The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 1275 - Lobby For Him? 4

Chapter 1275 Lobby For Him? 4

She was not surprised at all since it was all within her expectations.

According to Gu Qiwu’s situation, it would make sense for that to happen.

Xi Xiaye did not want to know whether Gu Qiwu was being genuine. During Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha’s wedding, he seemed really sorry about how Gu Lingsha behaved for Mu Lingshi’s sake, but it was great to see that Mu Lingshi could get over it.

“I can’t say for sure if he’s being genuine, but I can’t forgive him no matter what. My mother, Lingtian, and Grandmother, these tragedies happened because of him, yet he’s living a happy life right now. He doesn’t even feel an ounce of guilt. While I won’t allow myself to hate him, I can’t just let him get away like this.” Mu Lingshi did not hide the anger within her.

Her expression turned cold, and the dim light made her scar seem slightly eerie.

When Xi Xiaye turned over, she closed her eyes and concealed the anger in her eyes.

“Do you want to fight for Hui Gu?”

Mu Lingshi opened her eyes instantly after she heard Xi Xiaye’s question.

Instead of answering Xi Xiaye’s question right away, she smiled and paused. “Yes, even if I can’t get it, I want to destroy it. I don’t want to leave it to either Gu Qiwu or Gu Lingsha.”

Xi Xiaye was surprised and was not sure what to say.

“You don’t have to say anything. I know what I’m doing. I’m no longer the weak little girl who needs her brother to protect her any longer. Neither am I that fragile nor am I a fool. I know what to do.”

“Gu Qiwu called me this afternoon.”

Xi Xiaye’s words shocked Mu Lingshi and she instantly frowned. “What did you say? He called you? What for? Did he threaten you?”

When Mu Lingshi stood up, Xi Xiaye quickly grabbed her hand. “Don’t be reckless! He didn’t threaten me. He said he wants to see me and talk about your brother, but I declined him.”

“Hmph! He sure knows how to scheme. Is he trying to get you to lobby for him now?”

Mu Lingshi managed to figure out what was Gu Qiwu planning.

This whole matter was unrelated to Xi Xiaye. Even if Gu Qiwu wanted to talk, he should be talking to Mu Yuchen, but now he was just trying to exploit Xi Xiaye’s weakness because he knew about her influence over Mu Yuchen. Furthermore, Mu Lingshi herself had nothing but respect towards her brother too.

Lobby for him?

Perhaps that was exactly what Gu Qiwu was thinking about.

“Just ignore him. I hope that you’ll be left out of this. I don’t want these things to drag you down.” Mu Lingshi’s voice turned cold as she took a deep breath and left the living room.

Xi Xiaye felt her chest grow heavy as she watched Mu Lingshi walk up the staircase. Perhaps she should not have brought it up, but even if she did not, things would not just be left as they were.

It would not…

Gu Qiwu was a persistent man. When Xi Xiaye drove into the Grand Waves villa area at night, she knew things would not just end there the second she saw Gu Qiwu waiting by the entrance!

Xi Xiaye stopped her car as another car was blocking the road. Ah Yong quickly came to greet her, “Long time no see, Ms. Xi!”

Xi Xiaye frowned as she glanced at Ah Yong. Her face was strained.


Sis Wang and Aunt Fang both noticed the aura around Xi Xiaye suddenly turn cold. They looked in front and realized these visitors did not come with good intentions!

Xi Xiaye did not say a word and just looked at Ah Yong coldly.


Her bodyguards rushed forward as soon as possible, including Mu Lingshi’s personal bodyguard, Ah Quan. Xi Xiaye had stayed over at the Mu residence for the whole day. Because Mu Lingshi was worried about her, she had asked Ah Quan to accompany her.

“Who are you?” Ah Quan was a responsible and experienced bodyguard, so he stared at Ah Yong coldly.

Ah Yong looked straight into Ah Quan’s eyes fearlessly before averting his gaze away momentarily after. Instead of answering Ah Quan, he continued to speak to Xi Xiaye, “Ms. Xi, our boss has been waiting here for a while. I know that you’re a busy person, but could you spare us 20 minutes or so?”

“Missus, should we just throw him aside?” Ah Quan asked for Xi Xiaye’s permission.

Xi Xiaye glanced at him, then looked at the car blocking her way. As she was about to say something, the person got out from the car in front of her. It was a skinny, dark figure.

Who else could it be if not Gu Qiwu!?

“Don’t worry, Ms. Xi. We mean no harm.” It was Ah Yong who spoke.

Xi Xiaye figured that it was not possible to settle this matter if she did not get out of the car, so she took a deep breath and unfastened her seatbelt.

“Be careful, Missus! Who are they?” Sis Wang was concerned.

Xi Xiaye turned over and looked at her son who was sleeping soundly in Sis Wang’s arms. “Don’t worry. I know them. Head on back now. Give the baby a shower if he wakes up. I’ll be back soon.”

Xi Xiaye then got out of the car smoothly.

“Ah Quan, get someone to send them back to Maple Residence.” Xi Xiaye gave her orders.

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