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Chapter 1362 - : A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (12)

Chapter 1362: A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (12)

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Shen Yiren drank a sip of wine and bitterly smiled.

“If I don’t try to chase after him, then what else can I do? All of you know that for big brother, I worked so hard to become famous and return to the country. Don’t tell me you want me to give up without trying?”

“Didn’t you already try it once, what else do you want to do now? Be a third party and come in between them?”

Shen Yiren disliked Chu Mubei’s attitude and furrowed her brows as she glared at him. “Chu Mubei, what do you mean by third party? When I pursued big brother, I asked and they said they weren’t even together. Qianxun even told me to do whatever I want. We are having a fair competition here, do you understand?”

Shi Guang quickly tried to calm her down. “Yiren, don’t be angry. You know how Chu Mubei has a foul mouth.”

With that, she instinctively glanced at Wang Caichun.

Wang Caichun looked as if she was regretful for not meeting Mo Feifei before. They actually got along well and were happily chatting with each other. “RISD is based in Providence, Rhode Island. Because of RISD, the city was filled with a rich culture. Many American historic buildings and history had left their traces there. Can I go to visit you when you start to study there?”

Mo Feifei smiled at Wang Caichun and nodded her head. “Of course you can, I will welcome you anytime.”

Shi Guang was bewildered. “…”

Wang Caichun seemed to be unfazed and remained calm from the start to the end, she acted like she did not care and naturally, one would think she did not like Chu Mubei. Shi Guang must have assumed wrong that they had a romantic relationship, but it turned out that it was simply just a partnership.

Then, she said to Chu Mubei, “Chu Mubei, mind your language.”

Chu Mubei punished himself with a toast and apologized to Shen Yiren. “I’m sorry.”

After that, he calmed down and looked at Shen Yiren. He then said, “Actually, I said all those for your own good. If you won’t believe me, you can ask Old Lu. Big brother really likes Qianxun and that day, for Qianxun, he even hired a sniper to target Su Wencheng and ambushed him.”

Shen Yiren, who had always been ambitious, furrowed her brows, and she said, “But it’s not my style to not give my best. Even if I failed after I tried, at least I have no regrets.”

Shi Guang was put in a difficult spot and did not know who she was going to side with.

It seemed that both sides were not wrong.

Shen Yiren did nothing wrong in liking big brother. After all, everyone had their right to like and fight for whoever they wanted.

But Chu Mubei was not wrong as well. When he got married to Wang Caichun, he clearly said that they could find people they liked and if they did find one, they could file a divorce and give each other their blessings.

Moreover, Wang Caichun seemed to not mind, thus there was no need for her to worry.

However, big brother liked Qianxun while Shen Yiren liked big brother and Chu Mubei liked Shen Yiren. On the other hand, Wang Caichun was Chu Mubei’s fake wife.

Their relationships were too messy and it gave her a headache. She turned her head to look at Lu Yanchen with a bewildered look.

Lu Yanchen looked at her tenderly and the smile in his eyes was like a small bud that grew larger and larger. He raised his brows and looked as though he was saying, ‘Don’t care about them. Just let them figure it out themselves.’

Shi Guang was caught between laughter and tears. “…”

After their meal, Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen sent Mo Feifei home while Shen Yiren left earlier. Chu Mubei looked at Wang Caichun and said, “Do you need me to send you home?”

Wang Caichun drank a little bit of wine, thus her face had a slight pink blush. She smiled and said, “Sure.”

The car stopped outside Wang Caichun’s apartment entrance. Wang Caichun did not immediately get down the car and instead, turned her head towards Chu Mubei and said, “Chu Mubei, let’s divorce each other!”

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