Medical Sovereign

Chapter 492 - Apologizing

Chapter 492 Apologizing

“I am old. I know my health condition does not allow me to live much longer.”

There was no sentimental melancholy in Master Su’s tone. At his age, he had already seen through life and death, so he said earnestly, “It’s not a big deal for me to die. After living for so many years, I have seen everything through. We don’t bring money, power, or fame with us at birth, nor will we take away them at death. We fight to get things for a lifetime, but we only need some earth to bury us when we die. What I am only worried about is the inheritance of the Su Family. People often say that family harmony is the basis for success in any undertaking. If our family members can’t get united, how can we carry forward the Su Family?”

“Great grandpa, what you said is right. I will bear what you’ve instructed me in mind!”

Su Xu responded obediently with his head bowed, but in the angle that Master Su could not see, he had disdain in his seemingly gentle eyes.

“Old jerk, the unity you want to see will never happen, and I’d like to see how the good-for-nothing family owner Su Zhengnan can protect his daughter.”

How could Master Su not find his insincerity as a shrewd old man? So, he waved his hand in a dispirited manner. “I’m tired, and you can leave now.”

“Okay, great grandpa, take a good rest, and I will come to see you when I’m free.”

Su Xu stood up, bowed slightly in a respectful manner, and turning around, disappeared into the night.


Master Su closed his eyes wearily and heaved a helpless sigh, which echoed in the night sky for a long time.

Yangui Hall was an extremely well-known clinic in Yan Jing, and its boss Yan Xun was famous for the mysterious Seven Needles of Yangui and had the reputation of the King of Yan Needles who could bring patients back to life.

His son Yan Ping, who, as his name implied, had mediocre qualifications, did not inherit the unique skill of his ancestors, so he could only be his father’s assistant every day and serve as the manager of Yangui Hall.

However, his grandson Yan Hao had a unique talent and had begun to practice the needle technique since he was three. When he was 25, he got 70% of Yan Xun’s true ability, with the reputation of Little King of Needles, making Yan Xun quite gratified and proud.

Due to the reputation of Yangui Hall, patients usually came here for medical consultation one after the other, and it opened until after 8 pm every day.

But it stopped receiving patients as early as before seven o’clock, so that the patients who finally came to the head of the queue complained quite much and was unwilling to leave until a long time later. Several doctors persuaded them with all kinds of methods and also told them that some VIP guests had come and the King of Needles needed to entertain the guests. Besides, they also promised them the priority to see the doctor tomorrow, and then they left unwillingly.

“Okay, I’ll go right away.”

In the backyard of Yangui Hall, Yan Hao hung up the phone and having a haughty air around his eyebrows, sneered. “My grandfather didn’t even dare to use the title of a miracle-working doctor, but a student from Ninghai Medical College even dares to call himself a miracle-working doctor. If my grandfather had not taught me that medical skills are used to save people, not to compete with each other, I would have gone to Ninghai and stepped on him. Now, this boy has come to my door, and I want to see what this little miracle-working doctor can do.”

Yan Hao had also viewed the video that went viral on the internet, but he did not believe it at all and believed that Ding Ning worked with Diannan Hospital to make a hubbub; otherwise, how could a student at school do something that even his grandfather could not do?

Since he became famous when he was young and was flattered all the time, he would unavoidably become arrogant. Naturally, he could not like the fact that others were better than him the Little King of Needles.

He and Zhao Zifeng often visited each other. Once after drinking, he was drunk and said that Ding Ning was useless and was a liar who cheated the world and curried favor by claptrap and that if he met him, he would expose his true nature.

At this moment, hearing Zhao Zifeng say that Ding Ning had come to Yan Jing and was having dinner in Shengzeyuan, he immediately agreed to rush there right now, for he couldn’t wait to trample the swindler under his feet. He believed that there would be no little miracle-working doctor in the world anymore after tonight, but him the Little King of Needles, which would be spread.

It was only after he hung up the phone that he remembered that great VIP guests had come to their home today, and even his grandpa needed to treat them with respect.

