I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 913 - A Lonely Person

Chapter 913: A Lonely Person

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An Lin was also a little surprised to discover that he had a new title.

He didn’t think that he would have such a serious title someday.

Lord of Transcendence? That sounded pretty legit!

However, he didn’t really take much notice of it. After all, he had many titles and to have one more or one less at this point really didn’t matter. He was still going to proclaim himself as Sword Immortal An Lin to everyone else!

Titles and things like that really didn’t matter.

He stroked his storage ring, and a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

Just from helping the twelve powerful beings at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage transcend their tribulations, he had earned eighteen million spirit stones!

Adding that to the income from his restaurant from the past two months and the ten million spirit stones from Tina’s spirit stone mine…

He now had a net worth of forty million spirit stones!!!

“What a massive amount of wealth…” An Lin looked up at the sky and sighed with emotion.

To think that he had accumulated such an insane amount of wealth during such a short time. He was probably the first person ever on this continent to do so!

However, this rate of money-earning was probably going to taper off a little. After all, the supply of powerful beings at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage looking to transcend their tribulations had been exhausted. There were only so many cultivators on this continent who had either just only reached the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage or who had been holding back for a long time. As for his restaurant, the income had stabilized at about two hundred thousand spirit stones per day.

At this rate… Accumulating a total of a hundred million spirit stones in ten more months was not a dream!

A few uneventful days followed.

An Lin’s position in the school had already transcended beyond the teachers. He was a huge celebrity in the Kingdom of the Nine States, even across the entire continent. All of the teachers and students felt like their eardrums were getting calluses from all the news they were hearing about An Lin.

A few days later, another female cultivator at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage arrived.

This female cultivator’s dao title was Kong Zuixiang. Her brows and eyes looked like they had been taken from the most beautiful artwork, and her skin was as fair as snow. Her luscious, flowing hair fell all the way to her slender waist. This was quite a beautiful cultivator.

She held onto An Lin’s hand tightly and confessed that she didn’t have much confidence in her tribulation transcendence and pleaded with An Lin to help her during the process.

An Lin slapped his chest and guaranteed to her that his title of the Lord of Transcendence was not just for show!

“Mr. An Lin, I believe in you, and I’ll try to also have more belief in myself!” Kong Zuixiang said with a determined expression, but her features were a little pale.

“Don’t worry, Kong Zuixiang, leave it to me!” An Lin responded with a confident expression.

And then, she was blasted to death by the Golden Void Lightning…

In fact, she hadn’t even lasted seventy bolts before her death, creating a record low for An Lin’s clients.

An Lin stared at the charred remains of the woman before him and fell into a long silence.

He suddenly felt like he had one million five hundred thousand hot potatoes in his storage ring.

Prior to attempting her tribulation transcendence, she had told An Lin with a smile that she had sold everything of value to gather the spirit stones, so she had no way back.

She was an itinerant cultivator with no family or friends, just herself and the long winding path of pursuing dao.

However, she had reached the end of that road.

She had fallen to the tribulation lightning and left not a trace in this world.

“An Lin, I don’t know who I can give these spirit stones to, so I’ll give them all to you! Thank you for trying so hard for me even during the final moments of my life. It’s just a pity that I’m not strong enough…” Kong Zuixiang smiled at An Lin as blood trickled from her mouth.

The Golden Void Lightning fell extremely slowly, but her consciousness was quickly collapsing along with her dao foundation.

An Lin used every power he could, including the Origin Energy of the Netherworld, but he was still unable to help her withstand her lightning tribulation.

Failure in tribulation transcendence was an extremely commonplace thing.

However, Kong Zuixiang’s eyes were so lonely, as if she were wandering somewhere outside of this world.

It was like she knew that she would die, but she still chose to attempt her tribulation transcendence without any hesitation. The stubbornness and fire in her eyes refused to be snuffed out even after her death.

She had tried so hard, but the reality was too cruel. In the end, she could only leave this world with regret.

