Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 1172 - Void Beast

Chapter 1172: Void Beast

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Fang Yuan also understood that his previous entry method was not quite standard.

In other words, it was a chance coincidence.

This Final Destination of the Great Cosmological Abyss, a place that an ordinary Dao Ancestor might not even know about, was definitely not somewhere anyone could just barge into.

Even with his talent and strength, he would have needed to continue comprehending for tens of thousands of years before he could have a flash of enlightenment, touch the truth of this place, and then break in with great perseverance.

This time, it was due to the clash between the two powers of the Great Cosmological Abyss during the fight with Wang She that a direct channel opened to here.

“However, this use of the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss is one of the most superficial… It is far, far away from mastering the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss and even refining it into a Dao Fruit…”

He looked around and did not see any traces of Wang She, much to his regret.

“Hmm… my spiritual will is confined to within five kilometers. How troublesome…”

Fang Yuan picked up a stone, and the power of Dao Fruit burst out completely before finally crushing the stone into pieces.

In other universes, he could have easily turned even a planet into powder.

“The Final Destination, perhaps also the place of absolute beginning, a place that can not be known and is unspeakable… is really too mysterious!” Fang Yuan sighed as he felt the rapid elapsing of his lifespan.

At this rate, it would only take about tens of thousands of years for his life to be completely exhausted and for him to die here.

“It’s rather ironic actually… An ordinary Dao Fruit thinks that there is no road in front, yet such danger accompanies those that can truly see the path…”

The Final Destination was easy to enter but difficult to leave.

To enter required either the power of five Dao Fruits or borrowing some power of the Great Cosmological Abyss.

But there was no possibility of getting out even if you had the power of ten Dao Fruits or exploded a Great Cosmological Abyss treasure.

Therefore, this place was also the grave of all the genius Dao Ancestors!

A thought rose in Fang Yuan’s heart. “Perhaps… the Huaxia Universe or even that powerful opposing force entered his place?”

Immediately, he focused on a barren mountain and started to hurry.

“I didn’t think that… I’d feel like a mortal again after cultivating to Dao Ancestor…”

His two Dao Fruit incarnations had suffered heavy damage and would not be able to recover. And even the power of his Dream Dao Fruit was suppressed beyond recognition in the Final Destination.

Even though it was within sight, he walked for about an hour before he reached the foot of the barren mountain.

“We clearly went through the same channel, so why did Wang She disappear? And in this atmosphere, even I feel terrible danger…”

Fang Yuan had a feeling that Wang She would not die so easily.

But at this point in time, he realized that he first needed to face the problem of his survival!

At the foot of the barren mountain.

Some sliver-white shrubs stood feebly and shook faintly.

Fang Yuan slowly approached.

Roar Roar!

All of a sudden, a roar penetrated the air, and two strange beasts jumped out from the shrubs.

They resembled tigers and leopards at the same time. Their limbs were on the ground, their eyes were golden, their fangs and claws were sharp, and their fur was white like snow.

Most importantly, their bodies had the faint aura of the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss!

“Void beasts?!” Fang Yuan’s thoughts moved, and a very appropriate noun immediately came to mind.


With a gust of wind, one of the void beasts pounced forward with a platinum light condensed on its right claw.

Fang Yuan dodged to the side and punched.


His fist landed on the soft fur of the void beast and met huge resistance and elasticity. Fang Yuan had no choice but to retract his fist.

At the same time, there was tremendous wind behind him. It was the other void beast. It placed two paws on his shoulders, and its hot breath moistened the back of his neck.

The light that contained the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss made Fang Yuan realize that he would be no different from meat if bitten.

Therefore, he chose to roll forward and escape.

In an unfamiliar environment, battling to the death with fierce beasts was very unwise.

While escaping, Fang Yuan realized another problem.

Although his Dao Ancestor body was still here, his various abilities had been surpassed to a heinous point in this Final Destination.

As if overnight, a Dao Ancestor was knocked down into the mundane world and became an ordinary human with a bit of extraordinary power.

“If I want to take care of these two beasts, I first need a good saber!”

Fang Yuan’s eyes flickered with the wind below his feet.

Although he was still able to create something out of nothing, the saber he would create would be simply too fragile, and perhaps it would even break when the wind blew.

The hardness had to be at least at the Great Cosmological Abyss level for it to be of use.

“But in fact, regardless of Wang She or those two void beasts, the power carried on them isn’t actually that of the Great Cosmological Abyss… Or perhaps calling it the secondary power of the Great Cosmological Abyss is a bit more suitable?”

If the true power of the Great Cosmological Abyss only had such might that it could be offset by the power of a large number of Dao Fruits, it would be a bit too useless and not worthy of Fang Yuan’s hard pursuit.

