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Chapter 1064 – Product launch

Chapter 1064 – Product launch

Media from the US, Japan, UK, etc. had been reporting on the lawsuits between Aiwa, Sony, and the Recording Industry Association of America.

After Sony was sued by the Recording Industry Association of America, they found out the list of websites is provided by Aiwa’s lawyers. So, Sony sued Aiwa for accusing them of providing illegal downloads of MP3 music.

These three companies started suing each other with their team of lawyers in New York. That’s why these three companies were on the headlines in the past few days.

Every report from the media will mention the MP3 player, and the MP3 player had become famous.

When the lawsuits were still ongoing, Aiwa received news that Samsung is introducing their second-generation MP3 players, and Sony, Panasonic, Diamond, etc. companies will be launching their players. All these companies are trying to make use of the media’s attention on the MP3 player.

Heitaro Nakajima discussed with Feng Yu and decided to bring forward the launch of their third-generation of MP3 players. This is to let those companies know the difference in their technologies between them and Aiwa!

The product launch is held in New York, as all the lawsuits are happening there too.


“I would like to thank the media and representatives of the various company for attending Aiwa’s product launch. Although some companies did not receive our invitation, we still welcome you all.”

Heitaro Nakajima stood on the stage proudly. Look… our product launch is so successful that many companies who were not invited had come to attend. All of them want to look at our latest product and learn from us!

“Everyone… this is our AIP3. Aiwa’s third-generation MP3 player.”

Heitaro Nakajima stood in front of a big screen and points to the product on the screen.

“In my hand, this is the actual product. 13 cm long, 2.8 cm wide, and 3.2 cm thick. It is using two No. 7 batteries and can last 10 hours of continuous playtime.”


The audience gasped. They could not tell how small the MP3 player is from the picture on the screen. Still, when the camera zooms in to Heitaro Nakajima’s hand, they realize how tiny this player is.

“This product is small and portable, and it will come in a variety of colors. The colors will be using our company’s usual color series. If you use our latest Magical eight-generation earphones with AIP3, you will get the best music quality.”

“The storage of AIP3 is 512 MB, and every generation of our MP3 players’ storage will double in size. The first-generation is 128 MB, the second-generation is 256 MB, and this third-generation is 512 MB! We had incorporated the most advanced flash drive technologies into AIP3 and increased its durability.”

“Look at this small port over here. This is to connect AIP3 with the PCs through the USB port. We can download MP3 music into our PCs and transfer them into AIP3, or download MP3 music directly into AIP3.”

“Because the storage of AIP3 is 512 MB, there is an additional feature. AIP3 can be used as a portable drive. You can save your documents into AIP3 and transfer the files into another PC. For example, you can save all your work into AIP3 and show your boss. This will prevent your boss from asking you to bring different documents every now and then.”

The reporters and company representatives laughed.

“Look at the LCD display on AIP3. It will display battery life, time, and song’s title. Do you think that’s all to it? No! This display can also display the lyrics of the song you are playing in real-time. Everyone can look at the display and sing along to the song you are listening to. We no longer need to hold a piece of paper with the lyrics.”


The audience was amazed. It’s nothing special to display the song’s title as many portable music players like CD players have this function.

But displaying the song’s lyrics at the same time with the song playing is something unique.

The representatives of many consumer electronic companies were impressed. No wonder Aiwa dares to claim they are the leading company in the industry.

“Look at this button. If you press once, AIP3 will play the next song, and if you press this button, it will switch to the previous song. This button is the pause and start button. The button here is the on/off switch, and these two buttons are volume control. If you have Aiwa’s mini speakers at home, you can connect AIP3 to it and play all your favorite music from the speakers!”

Clap… clap… clap…

The audience claps, and most of them were amazed by this small device. But some are dejected and frustrated.

Damn! Aiwa had launched the 512 MB MP3 player into the market. The representative from Diamond is dejected. Can they catch up with Aiwa? Aiwa is one of the world’s leading portable music player company and specialized in music-related consumer electronic products.

Samsung Group’s representative is also frustrated. His company had invested a lot into his subsidiary for them to develop this technology. But now, he realized after spending so much on the development, they are still far away from Aiwa. Just the size alone, Samsung’s MP3 player is several times bigger and is not convenient for their customers to bring it out.

Sigh… if Samsung Group had not restructured, and South Korea was not hit by the Asian Financial Crisis, they might have developed this MP3 player a long time ago. Even if they cannot overtake Aiwa’s product, but they should be about the same.

Samsung Group’s representative is still very impressed with Aiwa’s product designers. How did they come up with these functions? Also, how did they make these functions work?

Sony’s representative and Panasonic’s representative looked at each other bitterly. When Aiwa launched their first MP3 player, they had started to research and develop their MP3 player. They thought with their technologies, they can catch up and overtake Aiwa in a short time. After all, this product is different from Walkman and CD players. It’s more inclined towards electronic products than home appliances products.

But Aiwa is too far ahead from Sony and Panasonic.

“Mr. Heitaro, how much is AIP3 selling for? What’s the retail price?”

“The box will include an MP3 player, a pair of our Magical Eighth-generation earphones, two No. 7 Tai Hua alkaline batteries, a data cable, and a one-month unlimited music downloads from our Aiwa’s music website. The retail price is 199 USD!”

Sony and other companies’ representatives felt even more bitter. 199 USD for so many things. Their products cannot even compete with Aiwa’s pricing. Are they destined to fail?

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