Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403: 1403

Long Chen’s aura began to rise . His robes and hair started to float . Seeing that he was unable to dredge up any valuable information from Gui Yan, he decided not to waste any more time .

“Hahaha, Long Chen, I’ll admit that you defeated me last time . But this time, death is upon you!”

Gui Yan’s expression was indifferent . The blood-colored skeleton beneath him raised its bone club .

“Last time I lost because of your dogshit luck . Your flames just happened to suppress my Ghost General, or you’d have died last time . Are you not curious? My Ghost General was destroyed in our last battle, so how do I have it again now?” Gui Yan smiled .

Long Chen simply stared at Gui Yan without speaking . He had no intention of playing along . What he was saying was to either hurry up and release his fart, or just restrain it already . The battle would start either way .

“Long Chen, by defeating my Ghost General, you half-crippled by cultivation base . But I managed to benefit from that defeat . Speaking of which, I need to thank you . Due to your victory, the Corrupt path suffered such immense losses that countless sects were implicated . To compensate me for my losses, lord Xie Luo gave the resources that should have gone to them to me, allowing me to recreate my Ghost General . Your victory last time was only thanks to some people being careless . Those people were all executed, and I obtained the souls of millions of experts . My Ghost General is no longer a Ghost General - now it’s a Ghost King! Have a taste of its power!”


The blood-colored skeleton’s runes lit up . In truth, each of those runes was a person’s face, and an incredibly evil aura came from it . It was like millions of ghosts were demanding others to join them .

Blood mist filled heaven and earth, making it appear like hell on earth . The wails of ghosts pervaded the air .

“The Ghost General was weak to your Earth Flame, but now I have an unrivaled Ghost King! It’s an unrivaled existence in the same realm!” Gui Yan roared, and the skeleton roared along with him . It looked like a devil from hell .

As the blood mist spread, the Spirit race experts had to retreat . They were filled with loathing for this blood mist, and they didn’t dare to touch it .

At this time, Guo Ran arrived with the flying boat . The Dragonblood Legion joined the battle, and there was no longer any need for the Spirit race experts to fight .

“Are you done bragging? If you are, I’m going to attack . ” Long Chen slowly stretched his shoulders . His bones cracked .

He wasn’t even listening . He had heard similar words so many times that they all started to blend into each other . The only reason he was circulating his energy so slowly as a warm-up was because it had been three months since he had fought, and it felt like he was a bit rusty .

During these three months, he had been eating medicinal pills all day . The Divine Gate Star had grown to the size of a soybean . His FengFu, Alioth, Life Fate, and Enlightenment Palace Stars had also gone through a transformation . Even he wasn’t sure what level he had reached right now .

His four qi seas had grown by several times, and his 108,000 stars had been subtly changing as well . He was full of energy .

“I really hate your ignorant way of speaking . Last time, you survived thanks to your dogshit luck . But this time-”

“I’ve gotten tired of your unchanging way of bragging . Can’t you change it up a bit to keep it interesting? Let’s just see who’s stronger!” Long Chen let out a single punch, shaking heaven and earth . He shot toward Gui Yan .

“You’re not fit to be my opponent . Die!” Gui Yan sneered . The giant skeleton’s club came smashing toward Long Chen .

The Spirit race experts were all worried . Long Chen looked completely miniscule when compared to the skeleton .

The Dragonblood warriors who were ‘cleaning up the battlefield’ all looked at him with anticipation . They all felt like it had been a long time since they had seen Long Chen fight .


Space exploded and the earth rocked . A howling tempest tore through the ground . This was a world-shaking collision .

After this fierce exchange, the Spirit race women stared in shock at the sky . Long Chen was still in his punching posture .

As for the skeleton, it had been blown back a hundred miles, its bone club shattered . The skeleton simply lay there as if it was dumbfounded .

“Impossible!” Gui Yan roared furiously, unable to believe this .

“Do you like slapping yourself in the face so much? Alright, I’ll help you . ”

Long Chen flew into the sky and then dove down like an eagle after its prey . A cauldron appeared in his hand, smashing toward the skeleton .

“Ghost King Fusion!” Gui Yan had no time to be shocked . He hastily formed hand seals, and he merged into the skeleton’s skull like water . An image of Gui Yan appeared on the skull .

