100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 472 - Untitled

Chapter 472: Untitled

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Xu Nuo… Nuo Nuo…

Ning Ning looked at the little girl in astonishment and was stunned into silence. The little girl looked over and a twelve-year-old golden-haired boy ran over while smiling. He looked like a typical British royalty just from the way he dressed. He waved at her and said in perfect Chinese, “Xu Nuo, godpa is waiting for you.”

The little girl nodded and looked at Ning Ning before walking past him. Ning Ning suddenly grabbed her hand and she turned around to look at him coldly. That gaze really looked like his Xu Nuo.

But, she looked like she did not know him and she spurted out two words coldly. “Let go!”

Ning Ning looked at her with calm composure and smiled elegantly. “What’s your name?”

“I said let go!” Her voice sounded even colder. Ning Ning tightened his hand and his delicate fingers grabbed onto her arm stubbornly as he felt that she was even more familiar. She was about to get angry when the teenager had already run over and slapped Ning Ning’s hand away.

“Let go of my sister, you rude rascal.” The teenager pulled her over and punched his fist around. “I’ll punch you if you are rude again.”

He walked off with the little girl after he finished his words and complained to her. “Xu Nuo, why did you run so far away? Godpa has been looking for you. I thought that you secretly went home again.”

“Who is that guy?”

“What did he tell you?”

The teenager was talkative and kept asking questions along the way, but the girl did not reply. She just let the teenager hold her hand and continued to walk without saying anything or turning back to look.

Ning Ning looked in silence as the bright red back view walked further away before disappearing among the golden parasol rain. Her back view was already blurred and all he could see was the romantic parasol rain falling behind her, forming a beautiful animated backdrop.

He was too engrossed in it and only shook his head to disperse that unrealistic thought in his head after a while. It must be his illusion as there were many people who looked alike in this world and she just happened to look like Xu Nuo and was wearing red. Therefore, he had an illusion.

Xu Nuo looked more like an Asian but the young girl had a more distinct feature and her temperament was more like that of British royalty. No one could tell that Xu Nuo was mixed blood if they did not know that she had a quarter of the British ancestry. But, it was obvious that the young girl was a mixed-blood.

After they disappeared, Ning Ning walked out of the parasol trees forest and saw Xu Xing, who was looking for him. Xu Xing looked very happy. “Ning Ning, you must have waited for very long. I’m so sorry about that. Uncle Michael always talks to Daddy for a very long time.”

Ning Ning shook his head as he was fine with it and was so eager to know about the girl’s identity that he asked Xu Xing for help. “I saw a girl around your age wearing a red dress at the parasol forest just now. Who is she?”

“Red? Oh, she’s the daughter of the speaker of the House of Lords. Uncle Michael brought her out to meet us.”

“What’s her name?”

Xu Xing paused. “Olivia McBride.”

“But this is not the name that the teenager called her.”

“She has another Chinese name called…” Xu Xing looked at Ning Ning in an apprehensive manner and the smile on her face faded away. She thinned her lips and said, “An Xunuo.”

An Xunuo!

It was a nice name. Ning Ning smiled and Xu Xing looked disappointed. “Ning Ning, does it remind you of…”

The word sister was something unfamiliar to her. She did not know why but she did not ask her parents about it after she went home. It was only when Zhang Wanyan who doted on her the most mentioned a few words did she confirm that she really had a sister.


“My mommy likes her too.” Xu Xing sat beside Ning Ning in a sorrowful manner. The parasol leaves were falling and she stretched her hands to catch them. It was the first time the little princess looked so sad. “Mommy ignored me once she saw Olivia.”


“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because she is called Xunuo.” Xu Xing looked down and she sounded displeased. After all, she was only a child and was always the most precious girl in the Xu family and her parents only doted on her. It was natural for her to be unhappy when there was someone there to take away the attention she used to receive. She could not understand it either as it was just a similar name. “This is the first time Uncle Michael brought her here and also the first time my mommy met her, but she likes her a lot. The girl is weird as she does not like to talk nor get close to anyone.”

“Are you talking about Michael McBride?” The famous speaker of the UK’s House of Lords.

