Hokage: Ryo’s Path

Chapter 444

Chapter 444

After Itachi lifted Tsukuyomi, his face was pale, and tears of blood flowed from the corners of his eyes.

Hoshigaki Kisame immediately sealed his hands with a large shark made of water towards Yamanaka Ryo.

Itachi took a deep breath and released Amaterasu at the place where Yamanaka Ryo was. The two immediately ran out of the village.

Seeing that he was leaving Konoha, Hoshigaki Kisame smiled and said, “Itachi-san, this Yamanaka Ryo is not that big of a deal!”

“Really? Look over there!” Itachi pointed to where they had fought with Yamanaka Ryo just now.

Hoshigaki Kisame looked back and was silent for a moment. His big shot was frozen, along with Itachi’s Amaterasu. Hoshigaki Kisame still knew the characteristics of Amaterasu. He and Itachi had performed missions so often, but he had never seen Itachi’s Amaterasu cracked.

“Itachi-san, why is your Amaterasu …”

“Amaterasu is just a fire in the end. Yamanaka Ryo only needs to add Fuinjutsu to the ice. It is not impossible to freeze Amaterasu.”

“What Yamanaka Ryo best at was speed. The reason I used Tsukuyomi directly at first was because of his speed. “

“Speed? How does it compare with Fourth Hokage?”

Itachi pondered and then said, “I don’t know, it shouldn’t be slower than Fourth Hokage.”

Hoshigaki Kisame sucked in a breath of cold air and said in fear, “He’s a terrifying person. We’re fortunate to be able to escape today!”

“Well, we’re, indeed, lucky,” Itachi said and ignored Hoshigaki Kisame. He then ran towards the outside of Konoha.


After Yamanaka Ryo froze the Amaterasu and the Big Shotgun, he hit a ring finger. The ice cubes instantly broke into ice crystals.

Yamanaka Ryo looked at his burned right-hand arm. He then took out a Healing Tag and stuck it on the right-hand arm, muttering to himself, “Amaterasu is such a troublesome Dojutsu.”


After about another half month, Konoha’s repairmen’s work was finally over, and the village was restored to its original appearance.

In a subsequent meeting, Hatake Sakumo praised the fighting ninja for their contribution to this battlefield but didn’t mention the medical ninja.

Konoha’s villagers were very dissatisfied with this. Without medical ninja, they didn’t know how many people would die. However, Hokage didn’t mention the merits of the medical ninja.

Yamanaka Ryo expected this reaction of the villagers. However, it was not intense enough, so Yamanaka Ryo ignored it and let the public opinion fester.

At the same time, Yamanaka Ryo persuaded Tsunade to take over the Fifth Hokage job and became Sixth Hokage. Tsunade initially refused, but after hearing that Yamanaka Ryo was willing to help her pay off all her foreign debts, Tsunade was swayed.

The first thing he did was take advantage of the situation and put his savings in front of Tsunade, who was blinded by money and immediately agreed to take over the Fifth Hokage job.

After that, Yamanaka Ryo informed Hatake Sakumo of the news. Hatake Sakumo was so happy to hear this that he immediately sent someone to inform the Country of Fire Daimyo and ask for his approval. Simultaneously, he started the handover of the Hokage’s right and sent Anbu Ninja to spread the news in the village that Tsunade would take over the Fifth Hokage job.

However, Hatake Sakumo didn’t expect that after hearing the news, the villagers were not talking about how the new Hokage was. Instead, they discussed why Tsunade was the next Hokage.

In the villagers’ view, the one who should take over the Fifth Hokage job was Hatake Sakumo. In ten years since he became Hokage, Konoha had changed dramatically, and the villagers had a genuine love for him.

When the villagers’ reaction reached Hatake Sakumo, he was deeply moved. However, he was supposed to be the acting Hokage. It was only right that Tsunade should become the next Hokage even when the villagers were now a bit agitated that he didn’t step in to explain.


A week later, the Country of Fire Daimyo’s reply arrived. They were very positive about Tsunade taking over the Fifth Hokage job, and the tone in the reply was not as tough as before. They even had a few pinches of flattery.

Tsunade read the reply and said, “This kid is quite good! Well, when we were a kid, I didn’t beat him up for nothing.”

Everyone hearing this suddenly realized that they were sweating.

No wonder the Country of Fire Daimyo respected Tsunade so much; it turned out that there was a mental shadow.

With the permission of the Country of Fire Daimyo, Tsunade could be said to be nailed to the coffin.


A few days later, Hatake Sakumo officially transferred Hokage’s bucket to Tsunade.

Tsunade took over the bucket and said in front of Konoha Ninja and the villagers, “From today on, I am the Sixth Hokage.”

The villagers were frozen, but then they erupted in a loud cheer.

Hatake Sakumo was a bit stunned but then shook his head helplessly.


The day after Tsunade took over as Hokage, Hatake Sakumo’s and Tsunade’s head began to be carved on Hokage Rock.

“Hokage-sama, this is the specific progress of the village’s repair during this period.”

“Hokage-sama, this is the assessment form for this Chunin exam.”


One by one, the documents were delivered to Tsunade’s desk, and Tsunade’s face grew darker, “Shizune, get me Yamanaka Ryo.”

A few moments later, Shizune returned, and she whispered, “That… Tsunade-sama, Ryo-sama is not in the village.”

Tsunade slapped the table, “Pah! What? Who permitted him to leave the village?”

“Yamanaka Clan people said he went to pay you the debt.”

Cough cough… that! Then get me Jiraiya.”

Shizune easily found Jiraiya in the hot spring inn and took him to Hokage’s Office.

“Jiraiya, come on, help me!” Tsunade said as she dumped a pile of papers in front of Jiraiya.

Jiraiya froze, then said, “Tsunade, this is not good!”

“What’s not good? I’m Hokage; I’m in charge!”

Jiraiya sighed helplessly and worked with Tsunade on the paperwork. The two of them finally finished after a long day of official business from morning to night.

“Ah, I’m so tired. Why is being Hokage so tiring?”

Jiraiya bristled and said, “That’s for sure. That’s why I don’t want to be Hokage; it’s too much trouble.”

Ugh! Forget it; it’s not important. Jiraiya, let’s drink.”

Shizune smiled and quickly stopped, “Wait, Tsunade-sama, you are now Hokage, pay attention to your image, drink like this, don’t you…”

“Is Hokage not even allowed to drink? I don’t care! Let’s go, Jiraiya!”

After saying this, Tsunade pulled Jiraiya away.


Meanwhile, on the moon, Otsutsuki Hana was nervously watching a passage.

This passage was opened by Minato and Shisui when they came to the moon. However, a few days ago, there were rays of light flashing from time to time on the passage. Yesterday there was an explosion, and the passage was nearly blown up.

Otsutsuki Hana used Tenseigan’s Dojutsu to maintain the stability of the passage. At the same time, she had someone go to Earth to inform Yamanaka Ryo.


Another explosion came.

Otsutsuki Hana gritted her teeth and continued to mobilize her eye’s power. She didn’t know how Shisui and Minato were doing, but as a friend, she did her best to ensure that Minato and Shisui were safe.

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