Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife

Chapter 42 – Mad Dog Head Wife

Mad Dog Head Wife

“This was given to you by a Persian eccentric?” In this era, Persian eccentrics really were a mystical species. Feng Yu Heng threw out this pretext, and the item in her hand immediately became grand: “The items from a Persian eccentric are hard to find even for the palace. A-Heng really has good fortune.”

“Grandmother is the one with good fortune.” Feng Yu Heng handed the medical plasters to granny Zhao: “Granny please take care of then. Tonight, after grandmother has taken her bath, place it directly on the skin over where the pain is. On the next day at the same time, remove the previous plaster and apply a new one.”

Granny Zhao listened very carefully and also seriously asked: “Apply only one plaster each time?”

Feng Yu Heng explained: “If the area of pain is too large, then apply another. There should be enough for seven full days. After seven days, if nothing unexpected happens, then grandmother’s waist pain should be better. At least it will not appear again this year.”

As she spoke, she cutely looked upward towards the matriarch: “Grandmother, do not worry. In the future, A-Heng will think of ways to treat your waist pain.”

The matriarch was touched. Holding Feng Yu Heng in her arms, she said: “Good girl, truly a good girl.”

Their side continued to be lively, but on the other side, Han shi’s curiosity could not longer be controlled, as she eagerly asked: “After seeing the doctor, did the second young master drink the medicine?”

Chen shi was also interested in this topic and immediately looked towards Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng still had her head buried in the matriarch’s waist, so the smile her lips formed went unseen by all.

Counting the time, she felt that Wang Chuan’s side should be about done, so she pulled herself from the matriarch’s waist and turned to look towards Chen shi, “Right, I still wanted to speak to mother on the matter of the medicine.”

Chen shi shook her head unnaturally, “What did you want to speak with me about?”

“About the medicine! This morning, after doctor Xu prescribed a medicine, mother had Jin Zhen girl remain to oversee the prescription. You said to use high quality herbs.”

Hearing her say this, the matriarch nodded with satisfaction, “Un, this is something the head wife of the family should do.”

Feng Yu Heng continued: “Then, that doctor Xu said he would personally prepare the medicine, so we were quite happy. After the medicine was prepared, a servant girl from the guest courtyard sent it over, but before we could give it to Zi Rui, Jin Zhen girl ran back insisting that they had sent the wrong medicine. She begged me to allow her to take the medicine away.”

The matriarch frowned: “Even a simple cup of medicine can be delivered incorrectly. Just what are the servants doing?”

Chen shi could tell something was wrong and asked in a sharp voice: “You said that Jin Zhen took the medicine away?”

“Un.” Feng Yu Heng nodded, “She said that medicine had been sent incorrectly. She said that it was originally prepared by mother for father to drink, and this daughter had to give it to her. Mother knows, A-Heng had followed maternal grandfather around and read many medical books at a young age. With careful examination, the contents of that cup of medicine could be determined in part. Indeed, that cup of medicine truly should have been sent to father, so A-Heng agreed with Jin Zhen girl bringing it to father. At that time, Jin Zhen girl had run all the way to Willow courtyard and was already very fatigued. A-Heng feared that she would spill some of the medicine, so I sent my servant to help her deliver it. Thinking about it, she should be returning now.”

Chen shi stood straight up. Because she had overexerted herself, the chair she sat on flipped over.

As for Han shi, who sat beside her, she let out a sigh of relief and quickly glanced at Feng Yu Heng, covering a smile.

The matriarch was frightened by Chen shi, and she brought the cane in her hand fiercely down on the ground, loudly exclaiming: “Have you no respect for the rules? What is it that you’re trying to do?”

Feng Yu Heng apologized to the matriarch on one side and tried to reign in Chen shi on the other: “Mother, please calm down. Mother, what’s wrong? Could it be that you’re feeling unwell?”

Outside, returning from Pine courtyard and looking for Feng Yu Heng, Wang Chuan arrived.

Feng Yu Heng waved to Wang Chuan and said: “Wang Chuan, did the medicine Jin Zhen girl needed to deliver make it? Did father drink it?”