This made him who always respected his grandfather as a god feel a little uncomfortable. “Isn’t it just a man and a woman about his age? How could they deserve my grandpa’s treatment in such a servile manner?”

But his grandpa seemed to see through his mind and secretly berated him, asking him not to be rude. Although the two of them were young, they were noble, and he must treat them with respect.

Although he agreed orally, he was extremely dissatisfied, but stayed in the yard by taking the opportunity to answer the phone. He looked up and saw his grandfather and father speaking something to the young man and woman reverently, so he became more uncomfortable and could not help giving a cold snort before he turned around to walk out.

“Yan Xun, your grandson is supercilious!”

The young man sitting unrestrained on the most important seat said calmly, but his tone was with the bossy manner of someone in a very high position.

Yan Xun turned pale, took his son and dropped heavily to his knees with him, and kowtowed repetitively. “Distinguished emissary, please forgive him. I haven’t told Yan Hao your identity, and he did not mean to disrespect you, but I, your old slave, am willing to accept your punishment.”

The man put on a serious expression and said sternly, “Yan Xun, I think you’ve lost your mind after being called the King of Needles these years and forgotten where your medical skills came from, right? The grandson of a small servant of our Holy Medical Family even dared to disrespect the Heaven-patrolling Emissary! He is quite guilty and deserves 10,000 times of death!”

“Distinguished emissary, please spare his life, please spare his life! I never dare to forget the kindness of the Holy Medical Family to our Yan Family. I was afraid that Yan Hao is young and arrogant and would expose the relationship between the Yan Family and the Holy Medical Family, so I did not tell him your identity. Please forgive Yan Hao one time for your old slave’s loyalty for so many years, and I, your old servant, am willing to offer 100 million to express my respect for you.”

Yan Xun entreated him in tears as he kept kowtowing on the ground desperately, and blood oozed out of his forehead. He knew how strict the hierarchy of the Holy Medical Family was and how serious its rules were, so he regretted that he had not told Yan Hao the origin of the medical skills of the Yan Family earlier, so that he naively made a deadly disaster.

The woman, who had been watching them coldly on the side, had mercy in her eyes and said softly, “Senior brother, Yan Hao is young and naive. Please forgive him this time.”

“Junior Sister Qingyun, since you want me to show mercy, let me forgive him this time. If there is a next time, he will be beheaded.”

Senior Brother Yan had no intention of punishing Yan Hao severely. After all, their sect still needed to rely on these businesses they had helped to build in the earthly world to make money. Among them, Yangui Hall was a relatively high-income business, and Yan Xun’s reputation had been built. So to speak, it was a money-spinner. Asking another one to take care of the secular business was not easy, and he was not so stupid to really put Yan Xun in a position that he refused to work.

The style he used just now was only to warn him, lest that he should lose his sense of awe. At the same time, he also wanted the junior sister who had just joined their sect to see the prestige of their sect. Now, his goals were achieved. Since Yan Xun was wise and willing to give him 100 million, and his junior sister also begged him for mercy, he naturally agreed, freeing the two parties from the awkward condition.

The 100 million was his private money, and Senior Brother Yan felt quite happy. Generally speaking, those who were poor would learn literature and art, while those who were rich would learn martial arts. Even if he was an Ancient Warrior, he still needed to buy rare treasures with lots of money.

“Thank you, distinguished emissary! Thank you, distinguished emissary!”

Yan Xun was relieved and kowtowed again and again.

“Get up!”

Like the Master of Life and Death, Senior Brother Yan gave his order calmly.

“Yes, distinguished emissary!”

Yan Xun stood up with Yan Ping’s help and bowed gratefully to Junior Sister Qingyun.

Turning around, he shouted at Yan Ping, “Call the bastard, and ask him to come here at once to beg for the forgiveness of the distinguished emissary!”

“Yes, father!”

Yan Ping shivered all over, bowed to Senior Brother Yan and Junior Sister Qingyun, and ran out in a hurry.

“Distinguished emissaries, I want to know what dishes you like, and I can ask someone to book a place.”

