Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife

Chapter 43 – You are a Beast

You are a Beast

Feng Jin Yuan became furious- “Wretch!” The thing he hated most was having someone bring up the support the Chen family has provided the Feng family in front of him. Although it was indeed the case, and this was something he could not change for the foreseeable future. But the truth was the truth, but saying it so openly did not sound very good. The dignified prime minister needed to rely on a woman for bribes, what could that be considered?

“You malicious woman!” Feng Jin Yuan put on the cloak he received from his servant and walked over to the table, picking up the cup of that still had a few drops of medicine remaining, “Your own servant delivered this sort of thing. If something happened, you still dare to blame me? What reason would I have to keep someone like you as the head wife of the family?”

“If you have the ability, then send me back home!” Chen shi really did not fear this, “Feng Jin Yuan, you ungrateful bastard, if you have the ability, then send me back home. If you do not, then there will be a mutual divorce! I will cut relations with you!”

Feng Chen Yu was shocked, “Mother stop this nonsense.”

Feng Yu Heng heard the two words mutual divorce and realized that this was the ancient era’s form of divorce. She had not thought that the concept of divorce would exist. As for cutting relations, she did not understand. Seeing Chen Yu’s nervous appearance, she tilted her head and quietly asked Wang Chuan: “What’s the difference between mutual divorce and cutting relations?”

Wang Chuan explained to her in a small voice: “The so-called mutual divorce requires peace and harmony between both sides. The separation must be accepted by both sides without hurting either sides’ feelings. Thus, the married man and woman will have nothing to do with the other. Da Shun treats women who have had mutual divorces with tolerance. They will not be criticized so harshly. After mutual divorce, there is being sent home…”

Feng Yu Heng nodded: “I understand being sent home.”

Wang Chuan did not explain further and began to talk about cutting relations: “As for cutting relations, it is managed by the government on the grounds that one of the couple has committed seven crimes, or the relatives of one partner beats, curses, murders, harms or betrays the relatives of the other partner, then it is said that the love is lost. If it is judged that there is no way for the couple to ever reconcile, then the government forcefully declares a divorce.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded. So cutting relations was such a severe thing. No wonder Chen Yu became so nervous after hearing Chen shi scream those two words. If that Chen shi really cut relations with Feng Jin Yuan, then it’s entirely possible that she would have no way to survive in this day and age. This matter with Feng Jin Yuan, put unpleasantly, did not violate any of Da Shun’s laws. A master receiving a servant girl was exceptionally normal.

But Chen shi did not think so- “I haven’t said any nonsense!” Climbing off Jin Zhen’s body, she grabbed the hem of Feng Jin Yuan’s clothes and tried to slap him across the face. Although Feng Jin Yuan dodged this slap, he was still scratched by Chen shi’s long nails. A bloody scratch immediately appeared on his face.

“Husband!” The one quickest to react and most considerate was Han shi who rushed forward without worrying if Chen shi would continue her rampage. In her opinion, Feng Jin Yuan was the only mountain she could rely on. Especially in these sorts of circumstances, where the more considerate and magnanimous she was, the more she would be able to win over the hearts of men: “My husband is ok, right!” Han shi’s eyes teared up, as she pulled out a handkerchief to cover up Feng Jin Yuan’s wound.

The matriarch saw her son being injured by her daughter-in-law and was so shocked that she did not know what to say. She had lived for a long time, but this was the first time that she had seen such a scene. Which family’s wife would dare hit their husband? Could it be that this Chen shi was a beast?

Yes, she must be a beast!

The matriarch spoke what she though and opened her mouth: “You beast!” Cursing Chen shi to the point that her body shook.

“Who are you cursing?” Chen shi’s eyes were bloodshot. She really wanted to beat the life out of this family. With the exception of Chen Yu, none else would survive.

“The one I’m cursing is you!” The matriarch raised her hand pointed at Chen shi, “Beast! I’ve lived to this age, but this is the first time I’ve seen this sort of thing happen!”

Chen shi swiped away the cane: “This is all because of your son’s meddling!”

