Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2991

Chapter 2991 – Bloodthirsty Ghost Bat

The gate opened automatically.

Everyone was absolutely dumbfounded by the terrifying scene. They had to be careful about that.

Jiang Chen looked serious at the moment. It seemed like things happened as he had expected. The Life-and-Death Doors complemented each other and were closely connected. The Death Door was like a big mouth which could engulf everything. When the doors were opened, Jiang Chen was frightened and agitated but he had no choice but to keep moving forward. If he turned away, there might be a devastating tragedy later. Perhaps the leader of the snow beasts was waiting for them in the dark; it would never give up easily as a huge number of its fellow creatures were killed. It would definitely hunt them.

There were dangers and threats ahead, and there would be regrets and bottomless abyss if they stepped backward. They would like to take a chance, there might be a chance for survival. The Death Door meant death but as long as they were still alive, maybe…

“It’s impossible to turn back now. Let’s do it, we don’t know what is ahead.”

Yang Xikuan took a deep breath. As an instructor, his mental quality was stronger than Sheng Bing, Sheng Kun and the others. He was fearless and willing to fight to the death.

“You’re right. I guess the leader of the snow beasts is probably rallying its fellow creatures and will then wait for us at the back. I wonder if our Third Elder’s side received the signal.”

Chi Haife said with a worried face.

“At this rate, we have to get it and find out what is actually inside.”

Sheng Kun’s eyes were filled with excitement and eager anticipation. Jiang Chen felt the same way, he did not feel afraid at all but, instead, could not wait to explore the place. They were burning with curiosity to find out what the Great Emperor’s tomb looked like. There might be valuable treasures which could provide them a golden opportunity to obtain a remarkable achievement. It was such a rare and precious opportunity to see the Great Emperor’s belongings even once.

They were determined to hunt for some treasure during this expedition. The outcome would be decided by chance.

“A slight mistake will determine life and death. If I could get a chance to see the demeanor of a Great Emperor once in my life, I shall die without regret.”

Li Chuang said while gritting his teeth. He was shivering due to the cold, just like Sheng Bing. Even with the Divine Origin Qi, they were unable to resist the coldness completely.

“That’s true, nothing is left when you’re dead. I would die in the most pleasant way, without regrets. Hahaha. I am not afraid of dying.”

Sheng Bing and Li Chuang were thinking on the same lines. Both of them were willing to fight to the death. Their desperation and determination impressed Jiang Chen. What they said was true, you could not make an omelette without breaking eggs. They would never succeed if they were overtaken by misgivings and fear. Their spirits were absolutely impressive.

The six of them entered the door swiftly, holding the night pearl to light up the place. The surrounding was like an underground palace with complicated structures. It was like a buried palace, each floor contained stone and wood. The woods looked like precious ancient woods which were as valuable as gold and silver.

There were silver locks everywhere, they were staying in complete darkness. The whole underground world was almost three thousands meters deep, like a terrible purgatory which was full of dreadful and gloomy aura.

A kind of terrible cold spread from the underground instantly. The underground world stretched out as far as the eyes could see, it seemed vast and boundless.

“It is too cold, brother. I can’t stand it anymore.”

Sheng Bing collapsed on the ground, looking ghastly pale. Li Chuang felt the same, and even Sheng Kun could hardly resist the intolerable coldness.

“Get up now!”

Sheng Kun howled ferociously. He would not be able to resist the coldness here if not for his current realm. The unbearable cold literally spread all over their body and pierced into the marrow, even striking into their soul.

“Go now!”

Yang Xikuan and Chi Haifei dragged each of them and left the place. Their faces looked much better after that.

“Guys, we have to be careful. I think there is something wrong.”

Jiang Chen found it strange but he could not tell what was wrong. He felt a kind of horrible and indescribable oppression.

Li Chuang was dragged up by Chi Haichi and moved toward the chain bridge slowly. But he could not bear the cold anymore, so he stopped and gripped the chain bridge tightly. His arms were frozen instantly and his blood flow slowed down.

“My arms, my arms……”

Li Chuang turned pale with fright. A strange spirit was slithering continuously from his palm to his wrist and reached his arms. His arms were covered completely by a layer of frost.

Jiang Chen was astonished while pulling Li Chuang out from the bridge immediately. He tried to remove the coldness from Li Chuang’s body by exerting the Five Elemental True Fire but he could hardly control his Five Elemental True Fire. Fortunately, he managed to save Li Chuang’s life from the jaws of death but the arms were frozen utterly. Both of Li Chuang’s arms were eventually turned into ice bars. Everyone was dumbfounded, none of them dared to approach the silver lock of the chain bridge.

“I just tried my best to save your life.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. Li Chuang lost both of his arms, he was physically disabled at that moment. It was undoubtedly a big blow to a Half-step Hierarch expert.

“No! Impossible! This is impossible……”

Li Chuang roared wildly and burst into tears. He could not believe that that horrible cold spread all over his body in just a twinkling of an eye. He would have died if Jiang Chen did not save him, but it was a fate worse than death for him.

It was almost impossible for him to regenerate his arms unless he became a God Emperor.

Sheng Bing was still in shock, and took a big gulp of air. He felt a surge of pity for Li Chuang but there was nothing he could do at that moment. His arms were absolutely corroded by the coldness, even an invincible expert was unable to save him.

After they passed the chain bridge, there were endless rocks and mountains that stretched out to the horizon. They did not know if there was a crisis ahead but Li Chuang felt helpless and sank into despair at the moment.

“You should just stay here and wait for us. Let’s get out together after we come back.”

Yang Xikuan said. Li Chuang was a burden for them since he could no longer protect himself from danger. It was probably the best decision at that moment.


Li Chuang answered while gritting his teeth, he knew well that they had no alternative but to do so. Even though he felt like being abandoned, he might die if he insisted on following them.

Jiang Chen was watching the scene silently. It was truly depressing to suffer this tragedy when they just entered the Great Emperor’s tomb.

At that moment, there was an awful noise reverberating through the air. A great deal of bats flitted in the air.

There were one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousands……

There were countless bats. Each of them looked terribly pale, that scene was extremely thrilling and dreadful!

“It is the Bloodthirsty Ghost Bat. Godd*mn. It seems like luck turned against us.”

Chi Haifei said while trembling violently. The Bloodthirsty Ghost Bats were not big in size, they were palm-sized creatures that gathered in groups like the snow beasts. Thousands of them usually move in groups and they would be looking for blood once they appeared. They tended to bite and suck all the blood once they found their target.

“I’d rather fight ten Hierarch snow beasts rather than deal with these awful creatures……”

Chi Haifei just provided them with important information. The Bloodthirsty Ghost Bats were terrifying. They preferred battling against those Snow Domain Demon Spirits rather than dealing with these disgusting creatures.

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