End of the Magic Era

Chapter 1069 - Infiltration

Chapter 1069 Infiltration

‘Sir Merlin would give me more benefits if I help him gain more benefits. A fat sheep has been sent to be slaughtered, if I don’t slaughter you, who will?

‘I can let Sir Merlin obtain even more benefits by ripping you off, only then will I be able to discuss with Sir Merlin regarding the mana crystal loan.

‘If I help Sir Merlin earn 150 mana crystals, the few dozen mana crystals I would owe him could slowly be repaid.

‘As long as Sir Merlin is happy, he might even help me compound the golden potion first and when the time comes, Arnaud would also advance to the Heaven Rank. Haha, our Henry Family would be the strongest force in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

‘The other forces don’t have a single Heaven Rank powerhouse at the moment.

‘Moreover, Sir Merlin can still refine that potion after leaving the Raging Flame Battlefield.

‘I’ve never heard of an Artisan able to help Peak 9th Rank Archmage complete the Extraordinary transformation in the entire Odin Kingdom.

‘Those people wouldn’t even be able to compound it even if they knew the recipe…

‘Only by following Sir Merlin could the Henry Family become even more powerful and walk further in the path of magic.

‘So what if we lose the Raging Flame Plane’s territories? It doesn’t matter if we give them to Sir Merlin. Our Henry Family’s ancestors came together with wealth as a purpose, but it wasn’t for wealth itself, rather, it was to increase their strength.

‘That foolish Dylas, do you think that I, a member of the Henry Family, would give up on my own benefits to make you benefit?

‘Damn, don’t even dream about it, I would be shaming the Henry Family if I don’t squeeze every single drop of blood out of you today. I wouldn’t be worthy of my ancestors.’

Morgan was asking for a high price and was unrelenting. He also acted as if it was for Dylas’ benefits, which made Dylas feel like weeping.

Morgan hadn’t yielded after more than an hour. Dylas kept trying to slip some benefits to Morgan several times, but Morgan unhesitantly refused.

“We are both from the Odin Kingdom, we are close friends that fought side by side, how could I take your things? I have to help you!

“As long as you can take out the materials, I’ll kneel and request Sir Merlin to compound that potion for you.”

Morgan’s words were strictly righteous, he didn’t lack confidence at all. He really didn’t want Dylas’ benefits, he only wanted Lin Yun’s.

Dylas’ complexion kept on darkening as this kept going for over an hour. He kept on talking until his throat became dry, but Morgan didn’t lower the price.

Dylas was getting angrier and angrier, while his expression became more and more sinister.

‘Damn, that b*stard Morgan is actually helping a foreigner.

‘And that hateful Mafa Merlin is actually treating me like a fat sheep?

‘Just you wait. Since we can’t have a proper business deal, don’t blame me for what’s coming…’

“Sir Morgan, I really can’t come up with so many mana crystals and materials. Since that’s not possible at the moment, I’ll come back when I have gathered enough.”

Dylas’ dark face carried a sinister expression. He held back his anger and left after saying those words.

Morgan, who was radiant with delight, suddenly froze as he saw Dylas leave.

‘Sh*t, did I go too far? Did that guy notice I was tricking him?

‘Forget it, it doesn’t matter, who cares if he saw through it. In the entire Raging Flame Battlefield, only Mafa Merlin can compound that golden potion.

‘No, I’ve never heard of this thing in the Odin Kingdom… Perhaps, Mafa Merlin is the only one able to compound that potion in all of Noscent.

‘So what if Dylas saw through my trap? He would look for me sooner or later. Haha, you want to take advantage of Lord Morgan, the best businessman in Noscent?

‘What a joke…’

Morgan looked for Lin Yun to show his achievement. But on the other side, Dylas was getting angrier and angrier.

‘That idiot Morgan is clearly a mage of the Odin Kingdom, but he is helping the Andlusa Kingdom’s mages ripping me off. Just wait, you’ll regret it sooner or later.

‘As for that Mafa Merlin, don’t think that you are amazing because you can compound a potion that can help with the Extraordinary transformation.

‘So what if he controlled that secret? As long as I can figure it out, that secret would be mine.

‘And Mafa Merlin would be dreaming if he thought he could still use it to rip me off then!

‘250 mana crystals? 300 Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts’ corpses?

‘F*ck this is extortion, this is clearly a rip off!

‘250 mana crystals? The best True Spirit Magic Tools I could trade for in the temple is that set of three first-rate True Spirit Magic Tools.

‘Based on its description, as long as it was in the hands of a suitable mage, its power could compare to an Extraordinary Magic Tool. Even so, it only cost less than 300 mana crystals!

