Mengmeng didn’t really understand all that about authority within a family.

Wouldn’t it be better for a family to discuss things amiably whenever a situation arises?

But earlier on, she was very sure… if Lea had not apologized, Elvis would have really killed him.

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