Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 387 - Daisy Pendant (8)

Chapter 387: Daisy Pendant (8)

“You’re injured!” Luo Anning frowned as she grabbed his abnormally stiff arm.

Who is Du Xiaoran?

He’s a clean, suave and refined gentleman who would always exude a fresh, minty scent. Yet, he was now covered in blood.

He actually decided to devote himself to the horrifying organization that he used to shun like the plague, all for her sake…

For him, Luo Anning was more like one of his regrets. The pure relationship that they had was a memory that neither of them wanted to mention.

“Do you still care if I’m hurt or not?” Du Xiaoran asked in a self-deprecating tone as he turned stiff.

She refused to even detest him. Does she really plan to remove him from her heart completely?

Did she really fall in love with Rong Yan?

At the thought of this, Du Xiaoran’s heart wrenched up and he was overwhelmed with pain that radiated through his limbs and he seemed to be on the verge of losing all his energy.

“Xiaoran, I think we can still be friends even if we can’t be lovers. Since my friend is injured, I’d naturally show him some concern,” Luo Anning said as she carefully tried to pull up his sleeve to reveal his fair arm.

Gradually, the bloodied flesh and dried up blood was revealed.

Shock was written all over her face and she fell speechless. He was not the kind to not love his body…

“I’m sorry to have shocked you with the wound,” Du Xiaoran said with a tender smile as he rolled his sleeves back down and glanced at her affectionately.

After a long while, he said bitterly, “Actually, I wasn’t supposed to be taking on this task but I agreed to do it voluntarily, all because I wanted to see you. Even a glimpse would suffice. However, I underestimated my greed, I want more than that … ”

Luo Anning interrupted, “Xiaoran, stop talking! You should go to the hospital now!”

“This is a gunshot wound. If I go to the hospital, I believe the police will arrive to file a case within ten minutes.”

“What about your wound? You can’t keep dragging on like this. If you wait any longer, your left arm is going to be crippled!” Luo Anning panicked and she was obviously worried and agitated.

Du Xiaoran looked at her with a gentler smile. He felt that it would be enough to see her showing him concern and care.

It was enough to help him continue pushing himself through the torment in the many years to come.

“Young Master!” Not far away, two men and women in black leather suits yelled loudly.

The worry and panic in their voices could not be concealed at all.

Du Xiaoran didn’t respond, and instead, kept his amber eyes fixed on his sweetheart. “Anning, can I hug you? Just for a moment.”

“Will you get your arm treated if I agree?” Luo Anning asked gently with a frown.

“Yes.” He smiled gently and suavely.

Luo Anning nodded, and the smiles on the corners of his lips became even more tender. He stepped forward and hugged her with his intact right arm.

Smelling the faint fragrance that was unique to her, Du Xiaoran’s mood was unprecedentedly calm and it was as if he would be filled with satisfaction as long as he had her…

“Anning, I’m sorry, and … I love you.” I’m sorry that I let you go two years ago. If I could turn back time, I would never let you go even if I have to lose everything.

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