After Gui Yan merged with the Ghost King, nine blood-colored flowers appeared behind it . He was using the Ghost King’s body to summon his manifestation .

Once the manifestation appeared, the skeleton’s shattered club regrew . It now had countless Heavenly Dao runes on it and was much stronger than before .


The club collided with the Blazing Dragon Cauldron .

Terrifying shockwaves spread, tearing apart the land . The Dragonblood warriors hastily defended, and Li Qi summoned a huge earthen shield to protect the Spirit race experts . Once the shockwaves had passed, only a few experts from the Corrupt path were left . Some of them with stronger cultivation bases had managed to escape through luck . The rest had all been slaughtered by the Dragonblood Legion .

After all, the Dragonblood Legion had no weak members . Their cultivation bases had reached the mid Jade Core realm, and they had over three thousand rank eight Celestials . The rest were rank seven Celestials . Such a terrifying legion, when combined with the lead of five rank nine Celestials in Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan, was more than capable of annihilating those Corrupt experts . So what if they had some Life Star experts? They were not even close to being able to stop the Dragonblood Legion .

Since their battle was done, the Dragonblood Legion spread out, forming a huge encirclement that sealed the battlefield . They stared at Long Chen’s fight with rapt attention .

Long Chen was repeatedly smashing the cauldron into the blood-colored skeleton . The Ghost King was definitely powerful, and each time its club collided with the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, the ground would shake violently . This was a pure collision of power with no technique .

After three smashes, Long Chen was still unable to cause any damage to Gui Yan or the Ghost King . Long Chen felt helpless inside . The Blazing Dragon Cauldron might be an Ancestral item, but it wasn’t a fighting item . It also wasn’t heavy enough for him to unleash his true power . It seemed he would need to find a suitable weapon in the future .

“Split the Heavens 5!”

Long Chen suddenly switched the cauldron for a fiery-red sword . Sword-light soared into the air and then slashed toward the Ghost King .

Gui Yan was horrified . In that instant, he felt a cold chill . The skeleton suddenly shrank and coiled around itself, forming a huge sphere . Blood-colored light formed around it, constructing multiple barriers . This was its strongest defensive state .


The sword-light slashed down . A huge explosion caused a bottomless pit to appear in the ground, and the sphere shattered into countless pieces .

In front of the fifth form of Split the Heavens, this defense was too flimsy . Perhaps if Gui Yan had launched an all-out attack instead, he might have been able to receive this blow .

However, Long Chen’s overwhelming power had made him lose confidence, so he had made a foolish mistake . Split the Heavens possessed a natural effect of breaking barriers and shields . By switching to defense, Gui Yan had suffered immensely .

His skeleton shattered, and Gui Yan flew out from one of the fragments, vomiting blood . But Gui Yan was a true expert . As he vomited blood, he quickly formed hand seals . His blood condensed into a huge portal that possessed powerful spatial fluctuations . He was using his own essence blood to build a spatial portal . It was one of his secret life-preserving techniques .


His spatial portal had only just formed when a huge wind blade slashed into it, breaking it apart .

It was Tang Wan-er . They all knew that killing a rank nine Celestial was very difficult . They not only had great power but also countless hidden trump cards and karmic luck supporting them . The heavens would create ways for them to escape, which made killing a rank nine Celestial as difficult as defying the heavens .

So Tang Wan-er and the others were all prepared to stop Gui Yan from escaping . Tang Wan-er was also a rank nine Celestial, so their Heavenly Dao energy was equivalent . She was more than capable of breaking his secret art .

Gui Yan hastily took out a talisman, but just as he crushed it, his expression changed .

This precious teleportation talisman was shredded, but no spatial energy came to bring him away . That was because at this moment, he was surrounded by countless wind blades that even cut through the space around him . The disturbance of the spatial energy around him turned his teleportation talisman into scrap paper .

Teleportation talismans were not transportation formations . They needed stable space to activate, or if the space around them was fluctuating, the teleportation talisman wouldn’t have the energy to resist the disturbance .

After failing twice, the delay allowed Long Chen’s sword to come again . This sword was about to take his life .

“Long Chen, you'll regret it if you kill me!” shouted Gui Yan, suddenly taking out a fist-sized emerald .

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