Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy

Chapter 587 - Controllable Scope

Chapter 587 Controllable Scope

But Mo Yichen knew that neither of them could sleep well. One had to endure physical pain, and the other had to cuddle up and be haunted with fear. Although on the surface they slept well, neither of them slept well actually.

Mo Yichen leaned the box against the door and walked to the bed lightly. First, he reached out and touched Mo Xiangyan’s forehead. Mo Xiangyan didn’t sleep well. After he felt that someone was touching his forehead, he moved his body uneasily. Mo Yichen felt relieved and slowly withdrew his hand after he made sure that Mo Xiangyan’s body temperature was normal.

Mo Yichen tried to move Gu Yan’s hand which held Mo Xiangyan gently, but she was holding Mo Xiangyan’s hand tightly. Mo Yichen didn’t move it at first, so he had to move her fingers one by one. Finally, he moved her hand and gently hugged her. Since she didn’t respond, she should be exhausted today.

Mo Yichen hugged Gu Yan and gently put her on the sofa. But when he let go of her, Gu Yan’s hands wrapping around his neck did not let go. He smiled helplessly. He kissed Gu Yan’s forehead and said goodnight to her as usual.

Gu Yan seemed to have a feeling. After Mo Yichen finished saying goodnight, she naturally let go of her hand and curled up her body into the sofa. Mo Yichen covered his coat on her. Although it wasn’t cold, her mood fluctuated too much today. Besides, she had been in poor health, so Mo Yichen particularly cared about her health and was extra careful.

After arranging Gu Yan, Mo Yichen sat on the stool beside Mo Xiangyan’s bed and supported his head with his hand. He watched Mo Xiangyan breathe evenly, and watched the rose and fell of his chest.

Mo Yichen looked at Mo Xiangyan’s uneasy appearance, and had a mixed feeling. Although he kept telling Mo Xiangyan that the man must have his own wounds, seeing Mo Xiangyan hurt, he felt painful.

In particular, Mo Xiangyan still didn’t cry out. He stubbornly endured the pain without saying a word, and in turn comforted Gu Yan and himself. This made Mo Yichen feel both gratified and sad. He was gratified by Mo Xiangyan’s thoughtfulness, and also sad about it. Mo Xiangyan was supposed to behave in a spoiled manner at his age, but he was often sensible.

He didn’t make unreasonable demand and have inappropriate behavior. He just was occasionally in a temper because of trifles. Sometimes Mo Yichen would reflect on whether he cared enough about Mo Xiangyan. It was the first time that he had become a father, and no one around him told him what to do. Mo Yichen was always worried that he was not doing well enough.

Mo Xiangyan was growing up, and there were more and more unexpected situations. Mo Yichen always accomplished the work with ease. He never feared or flinched because of the tricky work in front of him. But the presence of Mo Xiangyan made him face a lot of dilemmas. He didn’t know what he should do to be best for Mo Xiangyan.

Even if he had been careful enough, many accidents still happened, just like today. And in the days to come, there would be many such situations. Mo Yichen knew that he could not foresee many accidents in Mo Xiangyan’s life. He could learn to avoid risks in the business, but his own business expertise couldn’t be used to deal with Mo Xiangyan’s things.

Mo Yichen knew that what happened today was an alarm bell, telling him that Mo Xiangyan was only a child, and there was still a long time before he grew up. Mo Yichen had to make much effort to better care for Mo Xiangyan to grow up and let him face less unexpected situations around him.

Besides, Mo Yichen didn’t want to see Gu Yan like this again. She was panicked and at a loss today. Without her usual grace and intellectuality, she was like all irrational mothers in the world. Seeing her child hurt, she didn’t have the energy to maintain her decency. She just cared about her child’s safety.

Mo Yichen kept thinking about these things in his mind until he fell asleep.

The next day, Mo Yichen was awakened by the sound of a phone call. He knew that the phone should be switched to silent in the hospital, but he had to wait for the assistant’s call. As an ordinary man, he couldn’t devote his energy to stare at the phone. And he didn’t know when the call would come.

Mo Yichen’s phone rang only once, and he quickly turned off the voice. Then he gently walked outside the ward to answer the phone. It turned out to be the assistant’s call.

“President Mo, the plane has already been arranged. Are you going now, or making a new appointment?” Although he said a lot of strange things to Mo Yichen yesterday, his work efficiency was indeed high, which deserved praise.

“Ok, let’s set off today. I need to prepare. I will call you later.” Mo Yichen hung up the phone after saying it. After all, he asked the assistant to contact the helicopter to make Mo Xiangyan a little more comfortable on the road. Of course, he had to wait for Mo Xiangyan to get ready before they could set off.

It was still very early now. Since Mo Xiangyan was still asleep, Mo Yichen wouldn’t interfere with him. After all, what he had to face next was a long-distance flight. Mo Xiangyan was ill, so he must be full of energy.

After Mo Yichen answered the phone, he was completely awake and watched that it was getting brighter outside the window. He didn’t intend to waste time on sleeping.

Mo Yichen first touched Mo Xiangyan’s forehead to make sure that Mo Xiangyan did not have a fever. Only then did he confirm that Mo Xiangyan’s state should be good. Then he reduced his worries about Mo Xiangyan’s state.

There was a four-hour time difference between China and here, and Mo Yichen also knew that his assistant must have spent a lot of energy arranging the helicopter. No matter which method was used, he was already a very good subordinate. Mo Yichen never hesitated to praise and reward employees.

Therefore, he planned it very carefully. When he returned to the company in a few days, he must reward those employees who worked hard and expelled those villains who could only do things by irregular ways.

Although there were many bad things, they had basically been solved now. Mo Yichen sighed in relief. Fortunately, these things had slowly returned to normal.

Mo Yichen walked to the window, looked at the sun that had just risen and stretched lazily. It was a new day.

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