A Wild Last Boss Appeared

Chapter 6

Airou village. It's a small village half a day away from the trade city of Yudaril. With no distinctive products, it's a reserved community. At least that's what I've heard from Dina.

Having escaped from the shade of the forest, a town of negligible size rose into view. Several small, wooden houses stood in lines, and bountiful fields stretched over the land. This might be a nice change in atmosphere.

"The specified address of our client should be… ah, that large building over there."

Lifting her eyes from the request paper, Dina pointed to a particularly large building. Naturally, it wasn't as "large" as a residence in the city, but rather "large" in terms of comparison with the other homes of the village. It's most likely the village chief's home. Arriving at the doorstep of the building, Dina knocked lightly on the door.

"Excuse meee, we're here to complete a request. Is the mayor home?"

Dina told me to leave all of the negotiations and planning to her, so I'm just here for decoration. You see, my arrogant tone would only irritate our employer after all. It's almost as though my mouth has a mind of its own.

"Oho, I've kept you waiting. Now then, please come inside."

The person who appeared in the doorway was a graying senior. For a moment, his expression warped with suspicion as he glanced over me. Nevertheless, he guided us in without a word.

The room's interior was clearly worn down. Evidence of hasty repairs lined the walls and wooden flooring creaked with each step. The fact that the mayor's home was in such a state clearly told of the village's predicament.

"By all means, take a seat."

Beckoning for us to sit, the man rested on a shaky chair. It looked like it could collapse at any moment, but it somehow supported his weight. On a second thought, if I was a beastman, it probably would collapse.

"Well, let's get down to business at once. We are to destroy the orc nest nearby the village. Is this correct?"

"Yes. But I haven't gone as far to request it's destruction. As long as you're able to drive the orcs out of the area, I will gladly pay the reward. At this rate, the orcs will continue to prey on the villagers… the young women abducted, the men killed, and the children murdered for sport… With most of our crops stolen, we've been driven to a corner. Please, rain judgment upon those horrid pigs."


While Dina held a conversation with the mayor, I was feeling rather impressed at the low-lives. The orcs are quite committed to their sleazy lifestyles as usual. Maybe—just maybe—that's why you guys have never been included in the 7 major races and were dubbed as monsters. Ever thought of that?

Even the vampires were humble enough to be accepted by the other races, but when it comes to you pigs… But well, it would make my job harder if you guys were actually decent individuals, so I'm strangely thankful. At the very least, I'll know I'm doing the world a favor when I'm hunting orcs.

"Please rest at ease! The orc nest will be crushed without fail! By this guy!"

Dina indicated to me with a triumphant expression.

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