Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1204 - You Haven’t Made Love This Month

Chapter 1204: You Haven’t Made Love This Month

Nian Xi put it on. About ten seconds later, the watch reported—after corpus luteum atrophic, estrogen and progesterone secrete drop subsequently, the endometrium cannot get the support of the sex hormone, necrosed and fell off, started the menstruation…’

Nian Xi was nonplussed by the message.

Jiang Yuning sat there gape-mouthed.

The weird silence lasted a few seconds. Jiang Yuning worried that Nian Xi might not understand what the watch reported, so he offered an explanation, “It means you haven’t made love this month. You are not pregnant, so you’re on your period…”

“Shut up.” A red-faced Nian Xi glowered at him. “What do you mean by making love? Where did you learn that?”

Did that silly boy intend to embarrass her to death?

He might not feel ashamed, but she did!

“I learned it from the internet.” Being yelled at made Jiang Yuning feel uneasy. “Scientifically, it’s called sexual intercourse. But I think that word shouldn’t be used between a boy and a girl. So I said make love.”

Nian Xi didn’t know what to think or say. Was “make love” an indirect term? She didn’t utter another word.

The watch continued reporting—The menstrual flow is less than thirty millimeters, less than the normal amount. Irregular work and rest might cause endocrine dyscrasia. An unhealthy diet could hurt the spleen…

“That’s wrong.” Nian Xi took off the watch and said, “I’m not on my period.”

Jiang Yuning looked at her straight in the eye and said, “It’s telling you what’s happening inside your body. Even though you’re not on your period, you soon will be. Xi, girls should take good care of their bodies. You rarely eat on time and you always work late. If you don’t get enough rest, you’ll become unhealthy.”

“Okay, okay. I get it.” Nian Xi dug her ear. She couldn’t bear listening to him, so she started the engine.

But Jiang Yuning was still worried. Shyly, he asked her, “Xi, do you have pads?”

Nian Xi was boiling. She ignored him.

“If you don’t, you’d better buy some.” Jiang Yuning continued, “Otherwise, it might be problematic if your menstruation suddenly starts.”

“Stop talking. I need to concentrate when I drive.” Nian Xi refused to admit the watch was right.

How could it magically predict her menstruation? That was impossible.

After driving a while, Nian Xi stopped the car and bought some breakfast, sharing it with Jiang Yuning.

After arriving at the courthouse, Nian Xi, Jiang Yuning, the prosecutor, and Fang Qi sat together, talking about the case.

The prosecutor said, “The defendant might admit that he liked Duan Yang but will deny that he murdered him and attempted to murder Officer Nian and Professor Jiang. But you don’t need to worry. The fire department has provided us with relevant evidence. I’m eighty percent confident about the case.”

“Great. We can’t let the murderer get away,” said Nian Xi through clenched teeth.

“The hearing will start in twenty minutes. Let’s all take a break and gather our thoughts. Later, the defendant’s lawyer will question the two of you. Professor Jiang, I understand this is the first time you’ve appeared in court…” The prosecutor looked at him with a concerned expression. “I heard from Nian Xi that you don’t like talking. You will be expected to answer the questions.”

“I’ll listen to Nian Xi.” Jiang Yuning nodded.

The prosecutor gave the two an encouraging look.

“I want to go to the supermarket outside. I need to buy something,” said Jiang Yuning.


Watching him leave, a thought popped into Nain Xi’s head: She buried her forehead in her palms, hoping she was wrong.

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