Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 914 Purple Guest Palace

Chapter 914 Purple Guest Palace

"I'll give you the master token of the Purple Guest Palace in a while." Ancestor Dian Alstreim gestured with his eyes, "That'll be your palace."

"The Purple Guest Palace... What a simple name..." Davis looked at the elongated structure floating right below him.

It looked more like a mix between a palace and a mansion, sixty meters tall and a hundred and fifty meters wide, capable of accommodating more than a thousand people with ample space for each of them.

"Don't worry. There are several halls, gardens, and rooms. Each floor has its own entrance and exit and has separate formations that are designed to protect the guests. Besides, this Purple Palace is usually reserved for guests that are from a major power from the mid-sized Territories. In short, I'm hosting you with the highest honor you can receive from the Alstreim Family."

Davis inwardly felt stifled.

There's no need to point all that out!

But in any case, he understood that Ancestor Dian Alstreim wanted to maintain the status quo for a while. It was well within his pace as well, so he didn't decline the hospitality. He needed to consult his mother, as well.

Looking at the current situation, it can be said that they entered a truce.

Once Grand Elder Krax Alstreim let all the guests enter inside the Purple Guest Palace, he flew above and reached the place where the two of them were floating while their robes fluttered from the breeze.

"Revered Ancestor, I've done as you instructed. I'd let them take the entire Purple Guest Palace. The Conferred Queen lives on the top floor, and the others on the floor below. I've also instructed Daniuis Alstreim to stay two levels lower than them in respect, and he acquiesced without making a problem."

"In fact, he seemed not to mind the difference in status."

"Good work, Krax. I've always been relying on you for almost everything." Ancestor Dian Alstreim closed his eyes and sighed.

"I am honored." Grand Elder Krax Alstreim slightly bowed in response.

Ancestor Dian Alstreim ignored what Grand Elder Krax Alstreim found about Daniuis Alstreim because he knew about it anyway. He saw Daniuis Alstreim in Davis's estate after all. They could be said to be a part of the group. Besides, he'd like to keep this matter under wraps because the more people who know about Claire emerge, the more complex it would get.

He felt that he'd rather mediate this mess by himself.

Ancestor Dian Alstreim clasped hands towards Davis, "I hope you all enjoy the hospitality of my Alstreim Family!"

Grand Elder Krax Alstreim followed suit as he additionally gave a bow.

Davis nodded his head before flying into the top floor of the Purple Guest Palace. However, before he could disappear, an object came flying at him, straight towards his palm.

He captured it before he rubbed it with his fingers, binding the object with his soul. It was none other than the master token of the Purple Guest Palace.

Grand Elder Krax Alstreim went pale as he saw the scene. He had just given the Purple Guest Palace's Master Token to Ancestor Dian Alstreim, but the latter threw it towards Conferred Queen's Protector as soon as he got it in his hands.

"This..." Grand Elder Krax Alstreim didn't know if this was appropriate or not, but he sure could tell that it wasn't safe for the Alstreim Family to have an external force in a fortress!

After all, the Purple Guest Palace was made with High-Level Emperor Grade Ores, which is immensely difficult to break and extremely difficult to obtain! Even his own mansion was his made with Mid-Level Emperor Grade Ores, which is far weaker than the former. After all, the difference between Mid-Level Emperor Grade and the High-Level Emperor Grade was the difference between the Eighth Stage and Ninth Stage!

"Do you doubt my decision, Krax?"

"Not in a million years, my revered Ancestor..." Grand Elder Krax Alstreim shook his head.

"Hehe..." Ancestor Dian Alstreim chuckled.

"Even I don't know if what I'm doing will lead my Alstreim Family to the path of glory. However, I'm sure the greatest person in that Purple Guest Palace will surely bring our Alstreim Family to the peak if all went well according to my calculations!"

"Ancestor?" Grand Elder Krax Alstreim became shocked.

Could it be that Ancestor Dian Alstreim built an alliance with the Conferred Queen's power!?

But that would mean antagonizing all the other Eight Eastern Territories as well!

After all, if the hegemons were allowed to form alliances with external powers, wouldn't it become disadvantageous to the other eight hegemonic powers? Hence, they all formed a treaty that if any hegemonic power in the Nine Eastern Territories were to ally themselves with any external power, they are subject to punitive measures by the other eight hegemonic powers of the Nine Eastern Territories.

This was to protect themselves from harassment.

Grand Elder Krax Alstreim obediently kept his mouth shut and didn't ask anymore. He believed in Ancestor Dian Alstreim as he did in the past and wanted to follow his commands to the ends of the Fifty-Two Territories!


The Purple Guest Palace possessed eighteen floors, and the corridors of each floor were wide and stretched a long while before they reached a hall before connecting to other passages such as stairs, hallways, and an almost endless-like corridor that connected to many other rooms.

In each hall, there was always a patch of garden that made the air fragrant, and there were flaming patterns of the sun and stars that made the overall look magnificent to look at, creating a warm atmosphere. However, it was confusing since the overall structure remained the same on all floors.

Really, Davis could get lost in this maze if it weren't for his soul sense being able to give him a better view of the structure.

On the seventeenth floor, everyone seemed to choose individuals rooms as if they were really easing themselves at home. Davis knew this because his real body was with them. He informed them that he would tell them about what had happened with Ancestor Dian Alstreim after some time passed so that they can all gather together without garnering suspicion.

Now, he was with Princess Isabella and another being, who made him proud.

Davis caressed the smooth and soft dark fur of a huge wolf in an endearing manner. It was none other than Nadia. The way she was able to stand against Ancestor Dian Alstreim to show her dominance was really to his liking! However, the way she obediently let him caress her forehead was also to his liking!

He could understand why Evelynn liked to sleep on Nadia's fluffy fur. It just felt too good to caress as the touch felt enriching to the soul, making him relax. Besides, he had just finished praising her for her deeds, which he could obviously tell that it made Nadia extremely happy to be of use to him.

"It's enough... How long are you going to keep petting Nadia?" Princess Isabella became confused.

"Mhm? Why don't you try petting Nadia then?" Davis grinned at her.

Princess Isabella cast a glance at Nadia as her expression became hesitant, "Is it okay...? I mean... We were acting before, right?"

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