God of Fishing

Chapter 1220 - Conspiracy

Chapter 1220: Conspiracy

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Han Fei held the jade slip in his hand and sneered in his heart. Are you trying to play mysterious with me? Then let me play with you.

He scanned with his perception, and information popped up in his mind.

Dao Transformation Book (Venerable-Level, Low-Quality) (Incomplete)

Introduction: Someone has observed more than a hundred Great Daos and attempted to fuse them into one. However, there are countless Dao runes, which have different origins. This technique tries to forcibly fuse all of them. This book follows the path of sacrifice. Cultivators can sacrifice their souls to obtain the essence of different Daos.

Deduced Art: Unknown

Deduction Cost: 0 / 100 million

Note: If you master this technique, you will become a puppet.


Han Fei couldn’t have felt more awful. This Yu Wendao was truly vicious. If this guy didn’t die, he wouldn’t be able to rest assured.

Han Fei said in his heart, “This man looks like an old pedant, but I’ve never seen anyone more vicious than him in my life. Old turtle, let’s kill him first.

The old turtle said leisurely, “At least not here. Besides, although this person’s Dao is impure, he’s definitely not weak in the Dao Seeking realm. If we want to kill him without anyone knowing it, I’m not strong enough yet.”

Han Fei was disappointed. “Wait, you are an emperor anyway. Can’t you even kill a Half-Venerable?”


The old turtle said angrily, “How do you have the cheek to say that? My soul was incomplete in the first place, and more than half of it was swallowed by this calabash. It even refined my Great Dao into your meridians. I should be thanking the heavens that I’m still alive. And now you want me to kill a Half-Venerable without alarming anyone?”


Han Fei felt a little guilty, as the old turtle did seem to be quite miserable. However, Han Fei didn’t believe that he had no ability at all.

Han Fei immediately said, “The little turtle beside the Fish Dragon King is yours.”

The old turtle was lost for words. “Do you think they’re ordinary peak-level Dao Seeking powerhouses? He’s also at the Half-Venerable level. If I join forces with you, I can solve at most one of them. If the two of them attack together, it will be a problem for me to escape.”

Han Fei curled his lips. “Then what do you think I should do? Do you expect me to practice this damn technique?”

Suddenly, Han Fei thought of something. What if the old turtle cultivated the Transformation Dao Book? Could Yu Wendao defeat the old turtle?

Han Fei immediately pointed at the jade slip and said, “Read it for yourself. I think no one can practice this technique except you.”

The old turtle sneered. Can I cultivate this damn thing?

However, when the old turtle scanned it with his perception, he immediately shouted, “This is simple. This person’s understanding of the Great Dao is less than one billionth of mine. Let me practice the technique for a while and squeeze him dry.”

Han Fei’s as*hole suddenly tightened. “OK, but it has nothing to do with me!”

The old turtle: “…”

That night.

Han Fei made a cave for himself in the Ice God Canyon and sealed the entrance of the cave, regardless of what others thought.

At this moment, Yu Wendao was quietly looking at the cave that Han Fei established. He nodded from time to time and murmured, “As expected, this simple-minded brat is really easy to fool. As long as he borrows the power of the Great Dao from me in the future, I can slowly deprive him of his soul. Then, I can easily occupy his body and enter the Great Dao.”

Yu Wendao was happily imagining his beautiful future, and Han Fei was asking, “How is it? Have you practiced it?”

The old turtle said, “How can it be so fast? If you can master it immediately, doesn’t it mean that you are more talented than the Fish Dragon King?”

Han Fei curled his lips. “That’s true! But I really want to kill this guy as soon as possible.”

The next morning.

Han Fei suddenly felt a weird power being sucked into his body. He suddenly opened his eyes. “What power?”

Han Fei could clearly perceive that this power did not fall on him, but was directly absorbed by the old turtle.


The old turtle smiled creepily. “Interesting. It turns out that this person has such an idea. He wants to use this technique to deceive others into sacrificing their souls so that he can easily possess them.”

Han Fei already knew that, but he still asked, “So, did you offer sacrifices?”

“Humph? Of course not. I took the initiative to project a wisp of my soul over, but… how can my soul be so easy to swallow?”

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Can you use this method to leave my sea of consciousness?”

The old turtle immediately said solemnly, “How can a mere Half-Venerable carry my soul? Besides, if I really sacrifice all my soul, this calabash will probably eat me.”

Han Fei said with a smile, “Stop pretending. You can definitely get some of it out. Didn’t you want to split a wisp of your soul and occupy the turtle beside the Fish Dragon King? This one isn’t weak either, right? He should be stronger than that one. Isn’t his body what you want?”

