Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 1679 - The truth back then (2)

Chapter 1679: The truth back then (2)

That year, he had expended quite an amount of effort to plant this bed of flowers in an attempt to please Huang Yueli.

Later on, under Liu Buyan’s aid, he tried ways and means and finally succeeded in planting it.

Later on…. Blue Profound Sect had reaped enormous profit from selling the Cinnabar Geranium fruits.

After so many years, this bed of flowers was still retained so perfectly which was out of Li Moying’s expectations.

Thinking of Huang Yueli’s excited expression when she saw this scenery later, he waited in anticipation.

This is the first night after their return to Blue Profound Sect…..

“Li Moying—!”

A young lady’s crisp shouting voice was heard from behind his back.

Li Moying turned his head over as the smile on his lips deepened even further, “Li’er, you’re finally here, what did you talk to Jiyun and the others, why did you take so long…..”

By the time he saw Huang Yueli’s expression, he was dazed, “What’s the matter? Who offended you?”

Huang Yueli’s willowy brows were upright as she shot towards him and grabbed hold of his shirt on his chest.

“Who else could it be? It’s you who have offended me!”

“…. Me?” Li Moying was dazed, “How could it be? I…..”

Huang Yueli impolitely interrupted him, “You what you? I ask you, what matter are you hiding from me? Why is it that you have been acting suspiciously for the entire period of time!”

Li Moying’s expression sunk, could it be that Li’er found out about something? Surely not right? He had obviously just instructed those who knew about this to not let this matter go to her ears…..

His expression appeared to be extremely innocent, “I’m innocent, Li’er, how would I dare to hide anything from you? Who in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent doesn’t know that I’m a slave to my wife and I’ve always been suppressed by my fiancée, the kind who totally don’t even dare to stand up straight…..”

He was shouting for innocence and at the same time stretched out his arm to hug Huang Yueli’s waist, intending to repeat the same trick to use his handsome male trick to shift his fiancée’s attention then later smuggle through this stage.

However, Huang Yueli totally didn’t fall for it this time round. Not only was she not smitten this time round like in the past, instead she pushed him away hard.

“Stop pretending! Since you said it so beautifully and have hidden nothing from me, then let me ask you a few questions, you must answer me honestly! If I find out that you’re lying to me….”

She lowered her voice and her expression sunk.

Li Moying quivered. For an overbearing man like him, fearing nothing at all, yet in front of his beloved woman’s cold face, his heart was shaking with fear and trepidation.

“Alright, then… then go ahead and ask…..”

Huang Yueli started off, “First question, in our past lives after I self-exploded, by right my soul and spirit should have dispersed and I will never be able to enter the reincarnation wheel, why did I successfully reincarnate and reborn? How is this achieved?”

Li Moying’s gaze became profound as he knew that what Huang Yueli was going to ask would definitely be these questions.

It was strange. Earlier when she set off to look for Luo Jiyun and the others, her mood was apparently quite good but why did she suddenly think about all these matters now?

Could it be that someone had defied his orders and spoke about something in front of her?

He had just returned and someone actually dared to pay lip service to him so he absolutely could not tolerate this!

Huang Yueli stared at him intently as she observed his unfathomable expression on his good looking face in detail.

“How is it? Very difficult to answer? Alright, here’s the next question!”

“After I self-exploded, what did you do? Why did you ninth stage realm peak practitioner like you, who should originally have thousands of years of life expectancy suddenly reborn?”

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