Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

Chapter 1022 - Pill Competition 4

Chapter 1022 Pill Competition 4

When afternoon came, the results from the competition on the first day were out.

The results were within expectations. Sima You Yue was at the top of the list, far ahead of the second place while the one behind him was extremely close.

Mao San Quan and the others were ecstatic when they knew of the results. Based on her score, not to mention reaching the top hundred, it was even within her reach to become first place. The sect would finally be able to wipe the sweat off their brow!

Sima You Yue didn’t have any reaction when she saw the results of the competition. She only asked, “How many more rounds are there to the competition? It wouldn’t be too late to rejoice only once it has ended.”

She took Sima Liu Xuan’s life jade and couldn’t bring herself to feel happy when she couldn’t figure out where he was.

The reason she had tried so hard this time was because she wanted him to be proud of her as his daughter. However, he couldn’t even see it with his own eyes.

She wanted to go and look for him, but she wasn’t able to. All she could do now was to cultivate, cultivate and cultivate!

Once she was strong enough, she would be able to go and look for him. She would be able to find out what happened to her mother.

Her establishment of her own influence was already on the right track. She wouldn’t have to interfere much in the happenings later on. When she thought about the events that were on her shoulders, she felt like once this competition was over, she would have to go into seclusion for a moment to help her strength develop properly.

On the morning of the second day, the second round of the competition had begun. The number of participants were cut by half.

“For the competition today, you are to refine three of the pills that you are proficient in. Prepare your own ingredients. The results will, of course, be based on the rank, time, quantity of your completed pills and so on. Good luck.”

Everyone knew long ago what this round would be like. That was why they had long since prepared the medicinal ingredients they needed inside their spatial tools. Once Ji Qing Yuan made the announcement, they took out these tools and began to refine the pills they specialised in.

The amount of time they took was obviously a lot less than the previous round. Furthermore, it didn’t seem like there was any incident of any furnace exploding. Everyone finished refining their pills before the time was up. For a perverse genius like Sima You Yue, she was quicker than the others by a third.

The final results were only announced on the second day. When Sima You Yue placed first, nobody was surprised anymore.

A few hundred contestants were dropped this time and only the first hundred competitors were able to enter the next round.

When the third round of the competition started, only a hundred contestants from the second group remained. It could be because the later matches were more exciting, so when the third round began, the two groups did not compete at the same time, but were a day apart. This allowed everyone to watch both battles.

“I didn’t think that you would have this ability in alchemy, but there are times where even a blind cat will be able to bump into a dead mouse, right?” Gu Xi Ping walked past Sima You Yue as he sneered.

Sima You Yue pretended not to hear him as she lowered her head and toyed with her fingernail.

There was no need to bother herself with people like him.

Gu Xi Ping was expecting a reply and shot her a glare before returning to his own seat.

The third round of the competition was on the refinement of a set pill. However, it was different from the first round. The pills were relatively more common, they were just a little more difficult to refine.

Furthermore, they did not circulate the pill that was going to be refined this round. The guild would provide the pill method and ingredients to allow the contestants time to focus on studying and following the traditional way of refining the pills.

Every single table had three portions of ingredients, which also meant that everyone had three chances. If they used up all their chances, that meant that they were disqualified immediately.

When Ji Qing Yuan announced the start of the competition, the contestants took out the pill recipe and started to study it. There were those whose expressions were overjoyed when they saw it because they had seen it often. They immediately started to refine the pills.

Xia Chang Tian and Zhao Xiang Qi had long since known that something like this would occur. It was impossible for nobody to have seen the pill recipe before. In order to ensure fairness, they changed the recipe a little to change a few types of ingredients. The method of refinement would be different, then.


The sound of an explosion shocked everyone, who turned around to see what was going on.

When they saw another person fail, many revealed joyful expressions.

Sima You Yue merely glanced for a moment before recollecting herself to continue studying the pill recipe in her hands.

She had seen this method often, but upon careful inspection, she realised a few changes in the middle. That was why she had not started refining yet, deciding to allocate more time to study it carefully before starting.

After an hour or so passed, many began to refine their pills. Sima You Yue started inspecting her ingredients as well.


Another furnace exploded.



More explosions sounded, causing the contestants to fluster and pay more attention.

After Sima You Yue finished inspecting her ingredients, she took a deep breath and began to refine her pill.



Sounds of explosions were heard from Sima You Yue’s front and side. However, they did not impact her. However, during the fusion process, because she had misjudged the timing to put in two of the ingredients, it led to a conflict of the ingredients, so her furnace met the same fate.

She was different from the others. She did not immediately pour the failed medicinal liquid away. Instead, she took it out and inspected it before placing it to the side and starting on it again.

This time, her refinement was considered smooth. She took note of all the points that she should and when it was at the point where it had exploded the last time, she was even more careful. Although there were still clunking sounds from the inside of the furnace, due to her experience, after clanging inside for a while, it finally quieted down.

Once the medicinal fluid had completely fused, the later processes posed no problem to her at all.

Very quickly, the fragrance of the pills wafted over, indicating the success of her binding process.

She kept the pills into her jade bottle and there was someone who came immediately to take note of her score. She found out later on that she was not the first one to complete it, and there were many after her who completed it as well.

What was even more surprising to her was that Gu Xi Ping had actually refined it before she did. She even thought that people like him, who liked to provoke others, had heads full of air. She didn’t think that he would have some substance to him.

The competition this day would select the ten best contestants to enter the last round of the competition. Sima You Yue looked at those around her and could more or less guess who managed to advance.

On the second day, the second group was resting and waiting for the results from the day before while the first group had excitedly begun the competition.

This time, Sima You Yue’s contestant resting area was switched to the observatory and her position was different. The corner from which she watched was also different.

A guy sat beside her.

Sima You Yue glanced at him, saying, “What are you doing here? Aren’t you afraid that someone will kill you?”

Shi Qian Zhi opened his fan and shook it, “If I were afraid, I would not be Shi Qian Zhi.”

“Blind arrogance.” Sima You Yue said lightly, “That should be him, right? Did he not initially mix himself with the Jiang Clan? What is doing here in the competition with a different appearance.”

“Wasn’t it you who said that it was better to slap their faces instead of intentionally throwing the battle?” Shi Qian Zhi threw the question back at her.

Sima You Yue was stunned. She had indeed said something like that, but that was something she told Han Miao Shuang and the others. Thinking about it clearly, he must have read her lips and found out what she said, which was why he changed his plans.

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