Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 647 - Today Will Be an Exciting Day

Chapter 647: Today Will Be an Exciting Day

“Is there any other evidence?”

“I remembered that there was once when I took the exams for Dai Xi, he was not even in the country. Instead, he went to have fun abroad. You can investigate to know the exact time. It should be during the second year.” Qin Yang recalled more memories for them.

Feng Shanshan and Mu Qiqi exchanged glances. It should be enough.

Now that they had the screenshots from Dai Xi’s ex-girlfriend and Qin Yang’s videos, if they could prove that the time Dai Xi went abroad coincided with the schedule of his examination, the evidence would be concrete.

“Chief Sheng, I have told you everything I know. Please let me go. I was blind for not recognizing your wife today. I will kowtow to her as an apology.”

“No need.” Mu Qiqi stopped him immediately. She did not have such a bad hobby of getting people to kowtow to her.

“Make sure you open your eyes big in the future when you’re outside. At least you will be able to save your life, don’t you think?” Sheng Xiao hated the smell in the place and frowned subconsciously.

“I’ll listen to you. I’ll listen to everything you say.” Thinking that he might have survived this time, Qin Yang quickly agreed to him.

Sheng Xiao glanced at Mu Qiqi and stood up. “Can we go now?”

“I didn’t expect you to handle it in the end.” Mu Qiqi sighed and looked at Feng Shanshan. “Can you rest assured now?”

“Thanks,” Feng Shanshan said rather awkwardly.

They left the bar swiftly. This time, Feng Shanshan went home willingly. She should feel at ease by now.

As Mu Qiqi watched Feng Shanshan leave, she sighed helplessly. “She said that she wouldn’t fall in love. But the fact is that she is far more concerned than anyone else. Although she always says that Tang Yan is a bad guy, she still falls for him to the extent that she cannot control herself anymore. She’s just not admitting that she is now a silly girl in love.”

Sheng Xiao unbuttoned his sleeves and turned Mu Qiqi’s face toward him. Then, he asked, “Do you think I should not have helped you just now?”

Mu Qiqi was startled. “You’re still thinking about what I said just now?”


Mu Qiqi chuckled. “We were stupid for going into the place by ourselves just now. If it were not because of you, we would still be trapped inside, wouldn’t we? I know there are certain things that girls like us are unable to handle. I might have had to think about it all night before I could do something. Even so, it might not be more effective than you coming to meet Qin Yang. Compared to you, I really don’t know how long it will take for me to grow up so that I can be independent.”

Sheng Xiao was satisfied after listening to her answer. Only then he let go of her. “You will, one day.”

“I think so too.” Then, Mu Qiqi lay on Sheng Xiao’s lap. “There will be a good drama to watch tomorrow. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.”

Sheng Xiao was touching the little one’s thin lips when his lips curled upward.

Tomorrow, he should see how Feng Shanshan used the evidence to avenge Captain Tang.

Late at night, in Ye Mansion.

Mu Tangxue stayed in the house quietly all day long. Apart from talking to Ye Jingcheng in the morning, she did not say a word for the rest of the day.

The servants in the house reported the situation to Ye Jingcheng when he came home, and he quickly went into her room after knowing about it.

“Tangxue… The servants told me you’ve unhappy all day. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Mu Tangxue sat on the bed and answered coldly.

Ye Jingcheng sat on the edge of the bed and saw the fruit knife beside Mu Tangxue’s pillow. “What are you thinking of doing?”

“I don’t know. I just feel that my chest is so tight that I can’t live anymore.”

Seeing Mu Tangxue in such distress, Ye Jingcheng knew that he could not lock Mu Tangxue in the house anymore. So, he hugged Mu Tangxue and said, “We’ll go out tomorrow to relax.”

“I don’t want to see you. Mu Qiqi, you’re not my sister. I didn’t kill Mother.”

After hearing what Mu Tangxue said, Ye Jingcheng was dumbfounded. He could somehow feel that Mu Tangxue was not quite sane.

“Tangxue, look at me. What are you saying?”

“Father… I didn’t kill Grandma!”

Ye Jingcheng was stunned. He barely managed to stand up after a while to call the family doctor. Did he just drive Mu Tangxue crazy?

It was impossible.

Soon, the family doctor arrived at Ye Mansion. After the doctor checked on Mu Tangxue and gave her some sedatives, Mu Tangxue fell asleep.

“Mr. Ye, she’s having a nervous breakdown and showing signs of schizophrenia. I suggest you bring her to a hospital to get a thorough check-up. In the meantime, try not to stress her out.”

Ye Jingcheng grabbed his collar and threatened him. “Say that again.”

“It’s the fact. I can’t do anything if you don’t trust me.”

Ye Jingcheng let go of the doctor and uttered, “Get lost.”

Could it be that he had driven Mu Tangxue crazy because he sent Mr. Lu away? How big was Mr. Lu’s influence on her actually?

Ye Jingcheng stayed by Mu Tangxue’s bed the entire night until Mu Tangxue woke up.

“Why are you here?”

At this moment, she seemed to have returned to normal. Ye Jingcheng was delighted and hugged her tightly.

“Tangxue, you can go anywhere you want to go tomorrow. Don’t stay at home. After I get off work, I will go out with you.”

Mu Tangxue remained motionless and simply let him hug her. However, her lips curled upward in secret.

The emotions of this man were in her control now. When it comes to acting, it could be said that she was a veteran. She had the ability to perhaps even win an award. Needless to say, she was fighting for her freedom because she wanted to know the current situation of Mr. Lu.

Since Mu Tangxue was in a tricky situation, Mu Qiqi was unable to tell her his current situation.

She couldn’t imagine how Mu Tangxue would react if she told Mu Tangxue that Mr. Lu had been sent to the rural area. Mu Tangxue might go crazy.

It was a night that many people seemed to be suffering. Whether it was Feng Shanshan, Third Brother and his wife, or Mu Tangxue. It was as if they were trapped in their own destinies, unable to escape from the deep pit.

Anyway, tomorrow would be a brand new beginning, wouldn’t it?

Before that, early in the morning, Feng Shanshan sent some documents to some departments anonymously. She also attached the evidence along with the documents, of which she had made a lot of copies.

Since Dai Xi bet Tang Yan’s life with her, she must make him pay the price!

In order to prepare the materials, she spent the whole night writing a ten-thousand-word draft. She had indeed worked hard for Tang Yan’s sake.

The man was her man. Although he did not have a family or a friend, at least he still had her as his woman.

So, Feng Shanshan did not hesitate to do anything for him.

The next morning, the police station also received some of the documents. Of course, those were the materials Feng Shanshan had prepared.

Feng Shashan even sent a copy to Mu Qiqi, as if to remind her to come and join in the fun. Today would be an exciting day.

She got herself so tired last night, so today would be the day for harvesting!

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