“Yes, his wife was from China and passed away as she and Ophelia were involved in a car accident. Ophelia was stuck in a vegetative state and only woke up not long ago.” Xu Xing suddenly looked up and looked at Ning Ning with burning eyes. “Do you like her too?”

“What are you talking about? I’m just asking as I happened to meet her.” Ning Ning tried to feign ignorance and Xu Xing finally smiled. She pulled his hands happily and asked, “Are you looking for me so that we can play together?”

Ning Ning only thought of what he wanted to do and smiled in a charming manner. He held her hands. “Xu Xing, I need your help to do something.”

Ning Ning stayed at the Xu family’s place for more than three hours before he finally managed to get Xu Xing to help him host a charity fundraising party on a cruise ship tomorrow. He suggested that Ross be in charge of the security for the party and Xu Xing agreed too.

She innocently thought that Ning Ning wanted to help those cancer patients and she was really touched. Ning Ning came well prepared. He had already come out with the invitation list, program flow and so on beforehand and handed them to Xu Xing. The terrorist organization would invite these people on her behalf and Xu Xing only needed to attend the event. Therefore, it was not a problem to prepare within a day.

Ning Ning went back to the castle and Chu Li, Bai Ye and the rest were already waiting for news. Ning Ning went straight to the study room after telling them that it was settled and everyone was confused. Ross happened to call them, saying that Xu Mingyang had agreed to the fundraising party and he would be in charge of Xu Xing’s safety. Chu Li, Bai Ye, Black J and the rest immediately went to prepare.

Ning Ning was searching about the speaker, Michael McBride, in the study room and found out about Ophelia. She was indeed in a vegetative state three years ago and had never left the hospital. There was information of her since young and he could even find the pictures of her during the car accident and it indeed looked like her. Also, there were records in the hospital that Michael would talk to his daughter every day and remain silent for a while before he left. He also looked for the best doctor to treat her and all the information and photos were available.

Ning Ning heaved a long sigh. He had a tiny bit of hope at first but was crushed after he looked it up. He was someone that looked for evidence, and since he was clear about the reality, there was no need for him to think about it anymore. He immediately put his attention on Ye Wei and Eleven.

Soon after, Ning Ning received a call from Third Young Master Ye. He would let Cheng Anya stay in Provence for the time being and he would travel to Bogota by himself.

“Daddy, you don’t have to go anymore. Black J and Bai Ye will be going to Bogota tomorrow night if there is nothing wrong with the plan. You can stay in Provence to accompany Mommy as my younger sister is still not stable in her tummy. What if something happens to Mommy and my sister while you’re gone?”

“No worries. Su Man happens to be in France and he had checked your mommy yesterday. Both of them are safe. I’m more worried about Wei Wei as her situation is still unknown.” Third Young Master Ye rarely changed his plans after he made the decision. “It is very dangerous now in London as there are many killers around other than Silver Face. You have to be careful and give your mommy a call when you are free so that she won’t be so worried.”

“I know, Daddy. You can go ahead since you’ve already decided on it. You can go and look for Jason as I’m afraid that he will act rashly and mess things up. You can try to prevent Mo Jue from leaving Bogota and we will rush over once we kill Silver Face tomorrow.”

“Alright!” Third Young Master Ye ended the call. Ning Ning rubbed his tired brows and walked out of the study room. Chu Li and Black J had already left the castle while Bai Ye was discussing who should board the ship with Ross.

Soon, news of the Xu family holding a charity fundraising party came out and they just had to wait for Silver Face to be hooked.

Bogota, Colombia.

Jason received the news of Ye Wei and Mo Jue reaching Bogota and Mo Jue naturally knew that Jason was in Bogota too. Both forces were competing with each other secretly and Ye Wei was the key.

Mo Jue wanted to settle the conflict of interest at the casino in the Middle East as soon as possible. He knew that the terrorist organization was the mastermind behind it and trying to force him without giving him a chance to breathe.

Mo Jue wanted to kill him to end everything. He guessed that Black J, Bai Ye and the rest would be coming to Bogota within three days as Ye Wei was here too. He would be able to deal with Jason alone, but if all of them came…

He sneered. No matter how many people there were, nobody could take Ye Wei away from him.