Yan Xun, who was white-haired and had blood beads on his bruised forehead, looked pitiful and standing respectfully, asked.

“Anything is okay. Junior Sister Qingyun, what do you like to eat?”

Senior Brother Yan, who had been doing cultivation inside their sect for years, did not pay much attention to food, but Junior Sister Qingyun was a foodie. Under her leadership, he had eaten lots of delicious food these days, and his tongue had also become picky. Now, he looked at her with great anticipation.

“I remember that I once went to a restaurant called Shengzeyuan, where there were the First-class Edible Bird’s Nest, Highest Quality Shark Fin, Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion, Fish Maw in Chicken Sauce, Stewed Shell-edge Meat of the Softshell Turtle, Braised Cuttlefish Nidamental Gland, and Chinese Perch with Fermented Grains. They all tasted very good, and their environment was extremely good, but I don’t know if it still opens now.”

Junior Sister Qingyun thought about it for a while, then answered fluently, and also drooled subconsciously as if she remembered the delicious food there.

“It still opens. Shengzeyuan is a long-established brand. Although its owner was changed after it was acquired, its cooks are still the same, and the taste of its dishes remains the same. Besides, after the renovation, its environment is more elegant than before. Let me call them and book seats.”

As an old Yan Jing local, Yan Xun was no stranger to Shengzeyuan. Hurriedly, he took out his mobile phone to book seats, atoning for the crime his grandson committed.

Unexpectedly, Yan Ping called him before he dialed. As he pressed the answer button, Yan Ping’s angry voice came, “Father, Yan Hao, the little beast, doesn’t want to come at any cost.”

Yan Xun’s face turned dark. Before he could get angry, Yan Ping continued, “He said that he would go to Shengzeyuan to compete for medical skills with someone. Before I finished speaking, he hung up. When I called him again, he would not answer the phone. Now he is driving there. When I find him, I will go back immediately.”

“No, don’t come back. Now, I’m also going to Shengzeyuan for dinner with our distinguished emissaries. You may go there and book seats in advance.”

Yan Xun was relieved. As long as they could find Yan Hao in Shengzeyuan, they would ask him to sincerely apologize to the two Heaven-patrolling Emissaries. Presumably, their trouble would be gone.

But when he thought of the extra expenditure of 100 million, he felt the great pain in his heart. Yangui Hall did make lots of money, but they had to offer money to the Holy Medical Family, and there was no much left.

This was his private money, which he got with great efforts by treating the people of wealthy families and aristocrats for a few years in person, but it was gone at once. How could he not feel the pain?

However, as long as he could keep his grandson alive, even if he had to pay more money, he would be willing. Therefore, he heaved a sigh in his mind, “Yan Hao has been spoiled by me! He is too arrogant to know what is awe and almost brought a disaster to the Yan Family.”

As a practitioner who had reached the Sky Martial Arts Realm, Senior Brother Yan had very sharp ears. As for getting the gift of 100 million and the situation that if Yan Hao would apologize to him, he did not mind. Instead, competing for medical skills with someone Yan Ping had mentioned interested him. After Yan Xun hung up, he immediately asked, “Yan Xun, are there other medical experts in this world? Just now I heard that Yan Hao wants to compare for medical skills with someone?”

Yan Xun was nervous because he did not expect Senior Brother Yan’s hearing to be so good, but when he remembered that he came from the Holy Medical Family and was an Ancient Warrior of a super sect, he saw light suddenly at once and said respectfully, “I don’t know. Even if there are some people who are praised in the secular world, they are not worth mentioning compared with the Holy Medical Family. It is like the comparison between the light of a firefly and the moonlight.”

Senior Brother Yan was very happy as he heard the flattery and smiled proudly. “You just told the truth. Those so-called famous doctors in the earthly world do not even have the qualifications to join our Hold Medical Family, but since Yan Hao has gone to compete for medical skills with someone, we can take the chance to go and watch a lively scene and then judge how much true ability he has learned from you and if he can take over Yangui Hall.”

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