Dual Cultivator Reborn

Chapter 232: athena's wrath

Chapter 232: athena’s wrath

Alena turned to Natasha and looked at her with a deep gaze. Seeing lady Alena’s gaze, Natasha became stiff. She knows what happened a few moments ago, and this is her first time meeting with Alena, and this is the worst time to get noticed by her. Natasha heard many things about Alena, and indeed Alena is very beautiful.

Old men, Lin and Leon, were standing silently, looking at Natasha and Alena. Both of them didn’t know how to tell Alena that her son had found another partner for him. Things were already hectic inside this mansion, it’s better yohan, and Natasha told them by themselves. Jasmine came to her senses As she heard the conversation. Her gaze Landed on Natasha, and a smile appeared on her face.

“Oh Natasha, you are back; it’s good to see you again,” jasmine approached Natasha as she said. Natasha nodded her head as she looked at Jasmine and smiled at her.

“It’s good to see you again, lady jasmine,” Natasha responded to jasmine and turned her gaze towards Alena.

“It’s my pleasure to see you in person, my lady, my name is Natasha, and I am a soldier of the elite unit of the lin clan. This is my first time meeting you, “Natasha responded as she looked at Alena.

“You are a soldier of the lin clan elite unit. That’s surprising,” Alena mumbled as she felt surprised because Natasha is a good-looking woman. It’s a rare case when women join the army because most men think insulted around them and feel disrespected because they don’t treat them equally in war or the military. They don’t want to serve under women, and that’s the reason why most of the women don’t feel like serving in military or work under any clan and sector.

Leon clears his throat as he looks towards Alena.” when That incident happened a few days ago. She was with Yohan and tried to help him. Still, unfortunately, it was too late. Both of them got sucked inside that void,” Leon Explained to Alena because he was there when that event occurred, alena become surprised as she come to know about Natasha that she was with yohan.

Alena took a deep sigh as she looked at Natasha with a smile and gather her thought” thank god you are okay. I am glad you and yohan made it back. It’s good to have you back again. I am sorry you went through that kind of trouble, but I am glad you were with him, “Alena said as she placed her hand on Natasha’s shoulder.

“I didn’t do anything. He saved me multiple times. I was useless and baggage for him when we were inside the void. “Natasha bitterly smiled as she said those words, but the next moment Alena flicked her finger on Natasha’s forehead, Natasha become surprised as yohan used to do same thing to her.

“Don’t feel that way. It doesn’t matter if you are powerful or not, but you were with him in his tough times. That is more than enough, and you should be proud of yourself, “Alena said, and the next moment she hugged Natasha.

Hearing those words, Natasha’s heart started pounding, and she tightly hugged lady Alena. Jasmine calmly looked towards Natasha and Alena.


A woman could be seen sitting on the rock holding a sword in her hand; she had a cold expression on her face.

“This is not my fault, my lady, that they got away. I was very close to getting that energy from that core. “Yao Fei looked towards athena as she said those words. Blood is dripping from her mouth as she mumbles those words.

“He dont wants to see me again, I tried to help him and showed my kindness, and in the end, he ditched me and ran away with the core. How did he get away? Everything was in my control. How did he able to touch that kind of energy source with his hand”athena whispered those words as she ignored Yao fie’s cries and grunts. She was still thinking about those events which happened inside the void.

The moment Yao Fei got up on her legs, the next moment she felt extreme pressure, and she fell on her knees and looked towards athena. She gulped nervously, seeing those dark blue eyes.

“My lady, let me go. I don’t know how he did that. I don’t have any idea about him. He must be hiding his true strength and waiting for a chance to get away with that woman. That sly bastard planned all those things. “Yao Fei cried in pain as she said those words, her body is feeling extreme pressure, and that pressure is coming from athena.

A smile appeared on Athena’s face as she heard Yao Fei” you think he is hiding his true strength and using me all along to get to the void core? Yes, he knows about the void core. When I asked him, he twisted the topic, so I got played by a man, and at the end, he ditched me while saying he didn’t want to see me again, how dare he say those words after stealing that void core”

Hearing those words and seeing that smile on athena’s face yao fei’s legs are started shaking,she never saw athena pissed like this,this women always maintained her calm but there is something off about this time, she is totally different for her usual self which is making yao fei more nervous and scared.

“He messed up everything, this is the first time i failed completing my mission, how i am going to show my face to mother,that void core was very important assets, and that man get away taking that thing,damn it that bastard making me mad”athena said as she jumped on the ground and looked towards Yao fei,seeing Athena’s gaze yao fei’s heart sank,she gather courage and opened her mouth.

“I will find a way to get that void core back, please give me one chance my lady.”yao Fei said.

Athena smirked as she heard those words from Yao Fei’s mouth.

“Do you remember I told you something important Inside the void,i told you not to mess things this time but you were busy wasting your time to killing those two and playing your stupid game,i lost that void core and you were the biggest reason,i dont need you anymore,and one more thing i dont like your ugly self”athena said and next moment her sword started burning with fire,seeing this yao fei turned her back and started running towards the different direction to save her life.

Athena remained standing in that place as she looked at Yao Fei’s old figure running away from her,she raised her burning sword towards the sky.

“I will find you and make you pay for making a fool out of me, ” Athena said and next moment she closed her eyes and opened them while looking in the direction of Yao fei.

“Eternal fire second form the burning lance”A burning lance materialized in sky and blick an eye it pierced Yao Fei’s body, and instantly, she turned into ash and disappeared into the face of the world.

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