Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 214 - Li Beinian Is Missing and I’m Losing Sleep from the Devastation

Chapter 214: Li Beinian Is Missing and I’m Losing Sleep from the Devastation

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Li Xueqing wasn’t in a good state.

She had a warm towel over a neck in the hotel, but the bruising was still getting worse.

Yu Tian went out to get some anti-swelling painkillers.

But when she came back, her mood was awful.

“Sister Qing, have you seen Weibo?”

“What happened?”

“Li Beinian got even more popular.” Yu Tian handed her the cell phone.

Li Beinian scrolled for a bit and realized that they were all posts by Li Beinian’s assistant.

1[Cheng Su Su]: Best boss in the country! [Like emoji][Flying kiss emoji] My goddess got me the autograph of my ultimate idol ahhh! Love you, Sister Nian. Love you forever! @JinLiYiBei

The attached photograph was of Qin Liangzhi’s signature, and a few others of Li Beinian on set.

There were tons of good comments:

[I will be your Mom]: I’m so envious!!! I want a signature of my husband too!

[Qin Liangzhi’s Little Wife]: This group of superficial people who want my husband’s signature… I’ll get it for you guys when we’re sleeping at night [Dog emoji]

[Li Beinian’s husband]: My wife is such a nice person. Good acting, good looks, good heart! [Like emoji] Love youuu [Kiss emoji]

Li Xueqing felt worse as she read more comments and said between clenched teeth, “This cheap woman. She really resorts to anything shameless to get famous!”

She then used Yu Tian’s cell phone to send a few photographs to her manager.

In less than half an hour, there was a new trending topic on Weibo.

[Dawn Entertainment Official Channel]: Such a professional actress! @LiXueqingSearyy and @JinLiYiBei ‘s fight scene resulted in her injury, but she did not have a single word of complaint!

There were a few photographs of the set, as well as of Li Xueqing’s personal life attached.

The comment section exploded:

[Don’t be scared, I’m a good person]: What, that’s brutal!

[Tied Together]: [Smile emoji] The most important thing for a good actress and a good girl is her looks. Doesn’t matter whether she’s professional or not. If Li Beinian had a conscience, she wouldn’t have strangled anyone this way. They say that the entertainment circle is deep and complicated. Is this @JinLiYiBei ‘s jealousy towards Li Xueqing? Or a warning? How scary!

[A little Meow]: This isn’t acting, it’s murder?

[Once a slowpoke]: God, the scene must be exciting!

As more people commented on the topic, Li Xueqing logged into Weibo with her account.

[Li XueqingSearyy] posted // @Dawn Entertainment A professional actress has to be able to take all compliments and withstand all criticisms. Back then when Li Beinian went missing, I lost sleep from devastation and only woke up late the next day. I felt bad for her and made a post, but people hit back at me… [Sad emoji] Maybe I’ve been too well-protected since I was a child and I’m not too good at expressing myself, so I offended a few people.

Because of my lack of experience in acting and for the character, the Director told me off many times. Here’s a sincere thank you to the Director for his patient guidance.

We had a lot of NG’s for this scene. I only found out about the bruise on my neck when I came back to rest. I wanted to just let it go, but my assistant informed the company about it.

We’re all actors and actresses, so there’s nothing much to be upset about. [Flying kiss emoji] But thank you guys for the love and care, love you!

Li Xueqing’s long post garnered a lot of support.

[Adorable You]: Damn! I actually quite liked Li Beinian, but I didn’t know she was so vile [Angry emoji] She looks nice on the outside, how much hatred is she carrying?

[Listening to stories]: Not the point! Being offensive doesn’t mean you should be strangled like this! [Angry emoji] This is too much!

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