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Chapter 881 - Who's Sparing Who? (1)

Chapter 881: Who’s Sparing Who? (1)

As soon as Si Zhengting learned that she was at the Beijing Hotel, Si Zhengting said, “Okay, I’ll be there in five minutes. May I see you?”

The caution in his tone made Zhuang Nainai slightly dazed.

She had indeed been a little too harsh to Xu Dazhi last time. She had also said mean things to him. During his absence for the past few days, she actually felt guilty. When Zhuang Nainai heard his voice at that moment, she pondered for a moment before agreeing. “Okay, you can come.”

After Zhuang Nainai ended the call, she gestured to Si Jingyu with her phone. “A colleague. Let’s head back now.”

Interacting with people in the same industry could help refine their expertise. Sometimes, a casual remark made by someone could spark a design inspiration in them.

Both of them left the carpark. When they arrived at the door, they heard a commotion from the entrance.

Zhuang Nainai did not really care about it. She had thought that someone was here to cause trouble and was planning to continue walking with Si Jingyu.

However, after taking two steps, they heard someone shouting from the entrance, “Si Jingyu! Si Jingyu! Come out!”

As the shouting resounded in the air, both of them stopped in their tracks and turned around to look at the lift lobby on the fourth floor.

The security officer was barring the way. A woman was standing there and letting out hysterical screams. Who else could that be other than Shi Jinyan’s mistress, Bai Yue?

Zhuang Nainai’s eyes narrowed as she looked over at Si Jingyu subconsciously. As expected, she noticed the subtle changes in her expression.

Zhuang Nainai quickly grasped Si Jingyu’s wrist subconsciously. “Sister…”

Si Jingyu snapped out of her trance and nodded at Zhuang Nainai. Ignoring the commotion on the other side, she walked straight toward the event hall.

After they took a few steps, Bai Yue’s voice could be heard from the entrance once again. “Si Jingyu, let’s talk. Come out!”

She was way too brazen!

Pursing her lips, Zhuang Nainai continued walking forward with Si Jingyu.

After taking a few more steps, they heard Bai Yue say, “Si Jingyu, I have something to tell you. It’s regarding the child! Are you going to hear me out?!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Si Jingyu finally stopped in her tracks. She turned around and looked over in disbelief.

Regarding the child?

It’s regarding… her child?

Her eyes narrowed as she looked over sharply. After a while, she walked toward her.

Upon witnessing this situation, Zhuang Nainai was stuck in a dilemma. However, she thought about how her sister had always displayed a slightly compliant attitude in front of Bai Yue. It seemed like she was very accommodating toward Bai Yue because she had done her wrong in the past.

Zhuang Nainai was afraid that Si Jingyu would be taken advantage of. Hence, she followed her.

When the two of them arrived at the entrance, Si Jingyu looked at the security officer. “I know this person.”

Instantly, the security officer let go of Bai Yue.

Clad in a white trench coat, Bai Yue looked very delicate and frail. She had an oval-shaped face; her chin was sharp. Her big eyes seemed to occupy half of her face, which made her appear very pitiful. She could evoke one’s desire to protect her. However, who would have thought that this woman would do such things to her child?

It could be because she had children now, but Nainai was reminded of that day as soon as she saw her — that day when she asked Xin Xin to kneel in front of Jingyu outside of the hospital in the middle of the freezing winter.

Zhuang Nainai’s heart ached.

How could there be such a heartless mother in this world?

If anyone were to treat her children like that, she would fight that person at all costs!

Right now, wasn’t she working so hard solely because she wanted to earn enough money to support her children on her own?

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