Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 625 - Have to Win No Matter What

Chapter 625: Have to Win No Matter What

The elementalized metal horns continued to condense.

The sharp horns shined with a metallic gleam and gave off a strangely cold feeling.

Huo Zeyuan had been slightly surprised when he saw Chu Ci summon the Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly.

He had not expected that someone as experienced as him would forget to introduce the Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly’s grade.

He had judged the present atmosphere and did not rush to introduce it. Instead, he had planned to introduce it again after the crowd quietened down.

Huo Zeyuan was shocked to see that the lucky audience member summoned a second Fantasy Breed fey before he could introduce it.

When he saw this Fantasy Breed fey, Huo Zeyuan immediately knew that he did not need to make introductions for this lucky member of the audience.

One look at the Fantasy Breed fey, and the audience knew who this lucky member of the audience was.

Huo Zeyuan looked at the silver-mask-wearing Chu Ci and immediately changed his strategy for commentating.

No matter who won, he would need to focus on commenting on Chu Ci instead of Chen Hongfeng.

The moment that Chu Ci summoned the Silver V/Fantasy II Obsidian Iron Wild Bull, the noise produced by the audience threatened to shatter the roof of the Radiance Palace.

Someone started chanting, “Princess Iron Bull! Fight him! Princess Iron Bull! Go for it!”

Lin Yuan heard the fatty near him bellow, “Princess Iron Bull! Unleash your attacks! Viciously charge with your horns!”

Lin Yuan’s lips twitched.

Chu Ci’s lips also twitched as a troubled expression appeared on her masked face.

Isn’t my Little Iron Block adorable? Why are they calling it Princess Iron Bull? How mean!

Huo Zeyuan waited for the noise to subside before commenting, “Who could have predicted that the first lucky member of the audience would be the person that people on Star Web are praising as a top prodigy? The Bronze X/Fantasy! Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly and the Silver V/Fantasy II Obsidian Iron Wild Bull! The 16-year-old…”

Huo Zeyuan continuously talked about Chu Ci. Despite being the main player, Huo Zeyuan made Chen Hongfeng seem almost irrelevant.

As the Guild Alliance’s host and commentator, Huo Zeyuan introduced the Dragon Gate Guild Club’s challenger in this manner to reduce Chen Hongfeng’s presence.

Huo Zeyuan had done this in order to adjust his commentating according to the current atmosphere.

It could also be said that he was provoking the Dragon Gate Guild Club.

However, this did not displease Long Tao. Rather, Long Tao wanted to thank Huo Zeyuan.

Even if Chen Hongfeng lost, Huo Zeyuan’s method of commentating would have reduced his presence and transferred the audience’s focus to the silver mask-wearing girl. This relieved some of the pressure that Chen Hongfeng was about to face.

Long Tao sighed.

“Maybe the Radiance Hundred Sequence should consider lowering the minimum age for recruitment next year.”

Chen Hongfeng inhaled. All his past experiences with important battles had bestowed Chen Hongfeng with the ability to ignore all the cheers that were not for him.

He looked at the two Fantasy Breed feys that the girl had summoned. One of them was even Silver/Fantasy II.

Hence, Chen Hongfeng knew that the impending fight was not going to be an easy one.

Chen Hongfeng did not have the time to complain about his luck when casually choosing a lucky member of the audience.

Instead, the gears in his brain rapidly started to turn as he tried to plan for the most effective strategy.

The Silver V/Fantasy II Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s power was comparable to that of the Gold X/Epic Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard.

His Gold X/Epic Huge-Tailed Swamp Lizard was a huge grade above the Bronze X/Epic Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly.

Judging from these statistics, he was more powerful overall.

However, he had no clue what exclusive skills these two Fantasy Breeds used. This cluelessness was a source of headache for Chen Hongfeng.

Chu Ci did not stop after summoning the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull. She followed up by summoning the Bronze X/Epic Burning Sunflower Twins.

The Burning Sunflower Twins materialized on Chu Ci’s shoulder.

Compared to the other feys that Chu Ci had summoned, the Burning Sunflower Twins were a rare beauty.

However, they did not incite the same roar of cheers as the Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly and the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull did.

The Creation Masters present gazed at Chu Ci with amazement.

In order for the Burning Sunflower to produce twins, the basic requirement was that the Burning Sunflower needed to be Legend quality.

Once it produced twins, the Burning Sunflower Twins’ grade would fall to Normal I/Normal.

Surprisingly, this Burning Sunflower Twins had reached Bronze X/Legend.

An unimaginable amount of Creation Master resources had to be invested in order to reach this level.

Given this young girl’s terrifying ensemble of feys, the Creation Masters present were afraid that the Burning Sunflower Twins was only stuck at Bronze X because she had not comprehended a Willpower Rune yet.

The quality of feys that were usually highly sought after by spirit qi professionals was nothing to her.

What a high-class lady!

Chen Hongfeng immediately felt a burning sensation when the Burning Sunflower Twins were summoned and quickly instructed the Huge-Tailed Swamp Lizard to produce an enormous swamp to surround him.

The water vapor radiating from the swamp would counter the waves of burning sensation.

Chen Hongfeng cleverly observed that the swamp’s moisture level was dropping.

Although the moisture level was not dropping quickly, the swamp would eventually become sticky mud.

When that happened, the Huge-Tailed Swamp Lizard’s Corrosive Mud Downpour and Decayed Mud Lizard would be negatively affected.

Normally, the lucky member of the audience should make the first move.

However, the burning sensation in the air and the moisture level that was being stripped away forced Chen Hongfeng to instruct the Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard to charge at Chu Ci.

As the Dragon Gate Guild Club representative, Chen Hongfeng had to win this duel no matter what.

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