Granny Zhao feared that Chen shi would strike out with the cane in a fit of anger. The matriarch could definitely not handle that. She quickly moved forward and grabbed it, while she tried to kindly persuade her: “Head madam, please stop talking so much!”

“Get out of my way!” Chen shi raised her foot, wanting to kick away granny Zhao. Suddenly, her eyesight became blurry, as she felt felt a light breeze float past. Then her foot felt distant for an instant. She lost her balance and fell to the ground with a thump. Because she was too round, she also bounced a few times.

Chen Yu quickly went over to support her. Granny Zhao, no longer seized with fear, finally saw that it was the second young miss, Feng Yu Heng, had at some unknown point in time arrived at the front. Her two thin arms reached out and firmly supported the two elderly women.

“Grandmother, be careful.”

The Feng matriarch cast a grateful gaze towards Feng Yu Heng, “Good girl.” Then pointing towards Chen shi, “How has my son been meddlesome?” Then pointing at Jin Zhen, “This is a servant from your house! Open your worthless eyes and carefully take a look. This is your own house’s servant!”

This was the truth. Chen shi was uncertain what she should say. She had a belly full of anger but had no way to vent it. She turned her head, wanting to beat Jin Zhen.

Jin Zhen had long been scared witless. She knew that Chen shi would go crazy, but she did not know that she would become this crazy. She could not help but send a gaze that begged for help towards Feng Jin Yuan.

Feng Jin Yuan was currently being helped by Han shi. Because the medicine’s effects had just worn off, his forehead was covered by beads of sweat. Han shi slowly took care to wipe him clean. Seeing Feng Jin Yuan’s gaze filled with pity for Jin Zhen, her heart felt a twitch again. But she was a concubine. Her heart knew that in this kind of situation, she could not act similarly to Chen shi, thus she quickly gave an order to a servant nearby: “Quickly help Jin Zhen get a bit further away.”

The servant deftly helped pull Jin Zhen up, then she pulled her to the side. Chen shi missed her pounce and became enraged, screaming and bouncing about the room.

Feng Yu Heng had come with the attitude of wanting to enjoy the show, so she did not really feel anything; however, Fen Dai and Xiang Rong were terribly scared.

How could the two girls handle this sort of thing. An shi pondered and quickly spoke to the matriarch: “This concubine will take third young miss and fourth young miss away first.”

The matriarch nodded with approval. This was not a scene that two innocent young girls should see, so she said: “Quickly take them back. Have the kitchen staff make some soup to help them collect themselves.”

An shi bowed and led Fen Dai and Xiang Rong out. As she left, she glanced at Feng Yu Heng, her eyes filled with worry.

Feng Yu Heng slightly shook her head, as she watched An shi leave with the two girls. She then took a few steps back in to the room, arriving before Chen shi. Her face showing a concerned appearance, she said: “Could it be that mother forgot about the medicine after she made it? Otherwise, how could you continue to sit in grandmother’s house without coming to father’s place?” As she spoke, she lowered a blushing face.

Chen shi gritted her teeth. Looking at Feng Yu Heng, her gaze could shoot fire.

“Oh right!” Feng Yu Heng seemed to have remembered something and continued: “It’s all the fault of the servant that sent the medicine. She sent the supplement incorrectly to us for Zi Rui to drink.”

The matriarch was quick-witted, as she felt her back was soaked with sweat: “Then what exactly was that medicine?”

Feng Yu Heng replied: “When we were at Willow courtyard, granddaughter took a look. It was a supplemental medicine.”

The matriarch was concerned: “A-Heng, you have knowledge of medicine. Please take a closer look.”

Feng Yu Heng uttered a reply before walking over to receive the cup from Feng Jin Yuan. Who knew that Chen shi would break free again, this time charging forward and spilling the contents on the floor. The only remnants of the medicine had spilled. No more could be found.

“It was a supplement and just a supplement! What is there to see! Who hasn’t sent this type of supplement before?” Chen shi sent a death glare towards Han shi, frightening her.

