Dual Cultivation

Chapter 719 - Introducing the Family(2)

Chapter 719 - Introducing the Family(2)

"S-Su Yang…? W-Who are they? And why do I—" Sun Jingjing asked him in a dumbfounded voice as she approached them.

Su Yang smiled and said, "Whatever you're thinking, it's probably right."

"Go ahead, introduce yourselves," Su Yang then said to the three goddesses.

Wu Jingjing was the first to react. She stepped forward and bowed slightly, "Hello, my name is Wu Jingjing, and I am from the Holy Central Continent. This baby in my arms is Wu Min, and she's my daughter with Su Yang."

"D-D-Daughter with Su Yang?!?!?!" Sun Jingjing accidentally tripped on herself after hearing such shocking words from Wu Jingjing.

After she recovered from the stumble, Sun Jingjing looked at Zhu Mengyi and spoke in a trembling voice, "Don't tell me she's also…"

"Yes, she's Zhu Jiayi— Su Yang and my daughter! I am called Zhu Mengyi, and I am also from the Holy Central Continent." Zhu Mengyi introduced herself next.

"My name is Lian Li, and I am also from the Holy Central Continent." Lian Li quickly introduced herself.

"Heavens, Su Yang! You disappeared for a month only to return with three beautiful women and two children? You are always full of surprises!" Sun Jingjing said as she approached Wu Jingjing and Zhu Mengyi to take a closer look at the babies.

"Are they really your children, Su Yang? If you tell me this is a prank right now, I promise I won't get angry…" Sun Jingjing looked at him, clearly doubtful whether these two cute babies were really his children.

After all, children require time to make— something he cannot have achieved after leaving for a month. Unless he i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed these women over a year ago, it was simply impossible for him to be the father for these two children. Furthermore, he was only between the Profound Spirit Realm and the True Spirit Realm a year ago. How did he manage to seduce these powerful-looking Cultivators with such an insignificant cultivation base? It would be a miracle if they even paid attention to him, much less cultivate with him.

Su Yang smiled and said, "Let's talk inside. I'll tell you everything that happened, but it's going to be a long story."

"Okay," Sun Jingjing nodded.

Once they went inside her home and sat down, Su Yang began recalling how he met these ladies from the Holy Central Continent and when he i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed them to Sun Jingjing.

A few hours later, once Sun Jingjing had heard their story and their individual background, she sighed out loud, "A child with you, huh? I'm afraid that I'm still too young to have a child— mentally and physically."

Then she looked at Wu Jingjing and said, "Though, to think we have the same given name— what a coincidence, huh?"

"Yes, I am still surprised that you are also a 'Jingjing'." Wu Jingjing chuckled.

"Anyway, I am…" Sun Jingjing proceeded to introduce herself and her own background.

After the three girls chatted with Sun Jingjing for another hour and familiarized themselves with each other, they left her house and followed Su Yang to another place— the Medicine Hall.

"What an energetic young lady that was— I can tell why you choose someone like her to be in the family," Zhu Mengyi said after they left, as she found some similarities between Sun Jingjing and herself during their conversation.

Sometime later, they arrived at the Medicine Hall.

"What do we have here? A medicine store?" Zhu Mengyi immediately picked up the scent of the medicine and herbs inside.

"This is the Medicine Hall. Disciples come here to get treated when they're injured or whatever." Su Yang gave them a brief explanation before walking into the building.

"Su Yang—!"

The disciples inside immediately noticed his presence, but their attention was quickly snatched by the three peerless beauties following behind him, as their presence was simply too overwhelming for these young disciples who were not even at the Earth Spirit Realm.

"I'm here to see Liqing today," Su Yang said to them before he approached the stairs and walked to the second floor.

"Liqing, it's Su Yang."

He knocked on the door and called for her.

A few seconds later, Su Liqing opened the door to let them inside.

"Uh… This is…" Su Liqing was immediately baffled by her Family Seal's reaction to the three women who came with Su Yang, especially the two women who held a baby in their arms.

However, Su Yang didn't delay the reveal this time and introduced the new girls personally, "Everybody, this is Su Liqing who used to be named Lan Liqing and is actually my first cultivation partner in this life. And Liqing, these ladies are from the Holy Central Continent, and as you can tell, they have also accepted my Family Seal."

"Starting from the right we have Lian Li, Zhu Mengyi, and finally, Wu Jingjing.

He then pointed at the two cute creatures and said with a smile on his face, "These two are my daughter, Wu Min and Zhu Jiayi."

"Your… children?" Su Liqing stood there with a blank expression on her face after hearing his words, feeling an indescribable feeling in her heart.

A moment of silence later, to everybody's surprise, tears suddenly began flowing down Su Liqing's face.

"Eh…? What's this? Why am I crying?" Even Su Liqing was surprised by herself when the tears began falling.

And whenever she wiped her tears, even more tears would come out.

"I-I'm sorry, Su Yang, but I don't know why I am…" Su Liqing said to him as she continued to wipe her eyes with her soft sleeves.


Su Yang was completely speechless for once, as he also didn't know why Su Liqing would suddenly start crying.

The atmosphere became awkward incredibly quickly, and the ladies exchanged glances with each other.

"You can introduce us later, Su Yang… We'll wait outside for now," Wu Jingjing suddenly whispered in his ears.

"Okay." Su Yang nodded.

Wu Jingjing and the others then left the room before closing the door, leaving Su Yang and Su Liqing alone.

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