Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1203 - As Your Punishment, Let Me Be Your Queen

Chapter 1203: As Your Punishment, Let Me Be Your Queen

Nian Xi didn’t know what to say.

She suspected if the boy was pretending to be silly so he could take advantage of her.

“No?” Seeing the look on her face, Jiang Yuning reached out a hand and said, “Then… you can pinch my hand.”

Nian Xi glanced at his slender fingers. He did a lot of experiments, so he had callused on his palm. However, his fingers were all perfectly shaped.

“In your dream,” Nian Xi slapped on his palm, then said, “As your punishment, let me be your queen.”

Jiang Yuning was stunned. A short while later, he repeated the word with a dry voice, “Queen.”

Nian Xi coughed slightly, said, “You only need to see me as your queen, don’t need to actually call me that.”

Jiang Yuning blinked, said, “You are already my queen.”

If she wasn’t his queen, why would he listen to every word she says and always think of her as his top priority?”

Hearing that, Nian Xi felt sweet. She couldn’t help but reached out both hands to rub the boy’s face. His skin was almost as soft as tofu. She even wondered what he always ate to make his skin so great.

Jiang Yuning’s face was even twisted by Nian Xi’s hands. He didn’t know what kind of hand cream she wore, but her hands smelt so nice.

“Queen… eh, I mean, Xi, can I go to your nephew’s party?” Jiang Yuning brought up the original topic.

Nian Xi thought for a moment, then responded to him seriously, “If it’s my birthday, I’ll certainly invite you. But now, you’re not my boyfriend yet. If I brought you home, my family would think that you’re already my boyfriend, and they’d ask you all kinds of questions, such as what is your job and how old are you. You don’t like talking, so it would be hard for you. Besides, I think we’re not there yet. We shouldn’t give each other pressure. You have no idea how scary my families can be.”

“Oh,” Jiang Yuning was a little disappointed. “I was going to give your nephew a little gift.”

“What is it?” Nian Xi was curious. Normally, a gift from a scientist would be special.

“This,” Jiang Yuning took out a tiny blue watch from his pocket, “This is a watch I recently developed for children. This watch has GPS, can make phone calls, remotely monitor, play music, take photos and videos. Of course, those aren’t important.”

Nian Xi clicked her tongue with surprise. Those functions weren’t even important.

Some watches for children like that could be found in the market, but none of those had so many functions.

“It’s most important function is to monitor children’s body condition twenty-four hours a day,” said Jiang Yuning with a serious face, “There is a sensor on the back of the watch. It senses the magnetic field of the human body through the skin. The watch can detect any change in the baby’s body in no time. It also contained the data of all known human diseases. When the baby isn’t feeling well, the watch can accurately find out the cause, such as fever, stomachache, inflammation of the throat. It can read over a hundred symptoms.”

“So… so powerful?” Nian Xi was dumbfounded.

She didn’t have children, but she heard from some parents that before the babies learned to talk, all they could do when feeling unwell was to cry. The parents could feel so troubled sometimes because they didn’t know what was wrong with their babies.

Things would become so much easier with that watch.

“Em, Jiang Yuning nodded,” I think this watch will come into the market next year. Many new parents could neglect their babies’ conditions because they’re lack experience. Every year, a lot of babies died for that kind of reason. That’s why I developed this watch. You can try it on if you don’t believe me.”

“Can I?” Nian Xi was surprised.

“Of course.”

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