Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife

Chapter 41 – A-Heng Offers a Treasure

A-Heng Offers a Treasure

Wang Chuan did not embarrass her and instead answered in her stead: “Responding to master, it is like this, last night, the second young master suddenly fell ill. This morning, the head wife sent for the court physician to come take a look. The physician personally prepared a prescription and had a servant bring it to Willow courtyard. But Jin Zhen girl ran over saying that the medicine sent was the wrong one. This cup of medicine is a supplement the head wife prepared for master. Second young miss did not wish to delay, so she quickly told this servant to go with Jin Zhen girl to deliver it.”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded. So that’s what happened. He then chastised Jin Zhen: “How could you be so careless? You will receive punishment when you return to the head wife’s side.” But towards Wang Chuan, he acted as though he had not heard any mention of Feng Zi Rui’s illness. He did not ask a single question, nor did he even mention it.

Wang Chuan sneered internally. She could only sigh at how weak the family relations were in the Feng manor. Although the second young master was the son of a concubine, since there were only two sons in Feng manor, both should be doted on. Yet, as a father, Feng Jin Yuan held such an attitude. It truly was bitterly disappointing.

“Bring it over.” Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand, and Wang Chuan rose and moved forward, putting the medicine on the desk.

Feng Jin Yuan seemed quite accustomed to drinking this sort of supplement sent by his wives. Taking this to be the same as usual, he did not even look before tilting his head back and downing it.

Jin Zhen subconsciously called out: “Master-” Feng Jin Yuan froze for a moment, then placed the cup heavily on the table, exclaiming: “More and more disorderly!”

Wang Chuan retreated a few steps and bowed towards Feng Jin Yuan: “It seems Jin Zhen girl must have something she wants to say to the master, so this servant will be retiring first.”

Feng Jin Yuan stuffily hmphed. If Jin Zhen had something to say, then didn’t that mean Chen shi had something to say? He really did not have a shred of love for the current head wife. The only reason he kept her in the head wife position was that the Feng family still needed the wealth provided by the Chen family to make ends meet. Furthermore, it was to keep Chen Yu in her position as daughter of the first wife.

Feng Jin Yuan faced Wang Chuan and waved his hand: “Then you may leave!”

Wang Chuan retreated while bowing, her gaze containing a hint of a sly look. Until she exited the room, she did not forget to close the door behind her.

The servant, who was keeping watch outside, saw her exit. He look a glance inside then asked her: “Jin Zhen girl is still inside?”

Wang Chuan responded: “It seemed that Jin Zhen girl had something to say to the master. It must be something the head wife wishes to say.”

The servant did not feel anything and escorted Wang Chuan out.

While the medicine was being delivered, Feng Yu Heng, with Qing Yu in tow, was headed towards Shu Ya courtyard.

As she left, she picked out a suet Hetian jade thumb ring. Also, from within her pharmacy, she pulled out a medical plaster used for slipped lumbar discs.

She understood that this thumb ring was precious, but it was not all that rare. The matriarch would definitely like it, but it would not be the best possible result. As for the medical plasters from the 21st century, they were truly hard to find in this world.

Of the reasons Feng Yu Heng chose to send gifts to Shu Ya courtyard at this time, one was because this morning, Chen shi had told her that she must give something. The second reason was the ultimate goal of this trip.

“Has everything been sorted?” She asked Qing Yu.

Qing Yu nodded, “Second young miss, do not worry. The head wife is indeed currently at Shu Ya courtyard. Not only is the head wife present, but the third concubine mother and fourth concubine mother, along with the three young miss are there.”

“Very good.” She sneered. Straightening her clothes, she raised her head and found that Shu Ya courtyard was already before her.

At this time, Shu Ya courtyard was very lively. Chen shi’s roaring laughter could be heard from very far away. She laughed as she spoke: “If mother-in-law likes, then I will have my third brother think of a way to find another piece of suet jade. I heard that stuff is brought in to the palace every year. If we can find a thumb ring for mother-in-law, then that would be very impressive!”

