The 99th Divorce

Chapter 1735 - When He Grows Up, He Wants to Be a Military Man

Chapter 1735: When He Grows Up, He Wants to Be a Military Man

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“Do the classmates who are taller and bigger than you bully you?”

“They do not have the chance because I’m good friends with Chu.” Li Jianqian looked at Li Sicheng and said, “Many people in class look up to Chu. Many people look up to me as well.”

“Yes, that is why you can’t.”

Li Jianqian felt even more indignant. He exclaimed, “Why?”

“I will only allow you to skip a grade when you’re able to protect yourself.”

When Li Jianqian heard that, he became anxious and yelled out, “Daddy, I can protect myself. None of the classmates in my class can beat me in a fight!”

“What’s so good about bullying little kids?” There was a look of contempt in Li Sicheng’s eyes.

“I’m also a little kid!” Li Jianqian sounded self-righteous.

“Since you think of yourself as a little kid, it proves that you are still immature. Permission not granted.”

Li Jianqian fumed with rage. “Daddy, that’s chop logic!”

“Do you know what chop logic means?”

When Li Jianqian heard him say that, he knew Li Sicheng was trying to trick him again.

Huffing in anger, Li Jianqian crossed his arms and turned his head away before he went silent.

Li Jianyue propped both her hands on the table. She looked at her brother and father with her big, round eyes as she asked, “Daddy, why can’t he skip a grade? Didn’t Brother already skip a grade?”

“Yes, it is precisely because he just skipped a grade that I won’t allow him to do so,” Li Sicheng calmly said. “Everyone needs to go through a process when they grow up. You only want to skip a grade because you can’t stand that they are more immature than you.”

Li Jianqian was instantly stunned. These words were true.

But I clearly did not mention a single word just now!

How did Daddy know?

Upon one glance at Li Jianqian’s tiny expression, Li Sicheng could understand his thoughts. He asked, “Have you ever thought about it? If you already cannot put up with the third-graders, how are you going to put up with those fifth- and sixth-graders who are even tougher to deal with in comparison?”

“Are they very difficult to handle?”

“It’s easiest for one to feel full of himself when one is between the age of a fifth- and sixth-grader up to the pubescent age of 15 and 16. That is also the time when it is easiest for one to be carried away and driven by one’s own beliefs to commit acts that are hard for others to understand. You haven’t reached that stage yet, so you can’t protect yourself.”

Li Jianqian still couldn’t fully grasp what his father meant, but, between the lines, he could still understand one thing⁠—his father had his best interests at heart.

Li Jianyue still couldn’t understand. “Daddy, does feeling full of oneself mean to become fat from eating?”

“Yes, you can see it that way too.”

“Oh…” Li Jianyue nodded her head before she said with a smile, “Yesterday, our teacher said that I grew fatter from eating. So, she’s actually saying that I’m full of myself, isn’t she?”

Su Qianci burst out into laughter, but Li Sicheng maintained a calm and quiet expression as he shook his head. “You should start to lose weight. From now on, you can only eat one chicken drumstick per day.”

The smile on Li Jianyue’s tiny face instantly drooped down into a pout. “Daddy…”

Li Sicheng did not look at her as he turned his head aside.

Li Jianqian became quite unhappy. He glumly said, “Chu is going to skip a grade. I want to skip a grade with him.”

“No.” Li Sicheng’s voice was calm but firm.

Li Jianyue stopped pouting when she realized that it was useless to do so. She turned her head to look at her brother before she asked, “Brother, is the Brother Chu you’re talking about a super awesome person?”

“Yup, Chu said that he wants to become a military man when he grows up.”

“Wow!” Li Jianyue’s eyes brightened up. “To become the same kind of military man like Eldest Uncle?”

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