Wang Chuan advanced and first saluted the matriarch. The matriarch naturally recognized that this was a servant sent by Prince Yu’s contingent yesterday, so she could not help but be polite: “Quickly rise. Look at that small face, you truly were born beautiful.”

Wang Chuan bowed again: “Many thanks for the matriarch’s praise.” Then she responded to Feng Yu Heng’s questions: “Responding to the second young miss, this servant has accompanied Jin Zhen girl in delivering the medicine to the master at Pine courtyard. The master has also drank it, but…”

“But what?” Feng Yu Heng’s face was visibly curious, then she looked further back: “Jin Zhen girl did not return with you?”

Wang Chuan replied: “She did not. After the master drank the medicine, Jin Zhen girl still had something to say to the master, so master allowed this servant to retire first.”

Chen shi suddenly spoke out. With a wave of her hand, she shook off Chen Yu. Both her hands clenched in to tight fists, only two words escaped her gritted teeth: “Jin Zhen!”

At this time in Pine courtyard within Feng Jin Yuan’s study, Feng Jin Yuan held Jin Zhen without falling or accident. The ink that had been prepared overflowed from the ink slab and covered the entirety of the high quality paper. Some drops also fell on Jin Zhen’s face.

Having consumed the medicine, how could Feng Jin Yuan still display a tender affection for women. His consciousness had already started becoming blurry. The pitiful Jin Zhen’s delicate body was worn down so much that she could not even spare the energy to beg for mercy.

Watching the door outside, the servant attentively listened. He sighed. That Jin Zhen girl really was brave. Actually daring to use the head wife to reach the master, and she had actually succeeded! At this moment, he just hoped that the two people would hurry up, so as to avoid the head wife or someone coming to look for them, likely to to vent their anger.

But how could a person who had just consumed the medicine see any reduction in its effects so quickly? Furthermore, Jin Zhen who had been very frightened at the beginning started to become more bold.

She was not a young girl with no sexual experience. That she was someone who had a bit of experience was quickly driven by Feng Jin Yuan. Moreover, in her opinion, Feng Jin Yuan was her master and was different from Li Zhu. Her messing around with Li Zhu did not yield nay great results, and left her feeling uneasy all the time. Currently, the person became Feng Jin Yuan. Perhaps by servicing him, she could be treated similarly to a concubine mother, though she could never become one, sharing a bed would be nice. If her belly had a good showing, perhaps she could give birth to a child or two. Would she still need to worry about having a proper place within Feng manor?

With this idea in mind, Jin Zhen’s heart darkened. Not long after, Feng Jin Yuan’s muddled gaze slowly began to clear up.

Jin Zhen was very shocked. The dose was weaker out of fear for the child’s life, but the slowly awakening Feng Jin Yuan was stunned by the scene before him. Logic dictated that he should stop immediately, and the girl should be beaten to death. But the effects of the medicine had not worn off entirely. Adding on Jin Zhen’s youthful beauty, which could not be matched by his wives, who had already born him children.

Feng Jin Yuan looked again at Jin Zhen with some pity. For a while, he faintly felt that the supplements delivered today were different from those in the past. It seemed to not be a supplement at all. Instead it was a medicine that could cause a person to lose all sense of self-control. He made deductions and connected them to the things Wang Chuan had said. He quickly understood Chen shi’s evil intentions.

“Master.” Jin Zhen’s soft voice sounded out, bringing back Feng Jin Yuan’s spirit.

Thinking of the few sweet words Jin Zhen said, he would naturally take responsibility to ensure she had nothing to fear.

But before he could speak, he heard the servant say from outside: “Head madam! Why did you all come here?”

The door to the study was pushed open by someone outside. The aura was like that of a raging wave. The servant who kept watch outside the door felt the wind spread past his ears. During a moment of blinding light, the clumsy Chen shi had already rushed in the room. Following behind her was everyone who was present at Shu Ya courtyard. Even the matriarch rushed over with the aid of granny Zhao and a small servant girl.

