Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 1173 - City

Chapter 1173: City

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Fang Yuan understood Yi Bo’s anger.

Outside this place, Dao Ancestors were at the pinnacle in all universes. Their lifespans were endless, and they were figures admired by all immortals. How glorious was this scenery?

However, in this unknown Final Destination, the Dao Ancestors were knocked down to become ordinary mortals! Even their lifespans were limited now!

If they were unable to leave alive, they would only become a pile of bones!

Any resolute Dao Heart was likely to collapse under such torture, not to mention those who arrived by chance coincidence.

“Brother, I think you are miserable as well. You’re probably at the initial Dao Fruit realm, and you somehow peeped into the secret of this place and came here…” Yi Bo sighed.

He was a Dao Ancestor who had the power of three Dao Fruits, and Fang Yuan seemed to be weaker than him.

“That’s right. I met an enemy who exploded a Great Cosmological Abyss treasure… Speaking of which, this saber?”

Fang Yuan’s gaze landed on the long saber in hand.

“Haha. This saber isn’t a Great Cosmological Abyss treasure but made with local materials, Void Gold and the bone of void beasts, which are strong enough for us Dao Ancestors to use…”

Yi Bo laughed, and the worry between his brows finally disappeared. “In any case, I enjoyed the outside for billions of years and am satisfied. Even if I die here, I have no regrets… I just want to know how the current Huaxia Universe is?”

“To be honest, the Huaxia Universe is currently regressing into void. The fire seed you saw just now is its last remnant…” Fang Yuan chose to tell the truth, yet he did not see any signs of grief and anger on Yi Bo’s face.

There was only acceptance and calm.

“Well, life still goes on. Even Dao Ancestors die, so what else can be eternal?” Yi Bo sighed. “And our Huaxia civilization really isn’t the universe but all the people who have immersed in its civilization. Aren’t you the best example?”

“That’s right! But do you know who the enemy we faced was?” Fang Yuan finally asked the question that had been in his mind.

“When I was outside this place, I had never seen any Dao Ancestor that could compete with those from the Huaxia Universe…” Yi Bo said with some confusion.

And this point made Fang Yuan clearly understand that the flow of time in this place was very different from outside.

Perhaps one day here meant that trillions of years had passed outside. Only then could Dao Ancestors age so cruelly.

“However… I might be wrong!” Yi Bo seemed to think of something but immediately smiled wryly and shook his head.

Seeing this, Fang Yuan thought of something.

If the Huaxia Universe was truly the strongest, then the force that could defeat it might not have come from the outside, but from… within!

Internal strife? Or a fraction that split up long ago? Fang Yuan inwardly guessed and smiled suddenly. But this has nothing to do with me. The most important thing for me now is to recuperate!

His strength was at its lowest now, and only his main body was intact. Both his Creator Dao Fruit and Great Destruction Dao Fruit were seriously damaged. The power of the Great Cosmological Abyss in them was difficult to remove, and it was difficult for him to use their powers as well.

Fortunately, there was some secondary power of the Great Cosmological Abyss that he could use in this Final Destination.

According to his estimates, Fang Yuan needed only to consume the meat of a few more void beasts and guide the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss to his injuries, which would roughly offset the original power and restore him to his peak strength of five Dao Fruits.

According to Yi Bo, there are Dao Ancestors with the power of ten Dao Fruits in Dao Ancestor City. Those with five Dao Fruits are roughly at the level of a small expert…

“Brother Yi Bo, where is Dao Ancestor City?” Fang Yuan asked after making up his mind.

“You want to go to Dao Ancestor City? It’s as dangerous as a dragon’s pool or a tiger’s den there…” Yi Bo was startled. “Why not be like me and live in the peaceful wilderness?”

This Dao Ancestor had obviously given up on any hope of improving and was simply living his time out.

“Sorry, but I don’t want to keep staying here. Moreover, I have a grudge waiting for me to solve!” Fang Yuan looked far away, his eyes somewhat sharp.

“All right…” Yi Bo smiled helplessly. “Since you want to go to Dao Ancestor City, I won’t stop you. But please accept this saber, Brother.

“Void Gold and the bones of void beasts are common things. It just takes some time to refine them. We’re from the same homeland, so there’s no need to stand on the ceremony,” he explained quickly, seemingly afraid that Fang Yuan would reject.

After a pause, he continued, “There’s also a place belonging to our Huaxia Universe in Dao Ancestor City. If you meet with some trouble there, you can announce your identity, and it might be of some help to you.”

“Thank you for your advice, Big Brother!” Fang Yuan solemnly cupped his hands and bowed. Then he took the long saber and barbecued meat with him and followed Yi Bo’s directions to head to Dao Ancestor City.

Many days later.

“Is that… Dao Ancestor City?”