An Lin silently picked up her body in his arms and descended to the ground below, where he buried her body before placing some flowers at her grave.

To think that there was no one around to even help her with her burial following a failed tribulation transcendence… This was also a first for An Lin. He could only throw in this final, free service…

A light breeze swept over the mountain, bringing with it a flurry of white flower petals and hints of light floral aroma.

The environment here was very beautiful. This was a lush, scenic mountain. It was beautiful, but also a bit lonely, which was quite a fitting grave for Kong Zuixiang.

An Lin silently carved her dao title onto a gravestone before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. “Farewell, Kong Zuixiang.”

He bowed to the grave as he spoke before turning to fly back to the Heavenly Court.

An Lin silently refined a pink storage ring, which Kong Zuixiang had told him contained all of her money.

Sure enough, there were a million and five hundred thousand spirit stones inside. They were organized neatly, and they emanated powerful energy fluctuations.

“Hmm? There are two books here as well?”

His eyebrows perked up as he picked up one of the books, upon which was inscribed the title “Air Tempering True Technique”.

An Lin flicked through the book with curiosity to find that this was a cultivation method invented by Kong Zuixiang, which was suitable for female cultivators with agile movement techniques. This was quite a high-quality cultivation method and could be used by the Four Nine Immortal Sect.

“So she has left some traces of herself in this world after all. Perhaps her cultivation method will flourish and prosper with the help of the Four Nine Immortal Sect. You could even be considered one of the founders of the Four Nine Immortal Sect if that was to happen.” A faint smile appeared on An Lin’s face as he carefully put the cultivation method away.

He then picked up the other book to find that it had a light yellow cover without any title inscribed upon it, making it appear quite plain and simple.

An Lin’s interest was piqued. Could this be some sort of extremely advanced mystic technique?

He flicked open the first page and was instantly rooted to the spot.

[Tai Chu Epoch Year 8581, 5th month, 20th day. I finally broke through to Spirit Nurturing Stage! I’m so happy. From now on, I’m going to be recording details of my life from now on.]

[Tai Chu Epoch Year 8581, 5th month, 21st day. Today, I cultivated at the West Crane Mountain.]

[Tai Chu Epoch Year 8581, 5th month, 22nd day. Today, I cultivated at the West Crane Mountain.]

[Tai Chu Epoch Year 8582, 3rd month, 6th day. Today, I cultivated at the West Crane Mountain.

[Hmm, I left out many days. I was too absorbed in cultivation.

[I’ve even missed out on my birthday. My birthday is the 1st day of the 2nd month and I wish myself a happy 30th birthday!

[I’ve told myself that I would record my life here, so I won’t forget from now on!]

[Tai Chu Epoch Year 8582, 3rd month, 7th day. Today, I cultivated at the West Crane Mountain.]

About ten thousand characters later.

[Tai Chu Epoch Year 8583, 6th month, 8th day. I successfully reached Spirit Nurturing Intermediate Stage! I feel like my aptitude is decent. I reward myself with a day out.

[The salt and pepper roast duck at Long Men City is quite good, as are the osmanthus cakes from the West Street.]

[Tai Chu Epoch Year 8583, 6th month, 9th day. There were two foolish male cultivators who wanted to rob and rape me, so I killed them. There really are stupid people everywhere in this world.

[This world is a cruel one to me. I have no more family, my friends have betrayed me, and even my master is unwilling to keep me around. But none of that matters.

[All I can do now is to continue cultivating until I can take revenge. This world holds no meaning to me anymore.]

An Lin looked at all the entries on the diary to find that the content was quite mundane and boring. They were details of her boring, daily cultivation life. There were no miraculous opportunities, only a woman meditating day by day.

But for some reason, An Lin’s interest was piqued. Perhaps it was because she had mentioned vengeance? This was like a hanging plot thread that attracted An Lin to uncover the backstory.

An Lin didn’t continue to read it. Instead, he silently put the diary away. He was a man with integrity and moral principle. How could he read through someone’s diary in broad daylight?

These types of things should be done at night!

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