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Chapter 945 - Come back from death’s door

Chapter 945: Come back from death’s door

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Is quicksand terrifying?


It caused Rule Force, origin energy, internal force, and even brute strength to be ineffective; literally every force Su Hao could think of was rendered useless!

This was the first time Su Hao ever encountered such a situation.

It was unbelievably tough.

Su Hao’s body had already been completely submerged. It looked as if he would be devoured by the endless desert at the very next moment, but he was unexpectedly very calm right now.

Is there really no other method?

Not necessarily.

Su Hao slightly moved his finger, but in the quicksand, just this quick moment put him quite deep in the sand. However, it was that quick moment that Su Hao’s body suddenly experienced unusual changes.


Su Hao’s body had a huge change.

An unimaginable force came from Su Hao’s body. Then, one could see that slowly creeping quicksand suddenly increase in speed, rotating like a vortex with Su Hao acting as the center. The speed of the moving sand grew. In contrast, Su Hao’s figure remained immovable.


Su Hao saw light once again.

If there was still someone present, they would certainly be horrified. It wasn’t because Su Hao broke free from the quicksand, but the quicksand…

It went down!

The quicksand was still moving.

Acting as the center of the vortex, Su Hao let the surrounding quicksand rotate. The speed was getting faster and faster, but the amount of quicksand was decreasing!. The current Su Hao was akin to the center of a black hole, crazily absorbing everything around him.

This scene looked so magical.

Only after a long time did Su Hao open his eyes.

Within the desert, there was a pit with a radius of hundreds of meters. This super-large radius was like a footprint left by a being from Heaven when they walked past.

What about the quicksand?

There were no more signs of it.

There was only an endless desert here, and there was only one ordinary figure in the center of the crater. That figure was none other than Su Hao.

“As I expected.” Su Hao raised his lips, forming a smile.

Dark fishes.


In the end, he succeeded.

This new version of Universe Creator was a combination of the original Universe Creator and the Circular World. When Universe Creator opened, it was a one-way channel connecting Kingdom of Heaven to the outside world, where everything is allowed to enter Kingdom of Heaven through this channel. One could only enter but not exit.

Last time it was the dark fishes, and now it was the quicksand.

Fortunately, he succeeded.

At the most crucial moment, he remembered the dark fishes. Only then did he escape from this crisis brought by the quicksand under such a desperate situation.

Right now, in addition to the boundless ocean, there was a magical flowing desert present that was different from any ordinary desert. This desert…

It was composed only of quicksand.

Just one step, and only death awaits you.

With the success of bringing the quicksand in, its significance was that Su Hao suddenly discovered the terrifying addition to the new Universe Creator. Since it was possible to bring in the dark fishes and quicksand, then…

Su Hao suddenly had this feeling that he now had a super killer move.

Bring the crisis into Kingdom of Heaven!

The first trial, water droplets…

The second trial, quicksand…

“I should have thought of this earlier!” Su Hao smiled lightly.

Climbing up the desert, Su Hao had spent quite a considerable amount of time here. Thus, he immediately rushed toward the exploration team. The strength under his feet surged. Right now, he no longer bothered with the quicksand! Even when he occasionally met the quicksand, Su Hao would instantly bring it into Kingdom of Heaven so that it would affect him at all.

Su Hao’s speed was fast.

At the same time, the exploration team was moving forward quickly.

After leaving Wu Ming, they waited for quite some time. As expected, Wu Ming didn’t come back. For everyone, it was as if they had met a shadow of death.

Wu Ming…


Everyone’s face looked extremely ugly.

Sure enough, even this esper, who managed to survive in Taihu Territory, had fallen in this Great Despair. The wolf tribe didn’t even take action, yet they already lost quite a number of men facing this desert.

Many people felt regretful.

However, there was no other way.

What they could do now was march forward!

One step at a time.

Since then, they encountered more quicksand, but everyone was very cooperative and gave up their life after asking Liu Ping to take care of their family.

Now, only twenty-four people remain.

Five more died.

“Can we actually leave here alive?” A world esper asked in a desperate tone.

Obviously, no one would have thought that they would have reached such circumstances. If a battle occurred and they died, they could complain about their lacking strength.

But now…

They didn’t even have any chance to resist!

They could only wait and kept walking, waiting for death to knock on their door. That quicksand was like the sound of death.

This was a kind of suffering that was more painful than dying instantly.

Now, everyone nearly had their mental state collapse. Zheng Tai’s little face looked even more solemn. Since Su Hao disappeared, his face looked extremely terrifying.

Liu Ping sighed.

These people had already fallen to the abyss of desperation.

