Dark Blood Age

Chapter 634 - Star Map

Chapter 634: Chapter 634 Star Map

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The sound of the giant spherical head was very unique. Just now it was a man’s voice, then it turned into a woman’s voice all of sudden, then the voice of an elderly, a child, etc. It was just a short sentence, but it was said by many different people with many different accents.

Not only that, but the accent of the Nanjing dialect was also very obvious. Chu Yunsheng was a person who had seen many strange things, and Min had the ability to gain human knowledge by swallowing humans. It seemed that the huge head of slimy ice had this kind of ability as well.

“Who are you!? Why are you here?”

Chu Yunsheng gathered his energy secretly, preparing for a fight. While holding on to the flaming sword, he asked again, whether the giant head was intelligent or not, he shouldn’t let his guard down.

He stood at the deserted street exit, not moving. But the giant head slowly rolled before him and looked at him closely.

“What do you think I am?” The eyes of the giant head were lit up with a very excited expression, but it soon regretted and quickly kept a straight face, seemingly not wanting to reveal its excitement to Chu Yunsheng.

“I don’t know. Some kind of monster” Chu Yunsheng couldn’t help but said in disdain.

“Watch your tongue!” The head’s mouth was wrinkled. It seemed to be very angry. It looked at Chu Yunsheng and then said arrogantly, “can you not tell that actually, I am also a Descender!”

It especially emphasized the word “actually”, and the expression in its eyes also looked very strange, as if it was trying to pretend to be mysterious. Chu Yunsheng didn’t know what it meant, and he also didn’t want to waste time playing a game with it, so he just asked straightforwardly, “what is Descender?”

The mysterious expression on the giant head froze for a moment, its eyes widened a bit in shock, and then made a weird look of contemplation, “hmmm… so it is this… Unexpectedly, what happened to you is much worse than me… I just lost my body, but you don’t even remember what Descender is… Alas, poor you. poor you….”

If it weren’t for the fact that he had just witnessed the giant head use sound to attract figures and floating monsters and swallow them cruelly, with its current tone and expression, it might really make people think that it was a compassionate creature.

Or maybe its sympathy was limited to the identity of Descender. For example, now, just after saying that compassionately, it pulled a struggling figure from the top of his head and stuffed it into its long mouth, and began to chew it like he was eating a chip. The person’s two legs were still struggling very hard in its mouth.

Chu Yunsheng naturally didn’t remember anything, because he didn’t even know what Descender was. The giant head mistook him as someone else, but it wasn’t completely wrong. Perhaps because of Pseudo-Monolith, he suddenly had an idea and asked, “You also came in from outside?”

The giant head still looked at Chu Yunsheng with a very sympathetic look, as if it was sighing for Chu Yunsheng’s ‘naiveness’: “Alas, Poor you… Didn’t I say that I was a Descender… Descender naturally came from somewhere else… What a poor guy, you have forgotten everything…”

Although Chu Yunsheng had already guessed this, he was still shocked when he heard it from someone. Because earlier on it was just a guess, and he had no proof for it. But now, the giant head’s words were exactly the proof. Did this mean that there were other people in the Pseudo-Monolith as well?

He didn’t have much basic information about the Pseudo-Monolith. What Tan Ning told him was very limited, but now, he had a very good opportunity in front of him. He must seize it and get something useful out of this head’s mouth: “I forgot a lot, but since we are both Descenders, we should help each other.”

Chu Yunsheng didn’t know if the Descenders were following some kind of rules, just like the insects following the Book Of Insect, but he still wanted to try his luck.

However, he didn’t expect that the giant head would laugh, “haha, yes, we are both descenders…but you have forgotten everything, why should I help you?”

Seeing that it didn’t work, Chu Yunsheng’s face also sank, “if I am not wrong, your situation is not much better, and you are trapped here too!?”

The head sneered disdainfully: “Did I say that I was trapped here? I just lost my body, but I have figured out a way. You see that I have grown my head now, and I will grow my body, hands, and feet in the future. I will have my body back to normal, and that day won’t be far away now.”

Chu Yunsheng couldn’t find many things to refute it because he knew there was too little information. He could only try to speculate with limited knowledge after entering the blue bubble: “is that so? How long did it take you to grow this head? Let me guess, probably a number that you don’t want to experience again, and how long do you think it is going to take you to grow your body back? Probably a number that is much longer than the time you need to grow your head!”

