Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2891 - I Am Bound to Protect You

Chapter 2891

I Am Bound to Protect You

Jiang Chen was not an ungrateful person. He would be thankful and remember everyone’s kindness, not to mention Old Gang Tou who was like his life savior. However, Jiang Chen was not willing to express his gratitude by words.

“Even if you keep it from others, Yue Er knows it. I can tell that you have gone through ups and downs through your face. Even though I can’t see your future clearly, I can tell that you’ll be writhed in the torments of hell and your life will be threatened again and again.”

Yue Er wiped her tears and said in an adorable face. She was looking at Jiang Chen and her face was full of pity and sorrow.

“How can you see my past and future?”

Jiang Chen looked at Yue Er with astonishment, and his face was full of curiosity.

Yue Er nodded and shook her head slightly.

“I can only see your past but it is dim and clouded. Your future is invisible but I am sure that it is not going to turn better.”

Yue Er said with a serious face.

“I can see other’s past and future from the age of ten. But it is not clear and it is only limited to those who are within the Divine King Realm, it doesn’t work for those exceeding the Divine King Realm. Moreover, the image will turn out extremely blurry and I tend to get a terrible splitting headache after I see it once. I am heartbroken after I saw what you had suffered in the past. I wonder when big brother could escape from the torment.”

Jiang Chen looked extremely astonished and speechless. Jiang Chen knew nothing about Yue Er’s extraordinary talent and he could feel that Old Gang Tou was trying to conceal something from him. Yue Er’s eyes were just extraordinarily pretty and it looked like the bright moon in the sky which was impressive and stunning.

“Please promise me that you will not simply show this skill to anyone. I guess it will not be a good thing for you to foresee other’s past and future.”

Jiang Chen was reminded of his Great Divination Art. The reason that he did not exert the Great Divination Art was because it was exceedingly strange and he realized that it was not ordinary when he entered the Divine World. The Great Divination Art gave him a power of foreseeing the future for a short period. It could play a critical and effective role during a battle, however, it also consumed a lot of his soul power so he had never used it once.

The person with such skill was fated to be punished for going against the natural principle. Before Jiang Chen figured out what the Heavenly Dao was, he would deal with everything with extreme caution. Especially the Great Divination Art which was a mystery, he would never exert it unless at the uttermost end of need. The Divine World was different with the Immortal World. Therefore, he believed that the reason that the Great Divination Art that brought him success in those years was closely related to the balance and principles between the Immortal World and Divine World.

“Well, big brother, I will bear it in mind.”

Yue Er answered and nodded her head immediately.

“Oh, big brother, Sister Ling has been missing you in these years. Although she did not speak out, I can see her sorrowfulness and longing when she was lingering in the bamboo groves. I think you’re the only person she misses. Haha.”

Jiang Chen touched his nose and smiled. He could not imagine that the lady who used to be arrogant and overbearing in front of him was worried about him. But Jiang Chen knew that he must not let Ling Yun down.

“Great. Let’s meet Sister Ling now.”

Jiang Chen then headed directly into the depth of the bamboo groves together with Yue Er.

When they saw the bamboo raft on the river, Yue Er said in a low voice and gave a wise and significant glance.

“Big brother, I am out now. Just don’t be shy and nervous, her bark is worse than her bite. Haha.”

Yue Er turned away and disappeared in the bamboo groves like an elf.

Jiang Chen stared at the figure with white clothes and long sleeves that were moving in the breeze. The scene broke and hurt his heart. He did not know the pressure that the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect was suffering, but she should not bear all of these by herself. The Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect which was one of the three strongest sects in the Heavenly Star Boundary, should not be threatened by the ten greatest sects. Moreover, the Blood Tool Sect should not be allowed to act recklessly. Apparently, the current situation of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect was not as what they had expected.

Jiang Chen walked softly and stepped on the river. He was looking at Ling Yun silently from ten miles away and said lightly.

“You shouldn’t be so depressed.”

“This is my choice and also my fate.”

Ling Yun answered.

“It doesn’t look like your way. The Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect should have dealt with the Blood Tool sect in their own way.”

“You don’t understand. The Heavenly Star Boundary is different from what it used to be. Even though the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect is still considered as one of the three greatest sects in this place, the existence of the Blood Tool Sect and the return of Chu Yunji led to the alliance of the two greatest sects and the Blood Tool Sect. At the moment, my sect was completely isolated. Do you still think that my sect is having their glorious moment and swelling with pride and arrogance? The Blood Tool Sect intends to attack the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect and forcefully persuade my master. But once I decide to get married, they will have no reason to attack Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect anymore. Furthermore, the young generation will no longer be threatened by them if I left the sect. Joining the Blood Tool Sect will greatly enhance the young generation’s strength. When I am married to someone in the Blood Tool Sect, I will belong to that sect. Since my sect is going to throw the helve after the hatchet at the moment, the Blood Tool Sect will not stir up any trouble again. Otherwise, perhaps the Blood Tool Sect will make an alliance with the nine greatest sects and launch an attack against our Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect if I refuse to do so. At the moment, the situation will turn into a terrible battle which could devastate the world.

“Without the threat of the nine greatest sects, my master is not afraid of the Blood Tool Sect. But the powerful return of Chu Yunji, a Master Blacksmith who is able to assemble the strength of the nine greatest sects. My sect is helpless and desperate at the moment. Once they attack, my sect will definitely become the only target of the ten greatest sects. At that time, my sect will never be able to resist the attack against the ten greatest sects.”

Ling Yun said with a worried face. The battle between Chu Yunji and Jiang Chen day later merely sounded like an excuse. She did not think that Jiang Chen could defeat Chu Yunji. It sounded like a fantastic fairy tale to her.

“It seems that the Master Blacksmith is the one who can control the distribution of forces in the entire Heavenly Star Boundary directly. If I kill Chu Yunji, the crisis will be handled and the problem will be smoothly solved, am I right?”

Jiang Chen wore a faint smile on his face.

“I am never afraid of Chu Yunji, he sounds nothing to me. Even if the ten greatest sects make an alliance, I am bound to protect you and fight to the death. I swear I will never let you become the victim of the fight between the Blood Tool Sect and the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect.”

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