The endless desert, the invisible end, the sound of death that could appear anytime, who could withstand it? Not to mention them, even Liu Ping had some doubts.

Could they really leave alive?

Could it be that they were going to die here?

Liu Ping looked to the distance. He prayed in his heart. Will God let him die here? If not, please give them hope… Huh?

Liu Ping froze.

Just as he, an atheist praying to God, he vaguely saw that there seemed to be a trace of green light in the distance.

That was…

Liu Ping’s eyes suddenly widened as he looked carefully. When he saw it clearly, he was suddenly surprised, “Hahaha, we’re about to reach the end!”

“Lord, comforting use with empty words will not work.” That world esper said in a withering tone.

All the way along the journey, Liu Ping had encouraged them for unknown times. At first, that did encourage them, but they were no longer effective after a while.

“I’m not lying!” Liu Ping was shocked, “You all have a look at it yourself.”

Everyone raised their head helplessly, and when they saw the green light, they were all stunned. What does that green light mean in a desert?


They were reaching the end!


“Quick, let’s go!”

“Finally, we reached it!”

Everyone sounded excited.

The crowd rushed forward excitedly. Sure enough, after walking three hundred meters more, they finally saw the finish line in the distance. It was indeed a bustling oasis. In front of the oasis, there was a weird stone statue that was exactly the same as the one in the first trial!

“This is…”

“The stone statue!”

“Haha, is it the trial reward?”

“We survived!”

Everyone was very excited.

This group of people rushed crazily to overcome the final few hundred meters, but they suddenly heard a click. Although it was subtle, even though the sound was very soft, everyone turned cold. At this very final moment, someone actually stepped into the quicksand?

Who is it?

Everyone turned around and then saw a young face.

Zheng Tai!

It turned out to be him! Wu Ming even asked them to take care of Zheng Tai, but Zheng Tai got caught in the quicksand. How could they fulfill the promise?

“You know the rules.” Liu Ping sighed, “I will take care of your family.”

“Ok.” Zheng Tai calmly said without any trace of being afraid of death. When Su Hao died, he was already well prepared.

“Then, that’s good.” Liu Ping nodded. Among these people, the one he wasn’t afraid of making any trouble was Zheng Tai because Zheng Tai’s family is huge, and the family’s fate was under his hands. Naturally, Zheng Tai wouldn’t make a fuss.

“The Nitai artifact you have…” A world esper suddenly spoke.

Since you have stepped on the quicksand, death is inevitable.

Everyone didn’t want to talk any more nonsense to a man who was destined to die. At this moment, he wasn’t a young genius with infinite potential, just a dying person.

Zheng Tai’s heart suddenly turned cold.

Nitai artifact…


He had this thing with him, and it was extremely powerful. However, he never would have thought that these people wouldn’t even comfort him, but ask for his belongings instead!

“There you go.” Zheng Tai handed it out, and the crowd left.

The appearance of the quicksand wasn’t continuous. Thus, when someone stepped on it, it also meant that it wouldn’t appear for a short time, which meant the others were safe.

Everyone left happily.

Zheng Tai’s death didn’t give them any trace of sorrow but made them quite happy instead.

“I hope that this time, I get to improve more.”

“Hehe, last time I improved by ten percent. This time, it should be at least twenty percent, right?”

“Having said that, this desert is harder than the previous passage. I believe the reward would be higher. After all, so many people died.”

“I think so too. Thus, we will gain a lot.”

Everyone talked while walking. Gradually disappearing from Zheng Tai’s field of vision, they reached the oasis.


Zheng Tai mocked himself with a smile.

He could hear the words of those people, but so what? No one cared about him. After all, compared to Zheng Tai, the stone statue reward was obviously more attractive.

As for what Wu Ming asked to take care of him?

That was an empty promise!

Who would care for those two dead men?

If there were an outsider watching, perhaps some people would find this act shameful, but in this desperate situation, they only cared for their own benefits because they knew that only by improving their strength and leaving here alive could they be the ultimate winner.

Just like Wan Cheng in Taihu Territory, he reached Heaven with a single bound!

“Seems that I’m about to die.”

Zheng Tai found that this was a bit ridiculous.

When he wished to die, he couldn’t die no matter what. When he didn’t want to die, he met instant death. The quicksand surged as it gradually submerged Zheng Tai’s figure.

Now, Liu Ping and the others had already arrived at the oasis. To be precise, they had reached the stone statue in front of the oasis. They didn’t even pay attention to the surrounding scene. Each one of them surrounded the stone statue with greedy eyes. As for Zheng Tai, who had fallen into the quicksand, who would bother with a dead man?

Of course, they would never notice that just after the quicksand engulfed Zheng Tai, a shadow also followed him into the quicksand.

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