Fang Yuan had also changed into beast hide clothes and was slightly amazed as he looked at the black city not far away.

Although the city walls might only be ten meters tall and seemed no different from the most common broken cities in the human world, Fang Yuan knew what kind of strength was required to build a city in this Final Destination.

In addition, there was a remarkable brilliance on the city walls, which were signs of protective arrays.

Such a feat outside the Great Cosmological Abyss could only be accomplished by a supreme Array Dao grandmaster.

“But… I’ve finally recovered to my peak state as well..”

Fang Yuan looked at the haul behind him with some emotion.

During his time in the wilderness, he had first found a place to hide and consume the two void beasts to finally expel the wounds inflicted by the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss on his Dao Fruits, returning to peak state.

The power of five Dao Fruits in this place would make him a small expert. With the aid of the saber, he finally rose above the fate of escaping when he encountered void beasts.

On his way here, he had killed and consumed quite a number of lone void beasts.

However, Fang Yuan could not find any way of retaining the secondary power of the Great Cosmological Abyss in his body no matter how hard he tried, let alone refining it.

“This road might be tough, but I have to continue on…”

Fang Yuan clenched his fists, somewhat helpless.

He also discovered a unique characteristic about this Final Destination. He could not materialize any power other than the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss.

Therefore, the Dao Ancestors here became stronger mortals, and it was extremely difficult to use their magical powers.

After recovering, he tried to use a couple of his magical powers, but it was immensely difficult and had huge consumption.

“Actually, it seems like using magical powers here requires the consumption of my lifespan… I might be young and have a long way ahead of me, but I can’t waste it.”

While lost in thought, Fang Yuan reached the entrance of Dao Ancestor City.

At the quiet city gate, there were two Dao Ancestors, seeming like gate gods. “A void pill for entry into the city!”

Unexpectedly, there’s an entrance fee even in this place! Fang Yuan rolled his eyes. “What is a void pill?”

“Seems like you’ve never been to Dao Ancestor City since you don’t know what it is… A void pill is a pill created by an almighty among the Dao Ancestors. It retains the essence of a void beast’s flesh. A void pill is equal to a pound of void beast meat and can be stored for a long time…”

The black-faced Dao Ancestor on the left glanced at Fang Yuan’s harvest. “If you don’t have a void pill, then you have to turn in the flesh of void beasts. Two pounds!”

Fang Yuan frowned but did not object. He paid and entered the city.

There was no one on the streets and no stores, but there were a lot of stone houses and cave abodes, looking like a dead city.

“That’s right. There are very few Dao Ancestors in the first place and even fewer who can enter the Final Destination, perhaps less than ten thousand of us in total. Although Dao Ancestor City is the only city in the Final Destination, how many Dao Ancestors live here? A thousand?”

A population of a thousand in the context of a mortal country was probably less than one percent of a city and could at most count as a small village.

Therefore, it was within reason that it was so quiet.

“Fellow Daoist, are you new to the city?”

While Fang Yuan was walking around, a fat and fair Dao Ancestor came over with a smile. “Xu Junzi at your humble service and willing to guide Fellow Daoist!”

“Many thanks! It’s my first time here, and there are many things I’ve yet to understand. For example, where is the place of exchange in this city?”

“Haha… At our realm, any method can be comprehended. There are so many of us gathered here, so what is there that we won’t know? However, each of us will have things we’re good at and bad at. You can know a thing or two by looking at the inscriptions in front of the cave abodes, and meetings are held from time to time in the city for us to make exchanges.”

Xu Junzi smiled. “In addition, the city organizes a hunt every now and then. It’s safer than hunting by yourself, and you can exchange your haul for void pills, which are much more convenient no matter whether you store them or trade them…”

“I happen to need a place to exchange my haul!” Fang Yuan nodded slightly.

“If you’re willing to exchange at the rate of two pounds to one void pill, I can exchange with you.” Xu Junzi’s smile grew even bigger.

“All right, let’s do it!” Fang Yuan knew the other party was going to profit, but he let it slip because he had hunted these catches on the way anyway.

Xu Junzi quickly brought Fang Yuan to a cave abode at lightning speed, took out a green gourd, poured the pills into it, and gave it to Fang Yuan.

“Here. A total of 108 void pills. They’re yours now!”

Fang Yuan relaxed, finally ridding himself of his burden. He held a void pill to his eyes and took a close look.

This void pill was crystal clear like glazed glass, with a hint of platinum light flickering in the middle.

He gave it some thought before swallowing it. Sure enough, there was secondary power of the Great Cosmological Abyss rising and disappearing gradually. However, it was different from the effect produced by eating a pound of meat.

“Turning the secondary power of the Great Cosmological Abyss in the void beasts into void pills… doesn’t seem to be too difficult…”

Fang Yuan’s eyes sparkled as an idea popped into his mind.

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