Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 1309 - Public Enemy

Chapter 1309: Public Enemy

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Yi Qian did not question Lu Shu’s decision. Since Lu Shu said that they have to watch out for Sun Xunwen, they would definitely follow his orders.

However, to Lu Shu, there were many changes in the West Region. Perhaps Sun Zhongyang was only pretending to be loving Sun Zhongyang or perhaps God Lu was about to spring a counterattack. However, all those were not important as one’s life was the most important.

Moreover, Lu Shu was worried that God Lu was running around the place with six spirits of the masters. If he had really found Sun Xunwen, plotting for a counterattack was not the most worrisome but instead, the most worrisome thing was how God Lu would turn Sun Xunwen into a slave!

The mark on slaves was extremely terrifying. Although a master had many schemes and Sun Xunwen had been plotting this for a long time, it was not impossible for God Lu to accomplish his goal even if he had to pay a huge price. Moreover, the evil intentions of God Lu had surpassed the master realm.

That was what Lu Shu was truly worried about.

Meanwhile, at this moment, Yi Qian found Lu Shu. “Something happened in the West Region, Great Lord, your speculations are accurate…”

Lu Shu said impatiently, “Cut to the chase.”

“The spies reported that the main ship of the West Region had sunk in the afternoon. It seemed to have been attacked by others.” said Yi Qian.

“Do they know who did that? Who is on the main ship?” asked Lu Shu.

“No idea. There was a hole at the bottom of the ship and that person entered through it. He must have not wanted anyone to know his identity,” said Yi Qian, “The ship is where Sun Xunwen lived and he is the only important person on the ship. Moreover, the battle started and ended quickly.”

“What happened after the battle ended?” asked Lu Shu.

“The strange thing is that. We can’t seem to get close to the main ship so the ship that he was in became the main ship after the battle ended. Moreover, Sun Xunwen acted as though nothing had happened and made the rest proceed as usual.”

“As though nothing had happened?” Lu Shu frowned.

“Moreover, the troop that Sun Xunwen was in charge of had families who are good at bringing up ‘water ghosts’. Just earlier on, Sun Xunwen commanded them to enter the waters. Nobody knew where they went.”

“Alright, I got it.” Lu Shu rubbed his eyebrows. “Continue to take note of the different parties and tell the spies to watch out. If not necessary, don’t reveal their identities.”

Yi Qian was stunned for a moment. “Great Lord, are you worried about them getting killed? Their lives are worthless.”

Lu Shu looked at Yi Qian and smiled. “Everyone’s life is worthy. If one day, I was forced to choose, I will not choose to sacrifice your lives. Get moving.”

“Alright.” Yi Qian left with mixed feelings.

At this moment, the bright sky of the palace became overcast as night time arrived.

The rising wind forebodes the coming storm. The dark clouds covered the sky. Lu Shu stood on the city walls in the inner city alone, looking at the sky. Nobody knew what was on his mind.

He had faced such situations before in the past. He only cared about enemies in fortress of the Collection of Gods. Only one “spy” helped him defend against attacks and bought time for him.

Then, Lu Shu sighed softly as he looked into the sky. “Public enemy.”

Zhang Weiyu and the rest did not disturb him. They chatted and looked at Lu Shu, the lonely young man standing on a vast wall.

Chen Zuan looked worriedly at Lu Shu and said to Cheng Qiuqiao, “Brother Shu must be very stressed.”

Cheng Qiuqiao looked up at him. “We are here to share his burden. Don’t be afraid, we are all here.”

“You make it sound like I am afraid.” Chen Zuan was unhappy.

Cheng Qiuqiao smiled. “Brother Zuan, you can’t die. If you die, who will fix my car…”

“Touch wood,” said Chen Zuan angrily, “Don’t jinx it. I will definitely fix your car. Our salary is so high now, why won’t I be able to fix your car?!”

Cheng Qiuqiao laughed loudly. The remaining rays of the setting sun were covered by the dark clouds and the entire world became dark. There was thunder and lightning in the sky, it would probably rain that night.

Rain was something Lu Shu liked the most.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoyu slowly walked down from the city walls and stood beside Lu Shu.

Lu Xiaoyu asked softly, “Did Sun Xunwen rebel?”

“Yes,” said Lu Shu, “I suspect that the evil intentions of God Lu had gave him the mark of the slaves. He had just advanced to the master realm, it is normal for him to lose to the evil intentions of God Lu.”

“Yu Fuyao also joined, right?” said Lu Xiaoyu.

“Yeah, she wanted my celestial map,” said Lu Shu as he nodded, “I suspect that she has already surpassed the master realm because I can’t figure out what her realm is. Thinking about it now, I think she has already formed her own realm and therefore prevented me from sensing it. Moreover, I have never obtained distress points from her before. This is probably the reason why.”

Lu Xiaoyu did not probe further about how Lu Shu admitted that he could get others’ distress points. She asked, “Who else are you unable to receive distress points from?”

“I have never received Qing Kong’s too,” said Lu Shu as he looked in a distance far away.

All of them know that if he was unable to receive Qing Kong’s distress points, that implied that Qing Kong might be a powerful individual of the two universes.

This was the first time Lu Shu started missing Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin… He wondered when the space pathway would open again…

“Xiaoyu, we have really become public enemy number one,” said Lu Xiaoyu.

However, Lu Xiaoyu did not reply to him. Instead, she kept silent for a long time before saying, “When I heard about the presence of the evil intention of God Lu, I was thinking about whether that person, your past life, was really so lonely such that he had to end his life to escape from the evil in his heart.”

Lu Shu said, “I want to know the answer too.”

“I am not joking,” said Lu Xiaoyu in a deep voice, “An individual has many opportunities in his life. If people helped you, you will be able to leave the abyss very quickly. Therefore, even though there are demons in people’s hearts, there are very few people like that. However, I am very curious, why didn’t anyone help God Lu? Or did everyone push him further into the abyss?”

Lu Shu shook his head. “We cannot blame the outside world. Blame it on the fact that he did not change.”

“I don’t care about this,” said Lu Xiaoyu, “This time, don’t anyone dare to push you into the abyss.”

Lu Shu said jokingly, “Nobody is pushing me into the abyss, they want to kill me.”

“Don’t laugh.” Lu Xiaoyu was not joking. She turned and said seriously to Lu Shu, “Didn’t we say that if the world became our enemy, we will kill everyone.”

At this moment, the rain started pouring from the sky. When the water reached the top of Lu Xiaoyu’s head, they glided away as though someone held an invisible umbrella on top of her.

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