The old turtle sneered. “What do you know? That turtle is of the same race as me, so it makes sense for me to take his body. I know how to pass on my Dao runes into his body. But this person’s Dao is chaotic and impure. His body has already been useless. Otherwise, how could he have thought of this technique?”

Han Fei grinned. “That doesn’t matter. Anyway, with this technique, you can at least get some of your soul out. Kill this guy first, then kill that turtle, and I’ll kill the rest of the peak-level Sea Spirits in a minute. It’s easy.”

Han Fei thought that no matter how the old turtle complained to him, he was definitely not as weak as he said. But this old turtle must be afraid of the Demon Purification Pot. Although he had an alliance with him now, Han Fei suspected how much it could restrict him.

Since there was the opportunity, he might as well let the old turtle kill Yu Wendao first. He could help the old turtle to get the body of the Turtle-Man. As for the old turtle wanting to kill him, he didn’t believe it at all. Most of his soul was still in his body. What could he do?

Han Fei’s eyes suddenly glittered. If the old turtle could possess the turtle Half-Venerable, he could kill the Fish Dragon King and replace him in the Thousand Mountain Ancient Realm…

The old turtle seemed to know what Han Fei was thinking. He immediately said, “That’s good. We don’t have to be so suspicious of each other. If I have a body, I can join forces with you. No one in the same realm as me can be our opponent.”

Han Fei grinned and said, “Let’s go to the Thousand Mountain Ancient Realm first before replacing them. Ice God Canyon, heh, I’ll come back sooner or later.”

Han Fei only wanted to return to the Ice God Canyon for one purpose, which was to find out what was below the canyon and why Little Black and Little White were attracted to it.

If this wasn’t the place where the strong lived, Han Fei really wanted to go down now.

At this moment.

Yu Wendao was dumbfounded. He speculated that Han Fei was not weak, nor was his soul.

However, after only one night, the quality of Han Fei’s soul was shockingly high.

However, this extremely high-quality soul seemed a little strange. It was a little too dark. He had clearly swallowed this soul, but why did he produce a kind of ultimate desire for power?


Yu Wendao’s first thought was that Han Fei was so desperate for power that his pursuit of power in his soul had reached an extreme state of obsession.

Yu Wendao put on a vague smile. “So, this is the real you. But it’s better. The more you pursue power, the more you need my power, hehe…”

The next morning.

Han Fei saw the Fish Dragon King walking over from a distance with Lan Xue’er in high spirits, and the old turtle man was standing quietly on an ice platform, waiting.

Apart from Han Fei and the others, there were actually nearly 200 peak-level law enforcers waiting here. They seemed to be going together.

Han Fei was slightly surprised. “There are more people going! Isn’t it just the Fish Dragon King and us?”

Yu Wendao’s voice sounded on the ice platform, “Everyone, enter the teleportation array. You can leave now.”

Han Fei took a look, only to see that Yu Wendao was fine. “Old turtle, why is he fine?”

The old turtle said, “More haste, less speed. This damn technique can only sacrifice a little soul at a time. Otherwise, I would have already eaten him.”

Han Fei pondered and said, “When we leave the Ice God Canyon, make offerings a few more times and eat him as soon as possible.”

“We have to separate from him first. There’s no rush. Aren’t you going to the secret realm? Don’t kill the Fish Dragon King after you go in. Wait for me to eat this guy first.”

Han Fei was briefly stunned. “Does it matter?”

The old turtle said, “Those two must be protecting the Fish Dragon King. If he dies, what will happen if they find out?”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “Okay! Then let’s go to the Thousand Mountain Ancient Realm first and act according to the situation.”

After enjoying the night, the Fish Dragon King glanced at Han Fei and the others lazily. “What are your names?”

Yu Cailing replied, “My lord, it’s Yu Cailing.”

Han Fei: “Yu Hanjia.”

The Fish Dragon King frowned slightly because Han Fei didn’t call his title, but he didn’t take it seriously. He thought to himself, I’ll just throw this guy out to suffer and he’ll definitely beg to lick my boots.

With this in mind, the Fish Dragon King held his head high and took a few steps to the ice platform, shouting in a low voice, “Go, follow me to conquer the Ancient Realm.”

Han Fei tilted the corner of his mouth. Just keep showing off, you’ll only be able to do it for two more days. Heh…

On the side, Yu Cailing glanced at Han Fei, a little puzzled, thinking that this Yu Hanjia didn’t seem to respect the Fish Dragon King.

Han Fei and the others followed him to the ice platform, only to see a large teleportation array there. They didn’t know where it led to.

Before entering the array, Yu Wendao glanced at Han Fei with a smile, his meaning unknown.

Han Fei thought to himself, What the f*ck are you looking at? I can at most let you live a few more days.. You old b * stard wants to rob me of my body with that damn cultivation technique? Nice try.

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