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Chapter 935 - Mr. Si's Jealousy (1)

Chapter 935: Mr. Si’s Jealousy (1)

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After ending the call, he heard a knock on the car window just as he was about to start the car engine. Frowning, he rolled down the car window impatiently, only to see Liu Huawei’s personal assistant standing next to the car politely. Upon seeing Si Zhengting, he lowered his head quickly, refraining from meeting his dark and profound eyes. “Mr. Si, Mr. Liu asked me to wait here and tell you something.”

Si Zhengting acknowledged him coldly.

Thereafter, the personal assistant said politely, “Mr. Liu was really unaware of Liu Xinshui’s behavior last night. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been fooled and gone upstairs. Please do not take it to heart.”

After hearing this, Si Zhengting looked up nonchalantly.

The personal assistant added hurriedly, “Mr. Liu said that he would be seeking help from the Imperial Group regarding the Royal Hotel’s apparel design.”

The Imperial Group had its own design department. It would definitely want this business deal, which was worth billions.

What the personal assistant was trying to convey to Si Zhengting was, undoubtedly, that the Royal Hotel would be giving the Imperial Group money as a means to make amends if the two companies collaborated.

However, when Si Zhengting heard this, he lowered his head and said after a while, “No need.”

The personal assistant’s expression turned grim. He didn’t want to accept the apology. Did that mean that he would not overlook this matter?

As soon as this thought popped up in his mind, he heard Si Zhengting say, “We will compete fair and square for this project.”

After he finished speaking, he rolled down the window and drove away, leaving a confused personal assistant rooted to the ground. What did Mr. Si mean by that?

Compete fair and square? Which other company in the design industry could match the design resources of the Imperial Group?

On the way to Xibali village, Ji Chen reported the latest news to Si Zhengting. “Mr. Si, the bank has already started to urge the Gu family to pay their debts. The Gus cannot fork out that sum at all. Along with Mi Nuo’s scandal last night, they have declared bankruptcy. The bank is now processing their application. Mr. Liu wanted me to ask you when would be a good time to acquire the house?”

Upon acquiring the house, everyone in the Gu family would be chased out.

How could Nainai be left out of this matter?

Si Zhengting’s eyes twinkled for a moment before he said, “Just inform the Madam about things like this.”

Ji Chen acknowledged the order.

Si Zhengting had arrived at Xibali village. He got off the car and walked toward the small house. After taking two steps, he suddenly felt slightly nervous.

If he told Nainai that he was Xu Dazhi, what would Nainai’s reaction be?

Would she be overjoyed or would she treat him with disdain?

As he stood outside the door, he suddenly felt slightly nervous. As if he was a reckless youth, his heart actually started to race and his face became flushed.

After taking a deep breath, Si Zhengting knocked on the door. He waited for a while, but no one opened the door.

Taken aback, he walked to the side of the house and peered in through the window, only to discover that every room was empty.

He furrowed his brows immediately. Where did Nainai go?

After pondering for a moment, he had a sudden realization. Walking toward the car, he said, “To Lize Park.”

Lize Park was the villa district where the two children were at.

Zhuang Nainai’s life was too plain. If she wasn’t here, she must be looking after the children at the villa!

However, when Si Zhengting arrived at the villa, he did not find any traces of her.

Slightly taken aback, it finally dawned on him that he must have arrived earlier than Zhuang Nainai since he drove.

Since he was here…

He got off the car and entered the villa. Since the children were here, would Nainai go easy on him after learning the truth?

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