“Silver Face, you are not allowed to come onshore for this period of time. Stay at sea and wait for my instructions.” Mo Jue ordered. “No matter what happens in London, do not care about it. I will let you know what to do if something happens.”

Silver Face was silent for a few seconds before he sneered. “How long do you want me to stay outside London?”

His cold voice was filled with anger. The long waiting time was slow mental torture for someone supercilious like Silver Face. He was not a patient person.

Mo Jue could understand him and deepened his voice. “Why? Are you getting impatient? You have to wait even if you’re impatient and do not let them leave London. Don’t go in at the moment if you don’t want to die.”

“Die?” Silver Face sneered. “Do you think they are capable of catching me?”

“Silver Face, you can be supercilious, but don’t let supercilious become your capital.” Mo Jue warned him and softened his tone. “I will not let you wait once I’ve settled the things on my side.”

Silver Face was silent for a while before he replied, “Alright!”

Silver Face ended the call first and Mo Jue frowned as it was obvious that Silver Face’s tone sounded like he was not convinced. Forget it. Silver Face understood Chu Li, Bai Ye and the rest’s capabilities and would not act recklessly. Mo Jue wanted to settle the issue at the casino first so that he could leave the place with Ye Wei.

Ye Wei was done resting and it was almost midnight when she woke up. Mo Jue met Arthur at the casino to talk about how to split the interest of the casinos in the Middle East. This was a very important negotiation talk and Cloud wanted to follow him but Mo Jue rejected him and brought Ye Wei along instead.

Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and asked, “Gorgeous Mo Jue, are you asking me to protect you?”

“Sort of,” Mo Jue replied. There was no way he would let Ye Wei leave his line of vision. Therefore, he gave Ye Wei a gun for security reasons as it was a secret weapon that she was used to using.

She did not object to it and instead felt excited. The ardent feeling in her bones surged through her again.

Mo Jue did not bring anyone else with him except for Ye Wei. Both of them were wearing black pants and shirts and they looked dashing and domineering. More than ten hefty fellows were standing beside the door of the casino and they looked sharp. It was obvious that Arthur came well-prepared and Ye Wei calmly blew a whistle while looking at them. Ye Wei looked as if she was there to play while Mo Jue looked like he was a demon and both of them shocked the hefty fellows.

The Mafia was the second biggest in Bogota and there were many elites under them. Arthur set up this meeting with the aim of killing Mo Jue, yet Mo Jue only brought a woman with him. His courage alone was not comparable with others.

Nobody dared to contempt him.

Both of them entered the casino and it was empty inside. The big casino was very quiet and there was a long table placed in the middle. Arthur was crossing his legs and smoking a cigar as he looked at them entering in a cynical manner. There were also more than ten hefty fellows in black standing behind him. It was as if they were clustering around someone they respected, protecting him in a watertight manner.

Arthur was a standard Colombia hefty fellow with a tough build and puffy wine-red hair. There was a scar across his eyes and he looked ferocious.

He blew out a smoke ring, sneered, and asked the obvious, “Who is this?”

“Mo Jue!”

“Hahaha! Second master, you have guts!” Arthur laughed in an arrogant manner as he clapped his hands. He suddenly violently slapped the table and created a loud bang. He pointed at Mo Jue and shouted. “Is second master looking down on me? You actually dare to bring a woman to barge into my casino!”

Everyone knew that this was a meeting with an aim to kill Mo Jue.

“I want the Middle East’s piece of fat meat!” Mo Jue pulled out the chair and sat down in a composed manner, his momentum more arrogant than Arthur’s. He did not need so many people to increase his momentum like Arthur nor did he need to increase his voice. He only said one sentence flatly.

It went without saying who the biggest was.

Ye Wei felt that Mo Jue was extremely arrogant, but it was also interesting as she had not seen how he was like on the negotiation table.

Arthur’s red hair looked like it was seething in anger. “Second master has such a big tone. I’m afraid you don’t have the life to do that.”

“You can try.” Mo Jue sounded confident and calm. “How about we set a rule to play? If not…”

His gaze swept around coldly. “It is useless even if you ask a hundred more people to come if I want to kill someone.”

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