Archean Eon Art

Chapter 416 - Taking the Initiative to Attack

Chapter 416 Taking the Initiative to Attack

On an island in the south.

Splash! Splash! Splash! The seawater gently impacted the beach.

Meng Chuan walked barefoot on the white beach. From afar, a seabird flapped its wings and flew high.

This was where Meng Chuan lived in seclusion. There were many connection points within 2,500 kilometers of him. Furthermore, this place was far from civilization. In this area, it was extremely likely that the demon monarchs would try to enter the human world from the World Gap.

This southern island doesn’t snow all year. The Snow Wind Pass, which Qiyue guards, often snows. Meng Chuan smiled. He returned to Snow Wind Pass every month to accompany his wife. Although they were tens of thousands of kilometers apart, it took him just moments before he arrived there.

Huh? Meng Chuan sensed the transmission token signalling him to convene. Archean Mountain? Meng Chuan was somewhat puzzled. Following that, he transformed into a bolt of lightning that streaked across the sky and headed straight for Archean Mountain.

After five minutes of normal flight, Meng Chuan arrived at Archean Mountain and landed in Grotto-Heaven Pavilion. As one of Archean Mountain’s Sect Proprietors, he could enter many places directly.

“Meng Chuan is here.” Li Guan, Qin Wu, and Luo Tang were already waiting. Li Guan pointed at a stool beside him. “Sit.”

“Master, Supremacies.” Meng Chuan sat down and smiled. “What’s the matter?”

“We plan on bestowing King True Martial a Tribulation treasure,” said Li Guan. “This matter is of great importance, so we naturally need your approval.”

A Tribulation treasure? Meng Chuan’s heart stirred as he listened carefully.

The Supremacies definitely had their reasons for making such a suggestion. Qin Wu explained, “King True Martial has been fighting in the World Gap for eight years. He has also studied the ultimate techniques in the Star Cluster Building for half a year. He has now broken through and reached the late stages of the Grotto-Heaven realm. His True Martial lineage already enables one to fight experts one level above them to begin with. Even though he’s a Regis Godfiend, his strength is comparable to Demon Sage Nine Abyss. He’s not a Creation Supremacy, but he’s much stronger than an ordinary Creation Supremacy. If he were to be equipped with a Tribulation treasure… his combat strength would increase greatly. He would be comparable to Demon Sage Nine Abyss when augmented by the Dark-Red Prison.”

Demon Sage Nine Abyss when augmented by the Dark-Red Prison? Meng Chuan was secretly alarmed.

If it weren’t for the Magic Awl Forbidden Spell, his wife and he wouldn’t have been able to defeat Demon Sage Nine Abyss—who had been augmented by the Dark-Red Prison.

King True Martial has attained such strength? However, on second thought, it isn’t that surprising

The Grotto-Heaven realm was divided into the early, middle, late, and perfected stages. The Grotto-Heaven realm was when one made a complete grotto-heaven. However, the strength of different ultimate techniques varied.

For example, the Star Cluster Building’s ‘Golden Lotus Descent’ was a Creation-level ultimate technique. However, after it reached the perfected Grotto-Heaven realm, it could slay an Imperial Lord! It was a heaven-defying combat technique.

The True Martial lineage was naturally not as heaven-defying as Golden Lotus Descent. However, it was also very powerful. After reaching the late stages of the Grotto-Heaven realm, the True Martial lineage allowed one to match a perfected Grotto-Heaven realm expert of a normal cultivation system. Even as a Regis Godfiend, King True Martial could fight Demon Sage Nine Abyss evenly. Meng Chuan nodded. “I agree. No objections.” It was a good thing for their side to have one more powerful fighter.

“Alright.” Li Guan nodded.

Meng Chuan was also a Sect Proprietor, so he had to agree if they wanted to bestow a Tribulation treasure to King True Martial.

“In the past half-year, the demons have not tried to destroy the world membrane. They are clearly preparing,” said Li Guan. “We can’t just watch them prepare to invade the human world.”

“What can we do when they have been hiding?” asked Meng Chuan.

His electromagnetic domain wasn’t omnipotent.

Small grotto-heavens could be very concealed. Therefore, Meng Chuan still couldn’t find the demon headquarters or the Skydemon Sect headquarters.

