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Chapter 1068 - Lin Wanwan, On What Basis Are You Bullying Her?!

Chapter 1068: Lin Wanwan, On What Basis Are You Bullying Her?!

Yue Xiang had a stern expression and said in an admonishing tone:

“Lin Wanwan, we have been filming this drama for approximately half a year now. I hope that everyone can get along well in the process. We are a state of etiquette. As the host, we should treat our guests from afar with a friendly attitude.”

Lin Wanwan frowned. “Director Yue, I don’t understand what you mean.”

Yue Xiang thought that she was pretending to be a fool and his tone became worse. “Even if you are the female lead, you can’t be privileged. This is the first time that Lin Qingxi’s in Xia country. If you’re not willing to get along with her, at least you shouldn’t bully her.”

Lin Wanwan understood it now. “Lin Qingxi told you personally that I bullied her?”

Right after Lin Wanwan was called over, the staff members who wanted to listen to gossip had surrounded them. They had on looks of disdain.

At this moment, someone couldn’t help but say, “Don’t wrong a kind-hearted person. Qingxi didn’t badmouth you at all. We didn’t know that you caused her to be injured as well. A reporter had filmed this. Where there’s a photo, there’s a truth. Do you still want to deny it?”

“Although Qingxi has come here for the first time, she’s not a newbie in the entertainment circle. Lin Wanwan, you’re of a much lower rank than her. On what basis are you bullying her?!”

“She must be jealous of Qingxi!”

Lin Wanwan finally figured out the whole story from the criticisms.

Suddenly, she laughed lightly, and her laugh was with sarcasm.

Xue Tiantian glared at her. “You still have the cheek to smile after bullying Qingxi. Do you not have any shame?”

Lin Wanwan wrapped her arms around her chest. A face that had become more beautiful as she grew older lost its usual gentleness. Only mockery remained.

“You can be considered to be people from the entertainment circle as well. Don’t you know how credible a reporter who’ve secretly captured news is? God created brains for you to think calmly, not for display!”

Upon hearing this, although everyone was troubled and angry, their hearts wavered a little.

Lin Wanwan all along had a very good reputation in the entertainment circle. The president even gave her an award before. She shouldn’t do a stupid thing like bullying someone.

Xue Tiantian said reluctantly, “The photos are clear. I have seen Qingxi’s injuries for myself as well. Lin Wanwan, you can’t get away with this!”

Lin Wanwan smiled. “Why don’t you ask Lin Qingxi? If Lin Qingxi also said that I bullied her, I’ll definitely give everyone a satisfactory explanation. If not, please shut up and stop being a busybody, alright?”

“Ok, everyone stop!” Yue Xiang waved his hand and interrupted everyone impatiently. “Qingxi’s resting today. I’ll wait for her to come over and clarify this matter. This is an important drama. Whether it’s the female lead or any other actor or actress, I’ll definitely not allow scandals!”

Yue Xiang spoke and everyone dispersed obediently.

Lin Wanwan returned to the lounge and logged on to Weibo.

Indeed, the Internet was full of headlines of her bullying Lin Qingxi.

There were a few photos of her colliding with Lin Qingxi below the captions.

Lin Qingxi seemed to have been pushed to the ground, and her beautiful face looked pitiful.

Due to the angle, Lin Wanwan looked a little cold. The photographer was even more sinister as the photo of her helping Lin Qingxi up wasn’t released.

Lin Wanwan didn’t look at the comments on the Internet that were questioning her or scolding her. She closed her eyes and rested.

Half an hour later, Lin Qingxi didn’t arrive. Instead, her assistant, Ada, did.

Once Ada appeared, everyone immediately surrounded her and asked questions.

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