Feng Yu Heng ignored her and advanced a few more steps. Bowing to Feng Jin Yuan, she said: “Borrowing father’s wrist for a moment.”

Finished speaking and without waiting for Feng Jin Yuan to reply, she reached out and grabbed him. Not long after, she let him go and happily said: “It’s good that it was only one cup. If it were any more, then I worry for father’s life!”

Everyone was shocked silly. The matriarch hurriedly asked: “What medicine was it exactly?”

She turned around and faced the matriarch: “It’s a medicine specifically used to help a man’s potency. It is very potent and the dose is extreme.” Finishing speaking, she continued not without worry: “If this were consumed by Zi Rui, then his life surely would have ended.”


Feng Jin Yuan suddenly slapped Chen shi across the face. Feeling that it was not enough, he began hitting with both hands until Chen Yu knelt and begged for him to stop. Only then did he stop.

“Treacherous woman!” Feng Jin Yuan defined Chen shi as such once more.

Chen Yu could no longer attend to Chen shi. She felt that if she stood by Chen shi, then she feared her father would despise them both together.

Up until this moment, the studious Chen Yu had managed to handle all incidents with high proficiency. Now she shrank back on the ground, wrapping her arms around her knees and burying her head in her knees as well. Her shoulders shuddering, she truly appeared very pitiful.

Feng Jin Yuan could not bear to see Chen Yu like this. He could not help but point at Chen Yu while speaking to Chen shi: “Before you act and speak, why do you not think of Chen Yu?”

These few words sobered Chen shi up.

Chen shi was also hit by a wave of fear. Remembering that she had hollered about wanting a mutual divorce or wanting to cut ties, if Feng Jin Yuan really nodded, then what would come of her Chen Yu? She still hoped that she would benefit from her wealth! She could not cause trouble for Chen Yu’s future over her own grievances.

Seeing that Chen shi was no longer causing a ruckus, Feng Yu Heng took the initiative to go forward and help Chen Yu up. Chen Yu raised her head and saw Feng Yu Heng, her gaze filled with a gloomy darkness. But after recalling something, she opened her mouth to speak with the matriarch: “Grandmother, there is something strange. There must be something wrong with that doctor.”

She changed flipped the guilt over to doctor Xu. The reason being that she had heard Feng Yu Heng mention the matter with doctor Xu, thus she understood something must have happened. She privately had a servant to inform the doctor to leave the manor immediately. Currently that person had long since run away, pulling attention away from the source of trouble.

Feng Yu Heng, hearing her speak like this, also nodded: “Eldest sister is right. This dosage of medicine is basically a poison. Father is the victim, yet he shows sympathy for mother.”

Chen Yu rose. Arriving before Chen shi, she advised: “That’s right. Something must have happened to that doctor. Mother, do not blame father.”

“Hmph!” Feng Jin Yuan stuffily hmphed.

Hearing Feng Yu Heng speak, he spoke to himself: “But that is odd. How is it that Jin Zhen girl knew that the medicine had been sent to the wrong place?”

When Jin Zhen heard Feng Chen Yu push the blame on doctor Xu, she knew that he would have already left the manor. Otherwise, the cautious eldest young miss would not say that sort of thing.

Since the person had already escaped, Jin Zhen no longer had any concerns and quickly spoke: “It was the guest courtyard’s servant that came to Jin Yu courtyard to find this servant. She told this servant that the medicine had been sent to the wrong place.” Then speaking to Feng Yu Heng: “Willow courtyard’s granny Sun can act as witness!”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and nodded without saying anything.

She had no intention of embarrassing Jin Zhen. Keeping this servant around would allow her to upset Chen shi at any time and any place. These were all pleasant things to her. Moreover, she still had the controls in her hand. She need not worry Jin Zhen rebelling.

“Then quickly go to the guest courtyard and bring over doctor Xu then!” Feng Yu Heng looked toward Feng Jin Yuan, “Father has truly suffered.”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded. Looking at Chen shi, his gaze was full of annoyance.

The matriarch ordered: “Go bring doctor Xu back to Pine courtyard!”

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