Therefore, Fang Yuan had doubts in his heart.

The emergence of the Final Destination proved this point.

Otherwise, how could those Dao Ancestors who were Great Cosmological Abyss treasures themselves or the few who had refined Great Cosmological Abyss treasures by chance be trapped here?

“The key to cultivating the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss… seems to be on those void beasts since there is no power of the Great Cosmological Abyss in this world!”

While he was contemplating, Fang Yuan was shocked to suddenly find a human figure!

The person donning beast hides was huge and rugged, and he had a primitive, crude feel about him.

He was also taken aback when he saw Fang Yuan and the void beasts chasing him. He immediately drew his bow.


Two light arrows flashed by Fang Yuan and buried themselves in the void beasts behind him.

One of them hit the void beast between the eyes, and it dropped dead, but the second arrow only pierced the surface into the other void beast, which only infuriated it further.

“Die!” The large man lunged forward with a black pitchfork in hand.


A pillar of blood spurted as the black pitchfork stabbed right into the void beast.

The void beast struggled and roared continuously. A layer of platinum light appeared on its fur and suddenly lifted!


The pitchfork actually broke in the middle, and even the large man was sent flying to the ground.

“Lend me your saber!”

Fang Yuan saw the long saber at the waist of the large man and reminded him of it. He then rushed forward and pulled out the long saber.


A saber beam slashed along the void beast’s wound and sent half of it flying.

“Great saber skills! Great strength!” the large man praised loudly. “Where are you from? I’m Yi Bo!”

“My name is Fang Yuan!” Fang Yuan gave it a thought and took out the civilization fire seed.


The originally dying flame sensed Yi Bo’s aura and suddenly burst, emitting infinite brightness.

“The fire seed in your hand feels very familiar… Could it be the light of civilization from the Huaxia Universe outside?”

Yi Bo exclaimed in delight, “Turns out you’re a Dao Ancestor with the same origin!”

“Yeah. I arrived at the Final Destination through a chance coincidence!” Fang Yuan nodded, slightly surprised by Yi Bo’s identity, which turned out to be also a Dao Ancestor from the Huaxia Universe!

“Haha… I thought you had obtained enlightenment from the Emperor Xi Stone Tablet and came here with the help of the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss from the outside…”

Yi Bo seemed rather enthusiastic, like meeting someone from his hometown, unlike a certain arrogant Wang She.

“Emperor Xi Stone Tablet?” Fang Yuan asked in confusion.

“That is one of the treasures of our Huaxia Universe and records the existence of the Final Destination…” Yi Bo was slightly astonished. “Didn’t you see it when you returned to the Huaxia Universe after becoming a Dao Ancestor?”


“It’s a pity that this Final Destination is a place that no one can know. Once you want to leave information about it in the outside world, it will be erased immediately. Only the Emperor Xi Stone Tablet can record such information down…” Yi Bo sighed and signaled Fang Yuan over. They cut off the legs of the two void beasts and started barbequing them.

“Throughout history, the Dao Ancestors who reached this place were all dedicated to breaking through or had reached their limits… as well as some unlucky bastards who were caught in the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss! I’ve been here for four thousand years, and it’s the first time I’ve seen someone from my homeland! Come, brother, have some meat!” he said with great emotion and handed him a barbequed thigh.

Fang Yuan started to gobble it down unceremoniously.

“Eh?!” Delight flashed in his eyes immediately. He could feel a trace of the primary power of the Great Cosmological Abyss form in his body and course through his limbs and bones. Then it continued to exude before returning to nothingness.

“You feel it too, right?” Yi Bo smiled. “This is how we cultivate here! Killing strong void beasts and obtaining the primary power of the Great Cosmological Abyss in their bodies, comprehending continuously, and then finally obtaining this power!”

“Natural selection, the strong preying on the weak… is a matter of course.” Fang Yuan nodded. “But how many… successes have there been?”

Yi Bo’s expression stagnated, and he fell silent for quite some time before replying, “I’ve met more than a thousand Dao Ancestors, but I’ve never heard of anyone succeeding…”

“In that case, this place isn’t some place of hope but more like a cage?” Fang Yuan’s eyes were apprehensive.

If so many startling Dao Ancestors had not been able to find hope, then how much despair had this world brought?

“Zero in a thousand? Hasn’t been a success yet?”

“That’s right…” Yi Bo sighed. “I’ve seen a lot of Dao Ancestors in this place. Even in Dao Ancestor City, there are many peak Dao Ancestors who have the power of ten Dao Fruits, but no one can fully comprehend the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss… Perhaps… this world is a trap of the Great Cosmological Abyss against us Dao Ancestors!”

Yi Bo’s eyes turned red with a hint of resentment!

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