The head’s face twitched a little as if Chu Yunsheng had just poked its weakness. However, probably it didn’t want to talk about this much, it just snorted and then ignored Chu Yunsheng’s refutation.

Judging by its expression, Chu Yunsheng estimated that the length of time would not be enough to make it talk. He needed to find its other weakness.

But what would its fatal weakness be? Chu Yunsheng suddenly had an idea. Thinking about Pi Yan’s “soul”, he thought of another possibility, so he said using a very stern tone, “moreover, the ‘food’ you need to grow your body is simply not enough. There are not so many people and floating monsters in this city to grow your body.”

The giant head was stunned for a moment. Its expression was noticed by Chu Yunsheng, but Chu Yunsheng didn’t give it any chance to respond and immediately said again, “And! Don’t forget that I am also a Descender. Although I have forgotten a lot of things, I still know about my own things!”

“Okay, you’re right, I’m also stuck here.” The head finally said gloomily.

Chu Yunsheng heaved a sigh of relief and smiled and said: “Since everyone is trapped here, let’s find a way together.”

“You got any ideas?” it looked at Chu Yunsheng while pounding some disobedient figures and floating monsters in its head with its slender hands, and said, full of interest.

Chu Yunsheng laughed and said: “If I have any idea, do I still need your help? But two of us just complement each other, you don’t have a body, I don’t have a memory, and together we may be able to find a way! Now you have to tell me the ins and outs and let me know what is going on before we can figure out something. Also, don’t drag that person, yes, the one in front of your head, I want to use him to do some things, can you spit it out?”

That person was Pi Yan. When talking, Chu Yunsheng has been staring at him. While negotiating with the giant head, he was also looking for opportunities to save him, and now was the time.

However, the head was so stingy that it shook its head repeatedly, and said, “No, no, I have spent a lot of effort to capture them! You can talk about other conditions, but not this one.”

Chu Yunsheng pretended to be angry: “having him won’t help you, releasing him won’t kill you. But if I don’t have him, I can’t do many things. Do you still want to get out or not?”

The head smiled, and its eyes emit shrewd gleams, “Don’t you think about fooling me, even if I give it to you, you can’t take it out of the bridge exit. It is dead for the world inside and it doesn’t exist for the world outside.”

Chu Yunsheng frowned, there was too much information contained in the giant head’s words, but the information was not very detailed, so it was very hard to digest it. Seeing Pi Yan would not be eaten by the giant head soon, he also stopped talking about it. Instead, he wanted to figure out what was going on first and what was the giant head’s fatal weakness.

So he changed the topic and said, “I don’t remember the things you said. You have to tell me some more details, what is the bridge exit? What’s going on with the blue bubble deep in the edge of the city? How is the world inside different from here? … Wait, if you don’t make it clear, I won’t accept your explanations.”

The head sighed strangely: “this is a long story. Do you have cigarettes? I know they have a thing called cigarettes. A lot of people like it, and some people even still think about it before they die, a bunch of truly inferior creatures.”

Chu Yunsheng couldn’t figure out its chaotic logic. Since it thought that smoking was a bad habit of inferior creatures, why would it want it? But he didn’t say much. He took one out of his pocket, lit it up, and then gave it to it. Seeing it was holding it with its slender hand and then moving it towards its huge mouth, he really didn’t know how it was going to smoke it.

The giant head took a small puff curiously. Its movement was clumsy, and the smoke and fire of the cigarette were naturally not compatible with its icy head, so after taking a small puff, it frowned in disgust, “what the hell is this shit! I really shouldn’t believe these inferior creatures.”

Chu Yunsheng frowned, and said in a deep voice: “Okay, now, let’s talk about my questions.”

The head spat out a big barrel of saliva, and said gloomily: “the place we are standing right now is the bridge exit. What Rainbow Bridge is, is really time-consuming to explain it to you. If you look up at the sky, I will show it to you.”

Chu Yunsheng raised his head, the sky was covered with condensed ice crystals, like the world under the water. The ice elemental power of the giant head was indeed very good. Without any difficulties, it pointed its fingers to the sky and used the sky as paper and the ice crystals as a pen, outlined a giant star map.

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