The servant muttered to himself: “It’s over.”

Hearing an “Ow.” from inside, Chen shi’s odd scream made an appearance, followed by a pitter patter of a fight broke out. When the first group arrived with Feng Yu Heng, they saw Chen shi had already pressed Jin Zhen on the ground. Her fat body sat directly atop Jin Zhen’s body, as she struck and clawed.

Jin Zhen protected her face with both hands out of fear that Chen shi would ruin her face. Unfortunately, Chen shi’s strength was immense. Pulling apart her arms, she managed scratch her face a few times.

Feng Yu Heng merely found this funny. This truly was a very funny farce. How did Chen shi even have any remote semblance of a family’s head wife. She was clearly just a shrew who liked to shout abuse in public. Feng Jin Yuan should feel quite shameful for keeping such an official wife right?

“I’ll beat you to death, you cheap woman! Climbing in to bed under your mistress’ watchful eye! Who gave you such daring?” Chen shi became tired from beating her. She scolded while panting heavily, “Shameless woman, who are you trying to flatter with your appearance all day? What family’s master taught you to be like this?”

As these words came out, even An shi and Han shi could not help but laugh. What family? Was it not your own that taught her to be like this?

Why else was it said to refrain from hurting others! Once you thought of hurting others, you would often hurt yourself instead.

“Cry! I told you to cry! See if I don’t tear apart your mouth!” Chen shi rested for a few breaths then began another round of beatings.

Feng Chen Yu saw that this was not at all reasonable and quickly moved forward to grab hold of Chen shi. Unfortunately, Chen shi’s movements were too large. In baring her claws, she pushed Feng Chen Yu away.

The matriarch, seeing Chen Yu eat a loss, was terrified. Not taking care of whether her waist hurt or not, she rushed forward a few steps wanting to help.

Fortunately, the two servants who were with Chen Yu, Yi Lin and Yi Yue, reacted quickly enough. The matriarch helped Chen Yu up, then asked: “Did the fall hurt? Were you injured? Is your face ok?”

Chen Yu shook her head in a hurry: “Many thanks, grandmother. Chen Yu is fine, but mother…”

“Hmph!” The matriarch slammed her cane on the ground, not knowing whether she should get mad at Chen shi or at Feng Jin Yuan. But looking at Jin Zhen, who was being beaten badly by Chen shi, she decided to get mad at Chen shi- “You still have the face to hit her? Isn’t she a servant that you personally trained!” The matriarch raised her cane and smacked it towards Chen shi’s back.

Chen shi cried out in pain and turned her head, looking incredulously at the matriarch: “Why did you hit me?” The many things driving her mad, she no longer cared what could and could not be said. She opened her mouth and spoke: “Look at the good deeds you son has done! You still have the face to hit me?”

Chen Yu trembled with fear: “Mother, stop saying these crazy things!”

Chen shi currently did not care for those things. She truly had gone crazy, as she saw everyone as an enemy. Chen Yu’s words of advice caused her to immediately turn her head and curse: “Shut your mouth!”

Chen Yu was depressed. From the moment she had become the daughter of the first wife, there was not a single person who spoke to her like this. But the person who cursed at her now, was her own mother. Even though she felt aggrieved, she could only swallow that feeling and bear with it.

As for Feng Jin Yuan, he finally sobered up. Recovering his senses, he looked at the scene before him and was given a shock. Lowering his head he saw his disheveled appearance and could not help but shout at the servant who kept watch: “Why have you not quickly fetched me a cloak!”

“You get the damn cloak!” Chen shi was like a mad dog, biting everyone she saw, “What are you going to do with a cloak? Only now do you have some shame? Why did you not think to feel some shame when you did such a filthy thing? Feng Jin Yuan, do you still care at all for your face? Huh? When has my Chen family been unfair to you? When you wanted money, we gave you money. When you wanted things, we gave you things. That year when you gifted that treasure to the Empress and the Empress dowager, was it not something my little brother acquired for you? The distance between your Feng family and my Chen family counts for shit!”

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