Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1202 - Xi, Your Face Is so Soft

Chapter 1202: Xi, Your Face Is so Soft

‘No wonder…’ Nian Xi thought.

“Uncle Han has a great taste,” said Nian Xi.

Jiang Yuning was slightly unhappy. She first said he had a great taste, but then gave the credit to Uncle Han.

“Uncle Han has a great taste indeed, but I look good in this suit mainly because I’m tall,” he argued with a low voice.

He didn’t mention his body shape. After all, her ex-boyfriend was a muscular guy.

Nian Xi saw him pouting, wanted to laugh. She did nothing but giving Uncle Han a compliment. Was he jealous of Uncle Han?

“You’re right. You’re tall,” she said. Tall guys could easily make a suit look great.

Only after hearing that compliment from her did Jiang Yuning smile.

“Is your hands getting better?” Nian Xi asked.

“The doctor will take out the stitches today,” Jiang Yuning looked at her expectantly, said, “Do you have time to go with me? How about we go together after the trial?”

Nian Xi shook her head with a frown, said, “I can’t go with you. Today is my nephew’s hundred-day-old party.”

Jiang Yuning was disappointed. Should he go to her nephew’s party too?

Nian Xi liked polite boys. Would it be impolite for him not to go?

“What about I… I go with you?”

“Eh?” Nian Xi wasn’t expecting that.

“Don’t you want me to go?” Jiang Yuning wore a slightly sad look on his face.

“I do,” Nian xi suffered a headache. If she turned him down, his feelings would certainly be hurt.

However, if she brought him to the party, her parents and other families would probably go crazy. They would ask him tons of questions.

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