Zombie Sister Strategy

Chapter 1203 - Should He Cry or Laugh?

Chapter 1203: Should He Cry or Laugh?

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Reading Four’s note, Old Guo wore a bitter face, “I’m so old. How can I still remember the classes they taught in elementary school? Besides, I was never a teacher…”

He was really a bad student when he was in school! Studying could kill him, not to mention teaching.

Four wrote him another note—’How about you teach me the basics? You’re an adult. You must know more characters than I do!’

Old Guo looked at him and stayed silent for a few seconds.

He was not sure about that. For many words, he had even forgotten how to spell them! If the boy were still studying primary school classes, he might be able to help, but the boy was already reading the textbooks from junior high! He barely knew those rarely-used characters on the textbooks.

“Eh-hem, um, maybe you should go and ask Lili to teach you. I’m too old… I have a really bad memory… and I have poor eyesight…” Old Guo looked around, then turned and prepared to run away. Before leaving, he pointed at Qiu Lili and Lin Kui.

Four looked at him silently.

Bad memory? Poor eyesight? Couldn’t he come up with a slightly better excuse?

Lin Qiao spent an hour playing with the two kids in the living room, then put them on their bed. After that, she came down and sat in the living room, starting to do her work.

Even though All Beings Base only had a small population currently, there was still a lot of work to do. After all, the base was newly constructed. She had just returned from the outside, so she needed to recheck the progress of all projects that were going on. As Yuan Tianxing wasn’t able to work at the moment, she had to fill in his place and take part in many small things.

Wu Chengyue cleaned the kitchen, then came out and took a shower. After that, he sat down on the armchair near Lin Qiao and took out a stack of files which were from Sea City Base, starting to work as well.

The two of them stayed quiet, without disturbing each other. Only the sounds of turning pages and writing were heard from the living room.About three hours later, Wu Chengyue finally gave a long sigh and closed the last file in his hands, then picked up all his files on the tea table and put them in a file folder.

Then, he looked at Lin Qiao, who didn’t seem to stop working at all. So, he stood up and put his file folder on a cabinet near the wall, then sat down beside her. After that, he took away the file in her hand and threw it on the tea table.

“What?” Lin Qiao, who was focusing on the file, gave a start, then turned and glared at him displeasedly.

“It’s time to rest. Are you going to work the whole night? There are still so many files for you to read,” Wu Chengyue said to her with a smile, then glanced at the stack of untouched files on the armchair nearby.

“Can’t I work the whole night? I don’t need to sleep,” Lin Qiao gave him a glance, then picked up the file which was thrown onto the tea table and kept reading.

She had tons of works to do now. She needed to finish all those files tonight, and she needed to go to the zombie army tomorrow to upgrade her zombie soldiers. At least, she needed to upgrade a few of the zombie leaders who followed her out of the base for the mission this time. As for Xie Dong, she needed to get him to level-seven as soon as possible.

More level-seven zombies meant stronger the defense for the base.

Once again, Wu Chengyue pulled the file out of her hand, then looked at her in the eyes with a bitter smile, “Can you make some time for me? In your heart, Teng, Lin Feng, and your other families are number one important, the base number two, the zombie army number three, and those new underground creatures number four… What about me? Don’t you find me too pitiful? I’m the one closest to you now…”

While speaking, he even found himself so woeful. Was it really like what Lin Feng said that the period before the relationship between him and his wife was established officially was the hardest?

Lin Qiao silently gave him a glance. He did sound pitiful, but…

“What do you want?” Her relationship with him wasn’t determined yet. Deep down, she had started to accept him indeed, but she wasn’t ready to act that way yet.

“Sleep with me,” Wu Chengyue looked at her and said with a smile, “You don’t need to sleep, but I do. I’m still a human being.”

He didn’t want to sleep on the bed alone while they were both at home. The bed was hers. Even if they weren’t going to have sex, it would be nice if she could warm the bed for him.

Well, the zombie lady’s body was cold actually. He only felt her body temperature rise when he had sex with her. So, if he really wanted to warm the bed, he would still have to do that thing with her. But… if he made that kind of attempt right now, she might throw him out of the window.

Not long ago, the two of them were entrapped by Teng. That night was pretty long for her.

Lin Qiao squinted at him silently.

“Just sleep,” Wu Chengyue continued, “I won’t do anything unnecessary. Okay?”

Lin Qiao looked around and said, “If you want to sleep, just go and sleep. Why do you want me to do that with you? Even if I don’t need to work or sleep, I still have to absorb energy nuclei to strengthen myself.”

Wu Chengyue looked at her, feeling speechless.

So, was strengthening herself the fifth important thing to her? He ranked the last anyway, didn’t he?

He turned and looked around. Seeing the kids’ room, he suddenly had an idea. “Think it as my reward for taking care of the kids these days,” he said with a grin, “As a base leader, I’m here babysitting for you. Aren’t you gonna pay me for that?”

Lin Qiao stayed silent. It would seem heartless indeed if she said no to that.

She hesitated for a moment, then said, “Emm… you said that we’re only going to sleep. I remember reading about that somewhere before. ‘The lies of boys that girls always tend to believe’, em, yeah, it was mentioned in that article. When a boy tells a girl that they would do nothing but purely sleep, ninety-nine percent the chance it would turn out to be a lie.”

Wu Chengyue looked at her embarrassedly and didn’t say anything. He felt being wronged for no reason. He was not that kind man. He did have that kind of thought just now, but he gave up because she might throw him out of the window!

He raised both hands and said, “I didn’t lie! I promise! Eh… hem, at the very most, I might hold you in my arms. That’ll be okay, right?”

Lin Qiao looked at him quietly. ‘Don’t push it’, she said to him using her eyes, seeing which, Wu Chengyue’s vibe immediately grew weak.

Lin Qiao turned her eyes on the files on the tea table and said, “Alright. I’ll be lying by your side, absorbing energy. If you do anything unnecessary to affect me, there will be consequences.”

Wu Chengyue wasn’t sure if he should cry or laugh.

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