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Chapter 654 - She Even Had to Resort to Borrowing Money From Other People

Chapter 654: She Even Had to Resort to Borrowing Money From Other People

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Ye Gu had already opened the car door for her, and Su Qianxun could see Long Sijue’s in the vehicle. He was seated with his legs crossed, and he was holding a document and reading it. She could not help but flash a smile, and her footsteps were springy as she entered the car.

Su Qianxun sat on a couch beside the one Long Sijue was sitting on and said softly, “Thank you.”

“You’re mine, so there’s no need to thank me.” Long Sijue closed the document he was holding and put it on the table beside him.

“Of course I have to… Also, I’m not yours.” Even though Su Qianxun’s voice was soft, her tone was firm.

Long Sijue immediately lifted her up and placed her on his lap. He furrowed his eyebrows as he asked, “What did you just say?”

“I said that…”

“The second part.”

Su Qianxun stayed silent.

“Whether you’re mine… Can’t you feel it yourself? Am I not making love to you passionately enough? If that’s the case, I’ll be upping the intensity.” A hint of danger flashed past Long Sijue’s eye.

“I don’t belong to anyone, not even my parents. I’m an independent identity, and I’ll not let anyone take ownership of me.”

When it came to this, Su Qianxun would not and could not compromise.

Long Sijue fixed his gaze on her. Just as Su Qianxun thought that he would “punish” her, he suddenly lifted her up and sat her down on the couch beside him. He then picked up his document and continued reading it.

Su Qianxun knew that he was angry. She bit her lower lip and said nothing. This was when a notification rang out from her cell phone. She looked pleasantly surprised as she read the text message.

She suddenly grabbed Long Sijue’s arm excitedly. “Young master, my pay from the advertisement is here! Three hundred thousand RMB!”

Long Sijue turned and glanced at her. She was smiling, eyes lit up with surprise. He felt an acute sense of suffocation in his chest, and his eyes darkened with desire. She was his and his alone. No one could change this, not even the young woman herself.

Su Qianxun was tremendously elated. After all, this was her first paychest. She said emotionally, “With this money, the coming Chinese New Year would be amazing! I want to buy my younger brother some new clothes. Ah, I need to return Mian Mian the money I owe her too. You know, I’ve been so broke lately. If it’s not for the fact that Mian Mian’s been helping me out, I’m afraid…”

Su Qianxun was having an emotional monologue when she suddenly stopped halfway, as she could feel a chill run down her spine. She saw that Long Sijue’s expression had turned dark, and in that very moment, she had no idea what she had said to infuriate him.

“What did you say just now?” Long Sijue asked.

“Just now… my pay is here.” Su Qianxun was wondering what on earth she had said to warrant such a dark expression from him.

“You owe Gu Mian money?”

“Ye-yeah…” Su Qianxun was a little confused. ‘Is this strange?;

Long Sijue said nothing. When he saw how lost and innocent she looked, he suddenly felt a sense of suffocation in his chest. ‘Damn it. After being with her for so long, I’ve never given her any money to spend. She even had to resort to borrowing money from other people.’

“About that… I’ll be able to return her the money real soon… Oh, by the way, since I just got my pay, I’ll treat you guys to a meal.” As Su Qianxun spoke, she whipped out her cell phone to give Gu Mian, Tang Zui, and the others a call.

This was mainly because she really did not know what she had said to infuriate this young master of hers. She decided not to continue this conversation with him like an idiot, as she would be dead before she knew it if she were to do so.

All the while, Long Sijue was fixing his gaze on her. Su Qianxun simply rose and went to sit on another couch without looking at him. “Hello, Mian Mian, I just got my pay. I’ll treat you guys to a meal tonight. Alright, then. I’ll send you the location soon.”

“Tang Zui, I got my pay today, and I’m treating you to a meal. Hm, do pick Mian Mian up for me. Please take good care of her, okay?”

Tang Zui was speechless.

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