The matriarch laughingly responded: “Then I will trouble you.”

Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes. It seemed that the matriarch really had no standpoint. To make it sound bad, the one that suckles her is her mother. Whoever gives her nice things is who she will favor.

Since it was like this, it was perfect. She clutched the box containing the thumb ring and plastered a smile on her face.

“Oh! Who is this?” Chen shi’s throat truly pulled off a miracle. Listening to it was more charming than Han shi’s and made people’s legs weak. In the end, it’s something a concubine would do. She would constantly make use of this ability that she could not help but show off. Sadly, she was only good to listen to. Her face was something that must not be seen. “Well if it isn’t A-Heng. Tell me, what should I call you? Princess Yu?”

Chen shi’s mood was very good today, Feng Yu Heng thought. It was eighty percent likely that she thought Feng Zi Rui had drank that medicine, and she was simply waiting for the play to begin.

Thinking of a child like Zi Rui drinking that medicine, even if he didn’t die, he would become a shell. Even more so when it was an embarrassing kind of medicine. If Zi Rui fell ill, ignoring the grievous bodily injury, it’s possible that an entire life wouldn’t erase this dark spot.

Feng Yu Heng didn’t even acknowledge Chen shi, instead she imposingly advanced and bowed towards the matriarch: “Granddaughter pays respects to grandmother.”

Chen shi’s sharp voice came again: “What respects! It’s way past the hour for paying respects. If you have the heart for that, why not come earlier?”

Feng Yu Heng feigned surprise: “Mother, weren’t you at Willow courtyard this morning? Zi Rui fell ill, and mother said for A-Heng and concubine mother Yao to properly take care of him. You said that you would personally take care of grandmother.”

Chen shi’s words got stuck in her throat. Her going to Willow courtyard was known by all. If she refuted Feng Yu Heng’s words right now, then it would be like saying she did not care for the children of concubines. Clearly knowing that one was ill, yet still not allowing Feng Yu Heng and Yao shi remain to look after him.

But she truly did not say it!

Chen shi was not reconciled, so she opened her mouth to speak once more, but Chen Yu was first to speak: “Mother has been worried the entire time about little brother Rui’s illness. She also worried that grandmother would worry if she heard about it, so she did not dare speak of it. I hope second sister will not blame her.”

With a few words, she placed another target on Feng Yu Heng’s back that made the matriarch upset.

Feng Yu Heng remained unmoved and only faced the matriarch with an apologetic smile: “It was A-Heng who misspoke.”

How could the matriarch act the same way she had yesterday with Feng Yu Heng. She currently eagerly desired to spend time doting on her granddaughter. And she eagerly desired for Feng Yu Heng to show her more of her smiling face.

“It’s fine. It’s fine. There’s no need for A-Heng to blame yourself.” She then gestured for her to come closer, “Quickly come, sit in front of grandmother.”

Seeing the matriarch reach out her hand, Feng Yu Heng advanced two steps and placed her small hand in her grandmother’s. Then, pulling on the soft chair beside her, she sat down. After waiting a while, she did not see the matriarch ask a word about Zi Rui’s situation.

Perhaps seeing that Feng Yu Heng’s facial expression was not good, An shi’s mind was clear. How could she not understand why Feng Yu Heng was disappointed. She may as well take the initiative and speak up: “Second young miss, has the second young master’s illness improved at all?”

Seeing An shi ask, the matriarch was a little embarrassed and asked a follow-up question: “How is Zi Rui? Is it serious? Have you called a doctor?”

Feng Chen Yu also had a concerned look and asked: “The court physician in the manor is quite well known. Second sister, have you called for him?”

Feng Yu Heng was waiting for the mention of the doctor. Without raising her head, she stealthily sent a glance towards Han shi. She saw that she was feigning ignorance while messing around with her fingernails, but in reality she was quite nervous. As for Chen shi, she rolled her small eyes and curled her lips in to a sneer.

