Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 423 - A Born Soldier

Chapter 423: A Born Soldier

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No matter how smart Ye Jian was, she could not do anything if he wanted to get closer.

Although she was older than Major Xia if you add both of her lifetimes together, she grew up in a different environment and she needed to grow stronger.

“A sniper that was trained by a world-class sniper is indeed impressive. They are all sharpshooters in the unit.” Xia Jinyuan sighed after looking at the last target. “With your skills and marksmanship, the men in the units would be ashamed.”

It was the truth. Xia Jinyuan was not exaggerating.

He wouldn’t be able to replicate what she did!

300 kilometers per hour, wind, recoil, bullet speed, and trajectory… All of these need to be calculated with precision before firing. It’s astonishing. It was unbelievable how she could achieve such accuracy.

Ye Jian bent over to pick up the bullets and looked at him with a smile. “Intuition, my intuition has always been good. It’s the same for shooting. Besides that, I did some calculations too. I rarely miss.”

Such an answer made Xia Jinyuan silent. He then slowly whispered, “This is talent. And you did not waste your talent. Let it play to its fullest potential. Little Fox, you’re born to hold a gun. You will go faster than anyone on this path!”

Talent? Ye Jian lowered her head and her black obsidian eyes were filled with coldness.

How was that talent… It was all the hard work and effort that she had put in her past life. That was why she was able to stand where she was today.

“Can we go back now? It seems like a lot of time has passed.” Having another chance to live was something that only she needed to know. It would be too shocking for anyone. Even Grandpa Gen and Uncle Chen did not know anything about it.

Xia Jinyuan noticed that Ye Jian’s facial expressions had changed and immediately cut short the topic. There was no need to continue talking about it as she had put up a bit of resistance.

Wait, did I say anything sensitive?

No, I’m sure I didn’t. Then, why did the little fox’s mood change suddenly?

Although puzzled, Xia Jinyuan did not probe further and looked at the time. “We’ve been here for twenty-five minutes. The training over there hasn’t ended, you can spectate them for around half an hour. Their training usually starts around 10.30 pm. If you’re early, you can get a soldier to teach you.”

“Mmm, I would have to trouble the commander and commissar then.” Ye Jian got on and suddenly remembered the seven-day holiday and frowned, “Unfortunately, I can’t come over during the seven-day holiday on National Day. Our school is having a military training.”

The military training is not arranged in the school and it was impossible for her to leave at night. It was regrettable that she won’t be here for seven days.

“Provincial No.1 Middle School is very efficient. They arranged military training for the eleventh and twelfth grade students so quickly.” Xia Jinyuan naturally knew about the military training. The plan to get students to participate in military training was proposed a few years ago, but it was only implemented this year.

Xia Jinyuan saw that she was somewhat unwilling to participate and chuckled lightly, “I don’t have holidays here to accompany you in training. It’s not a bad idea to go for military training. You can put Ye Ying back in her place.”

Who needs him to accompany her? Ye Jian was scowling inside but she spoke calmly, “There’s no need to. She has heart disease. One leave slip and she will be excused from military training. I feel that the seven days spent in military training is not worth it.”

It was not surprising that he knew that Ye Jian and Ye Ying were in the same class. He knew Uncle Chen and Principal Cao. All he needed to do was ask and he would know.

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