‘If I had that set of Magic Tools, I could display the power of the Heaven Rank and I wouldn’t need to seek that damned Mafa Merlin.

‘No, I understand, that Mafa Merlin wasn’t planning on helping me from the start…

‘I shouldn’t have come here, that damn b*stard. Just you wait, don’t think I’m clueless. If he had known the method before, it would have been exposed before coming to the Raging Flame Battlefield.

‘This is definitely a secret found in the Raging Flame Battlefield.’

Dylas was enraged. He quietly hid in the surroundings of Lin Yun’s temporary camp and quietly released a Shadow Devil to infiltrate the camp.

Shadow Devils were very special creatures. They had no body and looked like illusory shadows. They fed on the shadows of other lifeforms, and the best way for them to grow stronger was to devour the shadows of powerful lifeforms.

The shadow of a lifeform weaker than themselves could only be used as food to survive.

That was a strange creature from Hell. Shadow Devils could only survive in places where light could not reach. In Noscent, a single ray of sunshine could put a Shadow Devil over Level 30 in critical condition.

Shadow Devil below Level 30 would instantly dissipate even if they weren’t directly hit by the sunlight, a reflection was enough to take care of them.

Dylas had been extremely lucky to raise that Shadow Devil. The Shadow Tower’s magic emphasizes shadow spells, and only someone talented in shadow spells like him could discover this hiding Shadow Devil.

He intimidated that Shadow Devil and then forced it into a contract. It became his best tool for scouting.

When Dylas just advanced to the Archmage realm, that Shadow Devil was able to assassinate some High Mages, and Archmages that had just advanced.

But it was useless against stronger opponents, especially those above the 5th Rank who had already come in contact with the Laws. If they felt a wisp of the Shadow Devil’s aura, the assination would fail.

But although it couldn’t get close enough to assassinate them, it was the best option to scout.

Dylas controlled the Shadow Devil. Once the sun disappeared in the horizon, it followed the shadows on the ground and quietly infiltrated Lin Yun’s camp.

When it saw Reina or Xiuban, Dylas quickly controlled the Shadow Devil to hide far from them. The Shadow Devil wouldn’t be able to endure one hit from this kind of powerhouse if it was discovered.

But Dylas was envious when he saw the fifty mages of the mage army.

‘That damned b*stard, how could Mafa Merlin’s subordinates be so powerful? Apart from those outrageously powerful Beastman and icy woman, there is still a mage army with so many Archmages.

‘The aura of those mages seemed to be completely fused, and when they converged together, the fire elements seemed to be moving towards them on its own. It looks like they would be able to display formidable power at any time.

‘F*ck, the luck of that mage army is so good… But finding the secret Mafa Merlin holds is the most important part. I can get rid of the mage army as long as I find that secret. Getting rid of that mage army is just too easy with a Shadow Devil.’

Dylas gritted his teeth and endured the urge to kill those mages before letting the Shadow Devil continue inside the camp.

It went around the camp three times, but only around the unimportant places. The slightly more important locations, which were tents, were surrounded by arrays. Each tent had seven to eight probing spells.

Two of which could discover the existence of the Shadow Devil.

The Shadow Devil was strange, but it was a genuine lifeform and could be discovered with the most simple Detect Life. There were also some mana resistance runes that the Shadow Devil couldn’t pass through, it would immediately trigger an alarm if it came in contact with them.

Dylas was gritting his teeth as he pondered.

‘F*ck, it’s just a temporary camp, yet the tents actually have eight kinds of probing runes. And there are even more enchanted defensive spells. That f*cker… ‘

The sky started darkening and the air was turning heavy. Soon, thunder echoed in the sky and rain fell down in torrents.

Dylas was lying not far from the camp, his robe and body getting completely soaked. But Dylas didn’t even dare to use a Mana Shield in order to not be discovered, he even forcibly turned off some of the small enchanted spells on his magic robe. .

After lying outside the temporary camp for half of the night, Dylas was completely drenched. He was somewhat pale and his lips had turned bluish.

‘Sh*t, hurry up, hurry up, there are still three tents I have yet to examine. I can advance to the Heaven Rank as long as I discover Mafa Merlin’s secret…’

Dylas controlled the Shadow Devil to remain in front of each tent. As long as someone entered a tent, the Shadow Devil would follow its path to infiltrate it.

He had examined most of the temporary camp’s tents without success. The sky was almost bright by the time he managed to examine two of the three last tents. But he hadn’t found anything yet.

‘Only one remains, that’s Mafa Merlin’s tent. I’ll definitely discover Mafa Merlin’s secret as long as the Shadow Devil manages to infiltrate it.’

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