Feng Yu Heng sneered then spoke: “Responding to grandmother, he’s seen a doctor.” Then looked again at Chen Yu: “It was this morning when mother brought doctor Xu to Willow courtyard.”

Hearing doctor Xu, Chen Yu’s face sank a little. No one else could tell the difference, but it did not escape Feng Yu Heng’s watchful eyes.

Even Han shi stopped fiddling with her finger nails. Chen shi also quieted down, wanting to hear if Feng ZI Rui had drank that medicine.

It seemed that everyone was waiting for Feng Yu Heng to continue speaking, but she was not one to follow the desires of others. Suddenly changing the topic, she took out the small wooden box in her hands and placed it in front of the matriarch: “It really is quite the coincidence. When I just entered the courtyard, I heard mother talk about finding a piece of suet jade to make grandmother a thumb ring. It seems grandmother really is destined for suet jade. Please look-”

She opened the box, as everyone stretched their necks looking in their direction. Inside the wooden box was a small suet thumb ring. The jade was smooth and comfortable without any sign of flaws. At a glance, it was incomparably smooth and fine. It appeared as if it were the freshly cut fat from a fat lamb, with a shine like condensed oil.

The matriarch stared blankly then saw Feng Yu Heng respectfully place the ring on her thumb.

“So beautiful!” Fen Dai exclaimed, “I have never seen such a perfectly beautiful piece of jade before.”

Xiang Rong also nodded her head and quietly said: “I worry that no piece of suet jade that enters the palace is in as good a condition as this?”

Feng Yu Heng saw the desired results and handed the wooden box in her hands to granny Zhao. Then pulling on the matriarch’s hand, she said: “If grandmother likes it, then it’s good. It means that A-Heng choosing a gift for grandmother early in the morning was not in vain.”

The matriarch now felt it was exceedingly wise to have brought this granddaughter back from the mountains in the Northwest. She patted Feng Yu Heng’s hand repeatedly, pondering a way to keep her close by: “At that time, when you were forced to leave the manor, I originally was quite unhappy. These years, I spoke of you often in front of your father. Finally, your father took this mother’s old age in to consideration, only then did he welcome you back.”

Feng Yu Heng almost spit from laughing. This old woman really was good! For her own benefit, she threw out her own son. Wasn’t this just saying “Your father originally did not want to bring you back, but it’s thanks to him giving me face.”

She brought a hand up to cover her smile and replied after a long while: “Yes, A-Heng will definitely remember grandmother’s favor.” As she spoke, she brought out the medical plaster she had prepared beforehand. Immediately, the hall was filled with the unique smell of the medical plaster.

Chen shi covered her nose, and voiced her annoyance: “What is this? It has a weird smell! Quickly get rid of it!”

Feng Yu Heng sheepishly looked at Chen shi: “But… this is a medical plaster for grandmother’s waist pain!”

The matriarch’s eyes perked up, then she fiercely glared at Chen shi: “Do you not want for me to get well? Or is it that you’re hoping for me to one day be stuck in bed from pain? Could it be that you’re the only one with a voice that matters in this manor?”

Seeing the matriarch was angry, Feng Chen Yu quickly set to work again: “Things related to medicine, it would be best to be a little more cautious. Mother is worried for grandmother.” As she spoke, she turned to ask Feng Yu Heng: “Second sister, this medical plasters, where do they come from? Did you leave the manor?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head: “I have no left the manor since I returned. These are from a Persian eccentric I met in the mountains to the Northwest. They are very precious. They are the best for treating grandmother’s illness.”

“Since that is the case, grandmother may wish to give it a try.” Feng Chen Yu finally extinguished the anger with great difficulty, and directed the conversation towards getting the matriarch treated.

The matriarch stuffily hmphed, no longer caring for Chen shi, instead finding interest in the medical plasters Feng Yu Heng held in her hands. Sniffing the air again, she found that it was no longer as pungent as when it was first brought out. After smelling it for a while, it instead had a cooling feeling.

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