The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting

Chapter 501 - I Have The Evidence

Chapter 501: I Have The Evidence

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Shui Anluo felt helpless so she had gone full steam ahead on Lan Xin. She was going to be scolded by the Empress Dowager in a short while anyway so she might as well deal with someone else and enjoy the process.

Shui Anluo turned her attention to Lan Xin as she thought about this.

Lan Xin chuckled. “Do you plan on becoming a screenwriter now, Junior Sister? You’re actually able to say something like that. A phone call, what phone call?”

“Senior Sister, it’s pointless.” Shui Anluo said with a smile and slowly approached Lan Xin. “Did you really not eavesdrop on my conversation with Yaruan in the hospital hallway when I had called Yaruan to tell her that I was alright?”

“Luoluo, what kind of self-written screenplay is this? I really don’t understand you,” Lan Xin said. “As for the hospital hallway, I have to do my rounds in so many wards, where would I find the time to eavesdrop on her phone call?”

“When you had overheard the phone call, you never expected me to have survived so the person you were supposed to meet at a café across the hospital had waited for an hour before receiving your call. You asked him to go to prison and look for someone named Lin Qianchen.” Shui Anluo continued the trail.

This time, Lan Xin did not say anything and glared at her icily instead.

“Oh, that’s not right. Let’s start from when you had arrived back here. The disaster relief really was a great opportunity for you. It really was such a coincidence for you to fall sick,” Shui Anluo said and stopped half a step away from Lan Xin. “The location you had me rush to was a rather good one so you had asked that person to hide and silently assassinate me. You even managed to grant me the good name of sacrificing myself in the disaster,”

Lan Xin stood up straight and curled her lips into a cold smile. “Do you think that a murderer would be so stupid as to go to prison and ask for payment? Isn’t this excuse of yours a little too forced?”

“Thirty million.” Shui Anluo clicked her lips. “Lan Xin, I never thought that I’d be worth that much to you. You determined that he needed the money so you had issued such a large sum, a tempting number.”

Shui Anluo’s every word was spoken very clearly. The bodyguards who stood at the doorway furrowed their brows but did not step inside. Their Master had instructed them to listen to Chu Ningyi before bringing the Young Miss home.

“Lin Qianchen and I have not seen each other for so long. Do you think that she’d take the blame for me?”

“Why not? After all, she hated me too. Since she could not get out for the time being, why not take the blame for you who was still outside? At least you’d get the chance to kill me.” Shui Anluo explained as a cold light flashed in his eyes. “Unfortunately, she never expected to die.”

Shui Anluo’s entire body was shrouded in an icy-cold air. Qiao Yaruan leaned against the wall as she watched. This version of Shui Anluo felt like a stranger to her yet also assured her. Finally, she would never need to worry about her friend getting bullied again.

“Hahahaha… What an entertaining self-acted and self-written plan. Wheres the evidence?” Lan Xin sneered in disdain and slowly stepped closer to Shui Anluo. “Are you trying to push the blame from the last incident on me just because my trap had failed this time? After all, Shui Anluo is the superstar of this hospital. First, she caused her own mentor to be sent to prison. Now, she doesn’t even want to spare me?”

Lan Xin slowly described every word. Shui Anluo clenched her fists.

Chu Ningyi walked to Shui Anluo’s side. He reached out and held her clenched fist to stare at the slowly cornered Lan Xin then smirked icily. “I have the evidence.”

“Heh, Are you… Giving false evidence?” Lan Xin sneered.

“What about this?” Chu Ningyi said and raised a transparent file in his right hand, placing it in front of Lan Xin.

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