“We’ve thought about it,” said Qin Wu. “The demons are relying on a large number of fifth Firmament demon monarchs entering the human world. Once they infiltrate the human world, they will be in the shadows while we are out in the open. These fifth Firmament demon monarchs can attack anywhere! Some extremely powerful fifth Firmament demon monarchs can easily kill ordinary Regis Godfiends. They’ll definitely slaughter Marquis Godfiends.”

Meng Chuan nodded.

There were powerful human Regis Godfiends and many weaker ones. Ordinary Regis Godfiends couldn’t protect cities, much less Marquis Godfiends. In that event, the human world would face a great calamity.

“Since the demons aren’t in a hurry to enter the World Gap with their army, let’s enter first,” said Qin Wu. “Send the strongest Regis Godfiends to pursue all demon monarchs within the World Gap.”

Luo Tang added, “If more than half of those powerful fifth Firmament demon monarchs are killed, even if they enter the human world in the future, the threat they pose would be much lesser.”

“Kill them first. Kill as many as we can,” said Li Guan. “With the Star Cluster Building and the Heart Sea Palace’s secret techniques, we have enough strength to do so.”

“King True Martial will wield a Tribulation treasure. Furthermore, he has cultivated the Magic Awl Forbidden Spell,” said Li Guan. “He alone can dominate the World Gap.”

Meng Chuan nodded in agreement.

After cultivating the Magic Awl Forbidden Spell, King True Martial’s comprehensive combat prowess was extremely terrifying. “You can enter as well,” said Li Guan. “You have the ability to protect yourself, but you are still weak when it comes to killing enemies. Demon monarchs have different divine powers. The demon Imperial Lords will nurture the core experts to the best of their ability. Therefore, we have decided to have a Dao Protector, Wang Shan, accompany you.”

Dao Protector? Meng Chuan’s heart stirred.

Archean Mountain had two Dao Protectors. The Dao Protector, Wang Shan, wasn’t very strong in direct combat. “He has a sixth-level Essence Soul. Over the past few days, he has also cultivated several Essence Soul mystic techniques. He has also cultivated the Magic Awl Forbidden Spell,” said Li Guan. “When he works with you, he will first execute an Essence Soul mystic technique if you encounter powerful enemies. The two of you will be able to dominate the World Gap if both of you cooperate.” “Yes.” Meng Chuan immediately felt confident.With his strength and the Dao Protector’s Essence Soul mystic techniques, they would indeed be invincible.

“Peng Mu and Yun Jianhai will form another team,” said Li Guan. “Our Archean Mountain plans to send three teams into the World Gap. King True Martial will act alone. Your team and Peng Mu’s team will be enough to dominate the World Gap. Even if you encounter a special situation and are unable to defeat them, you should be able to keep yourselves alive. I’ve contacted Two World Island and Black Sand Grotto-Heaven. Their heritage isn’t as rich as ours, but they will also send five Regis Godfiends! These five Regis Godfiends… After they swear an oath, I’ll let them learn the secret techniques in Star Cluster Building and the Heart Sea Palace. Meng Chuan, do you have any objections?”

“It’s fine if they swear an oath.” Meng Chuan nodded. “I agree.”

After obtaining powerful techniques, the Regis Godfiend teams-one from Two World island, three from Archean Mountain, and one from Black Sand Grotto-Heaven-would have a huge increase in strength.

“I’ve also discussed with your master and the others that apart from the Godfiends participating in the World Gap mission, we will also open the Heart Sea Palace and Star Cluster Building to Black Sand Grotto-Heaven’s Bai Yaoyue. She will also be allowed to peruse the secret techniques,” said Li Guan. “Of course, we will make her swear an oath in the Heart Sea Palace to prevent her from threatening our Archean Mountain. We are only doing this because we’re relying on her to deal with the demons in the future. After all, in terms of cultivation potential, she’s the best among current Creation Supremacies.” Qin Wu nodded and said, “For this war, we can help her with her cultivation. However, we will definitely make her swear an oath.”

“Supremacies, you have considered everything very well. I naturally have no objections.” Meng Chuan nodded.

“Alright.” Li Guan nodded. “Meng Chuan, go back and rest for a few days. You will probably set off for the World Gap within a month. The World Gap will probably exist for a long time.”

“Understood.” Meng Chuan’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

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