Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife

Chapter 13 – Internal Conflict

Internal Conflict

Along that line of thinking, she turned slightly to look towards Chen shi, “Mother Chen, A-Heng with father will wish for you to get well. No matter what, I will make sure father always remembers the favor the Chen family did for him that year.” See how just I can be.

“Enough!” Feng Jin Yuan could not bear to hear any more. In reality, his house was not a wealthy one with a long history in the capital. That year, he truly did his best on the imperial exam and was the top scorer. Since then, he found success in the royal court with few set backs. The result is his family’s current standing.

What Feng Yu Heng said was not wrong. Around the time of the imperial exam, the Feng family was struggling financially. There was no way they could afford to help him with his studies. Hailing from the same village, the Chen merchant family’s only daughter requested they aid him financially. As a result, he could participate in the imperial exam. Chen shi had also stayed behind in the village to take care of the elderly woman for many years. However, after he became the top scorer of the exam, he went and married the imperial physician’s daughter, Yao shi.

This was a debt the Feng family owed the Chen family. But in the end, didn’t he raise Chen shi to the position of first wife. Could it be that this debt could never be paid off?

“Things from the past should not be brought up again!”

Hearing these words, Chen shi lost it. “Husband, what do you mean? Could it be that the aid my Chen family provided to the Feng family was not real?”

“I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Then what did you mean?” Chen shi was unrelenting. Her will to fight returned in an instant.

Feng Yu Heng held on to her mother and brother in anticipation of an entertaining scene. However, counter to her expectations, someone was not so foolish as to allow such a script.

Seeing that the situation was devolving, Feng Chen Yu covered her mother’s mouth then turned to Feng Yu Heng and said, “Little sister A-Heng, how could you call my mother, concubine-mother? What do you mean by such words? These words have angered her to the point of confusion.” While saying this, she secretly pinched Chen shi. “Mother, little sister A-Heng just returned to the manor and is not knowledgeable of etiquette. It seems that she needs more teaching in the future.”

Yao shi had long been stunned by the way Feng Yu Heng had said concubine-mother Chen. Now that Feng Chen Yu had brought it up, Yao shi could only kneel and accept punishment.

Feng Yu Heng firmly kept her upright. No matter what, she would not allow her to kneel.

Yao shi was so anxious she began to tremble and quietly begged Feng Yu Heng: “A-Heng, we just returned to the manor. You cannot act like this.”

Feng Yu Heng’s face had an ice-cold smile as she turned and bowed to Chen shi. “A-Heng was wrong. Apologies to con-… mother Chen. It’s just that I had been habituated to calling you concubine-mother. It’s not easy to change this so quickly.”

Chen shi was fuming and wanted to reply. Hearing this, the old woman violently brought down her cane. “All of you are becoming more and more unreasonable! The first wife is not acting like a first wife should! The daughter of a concubine is not acting like the daughter of a concubine! My Feng family’s rules and customs, are they just for show?”

Chen shi held her injured hand. Her face adorned with tears, she pitifully cried, “Mother-in-law! You must help take responsibility for daughter-in-law!”

“Take responsibility?” The old woman glared at Chen shi. She had never liked this daughter-in-law. If the Yao family weren’t implicated in a crime forcing the Feng family to respond, she would never have allowed Chen shi to become the first wife. “Tell me, how do you want me to help you take responsibility?”

Chen shi’s eyes spun and looked towards Feng Yu Heng, “That year, a person came forward and said this girl is an evil spirit. After we sent her away, the manor was peaceful for these few years. But the moment she returned, look at the disturbance she has caused. How can we allow such an evil spirit to remain in the manor!”

“Madam!” Yao shi became furious. “How can A-Heng be an evil spirit. Those were the mad words of a mad man!”

“Then how do you explain the events of today?” Chen shi presented her arm for all to see. “This girl harbors an evil will. This is something known by all. As I see it, she should be sent to a temple outside town.”

Having heard of the evil spirits mentioned three years ago, the old woman pondered deeply for a while. Those present in the hall became silent.

During the silence, a servant came running in. Huddled close to Feng Jin Yuan, the servant whispered something in to his ears. Within a short span of time, Feng Jin Yuan’s expressionless face displayed a multitude of expressions.

Without delay, the servant retreated. Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand and gave an order to the servants: “Escort concubine Yao, second young miss and second young master back to the Willow courtyard. The servants will listen to all matters, including food, clothing and expenses, will be done according to the concubine-mother.”

“What?” Chen shi instantly became enraged. In a couple steps, she stood before Feng Jin Yuan. “Husband, what are you saying?”

Feng Jin Yuan shook off the hand that held his wrist and repeated. “I said, to let Yao shi bring A-Heng and Zi Rui to settle in Willow courtyard.”

“Absolutely not!” Chen shi was basically shrieking, “If they stay at the manor, what will come of my Chen Yu?”

Feng Chen Yu swiftly covered Chen shi’s mouth. She knew what Chen shi meant. If Feng Yu Heng remained in the manor, then the marriage would not be hers. While it was that way in theory, the reality might differ.

“Mother, regardless of who is in the manor, Chen Yu is still the daughter of the first wife. This point will not change.” Given the situation, it sounded better when the daughter of the first wife said it.

Of course, Feng Jin Yuan knew the hidden meaning behind Chen shi’s words. Yet Feng Chen Yu salvaged it in a gratifying manner without disorder. He had not wasted his time raising this daughter. No matter what she did, it brought a feeling of satisfaction.

“Yes.” He nodded. “Chen Yu is my Feng family’s daughter to the first wife. This fact will never change.” While saying this, his eyes looked toward Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng also looked towards him. Her eyes were not like Feng Chen Yu’s slightly drowsy yet dazzling eyes. Instead, her eyes were quick and profound. With just a look, he could not fathom the depth behind her eyes.

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