I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 485 - An Era-Defining Step

485 An Era-Defining Step

Once again, the caller ID was from a strange number.

Everyone’s heart began beating slightly. Could it be…

Ma Ding answered the phone casually, “Yes, hello.”

“Hi, Mr. Ma, I’m from the luxury items appraisal center and I come from the Stick Nation. We looked at your products and they were rather incredible. I wonder how many products you can provide for us?”

“This product is currently limited in quantity. I can give you fifty bags and twenty sets,” Ma Ding immediately gave a number that was half the quantity of England’s.

“Chairman Ma, perhaps you may think about it again? The pursuit of luxury in our Stick Nation is still quite impartial.”

“There’s nothing else to consider. If you want it, that’s all we can provide!” Ma Ding was very confident.

“Okay, may we have a pleasant cooperation then! You are welcome to our product allocation anytime. ”

At the end of the call, the hearts of everyone from Vatti skipped a beat. Every single individual looked at Ma Ding.


One of them could not help but raise his hand and slap himself in the face!

“It hurts, it’s not a dream! ”

“Goodness gracious! This is amazing. When did Vatti have such strong will?!”

“We’re making a name for ourselves! Our luxury brand is making a name for itself! Muahahaha …”

“Damn, the Stick Nation even ridiculed our products last year. I didn’t expect them to ask us for our items so soon! ”

The entirety of Vatti was heating up. Without a doubt, it was a milestone for the company. When the news gradually spread, many Vatti employees could not help but shed tears. China’s luxury goods industry finally made headway! People from abroad would finally start to pursue Chinese luxury goods!

“Ding’er, tell your dad honestly, what’s the total number of our products?” Chairman Ma asked nervously.

“Eight hundred bags and three hundred sets.”

It was not a big number, but it…was not a small number either!

“Dad, don’t worry about this product. I promised to give them full responsibility from design to production, otherwise the cooperation will be halted at once,” Ma Ding said bluntly.

“We won’t interfere! No interference! This kind of person must not be offended, do you know that!” Chairman Ma immediately said, then continued, “I’m just curious, that’s all. Also, in terms of operations, we can help with publicity. After all, we are the head office. Marketing should be possible, right? ”

Ma Ding hesitated for a moment before finally nodding his head. “I think that’s possible.”

“Hahaha, wonderful then!” Chairman Ma’s face flushed and he roared, “Why are you all in a daze for? Hurry up and start publicizing. This is a day that will go down in history. Provide the best publicity for this at all costs. We’ll promote it throughout the web!”

“Yes, yes, we have to promote it!”

“I’m so excited. You must let me write this press release.”

“With that writing skill of yours, you can’t even write naught. Looks like I can’t hide it anymore. In fact, my true identity is that I’m a great writer and a media prince.”

“Master, a real master! Vatti really does have a master that will help. Thank you!”

“Man, we were just thinking of discontinuing the cooperation just now. There’s a hole in our brain!”

“Young Master Ma Ding is awesome!”


Just as everyone was talking excitedly, the phone rang again.

“Hello, Chairman Ma, we’re from Murica and we’re calling from the luxury item appraisal center…”

As expected, even Murica called them!

Vatti quickly entered into overdrive. Everyone set down everything in their hands and worked round the clock for the luxury products.

Chairman Ma’s face was all smiles as the phone calls kept on coming.

“Hey, Chairman Ma, what’s going on with Vatti? Our cooperative design has been going on so well all this while. Why did you suddenly stop? Do you still want to cooperate?”

“Ah, Chairman Ding, hehe, we have our reasons for stopping suddenly.”

“What reason could that be? Don’t think that you can just bully our leather factory…”

“The reason is very simple. There’s no major issue. Vatti has entered the world of luxury goods, so naturally we have no time to pay attention to other affairs!” Chairman Ma said bluntly.


The sound of a breaking teacup was heard over the phone, followed by a long silence.

“Luxury… Luxury goods? International luxury goods? Chairman Ma, are you still dreaming even though you’ve woken up from your sleep? Maybe you’re delusional? I suggest you go to the hospital.”

“Hahaha, you should be prepared and wait for the latest headlines,” Chairman Ma jested.

“It can’t be. It’s true?” Chairman Ding was stunned and incredibly envious. He then hurriedly said, “Chairman Ma, this is an event worthy of celebration. It’s the most glorious day of our Chinese luxury goods. Don’t forget your old friends even if Vatti has taken off. As busy as you are, our leather factory will continue looking forward to cooperating with you at any time.”

Ma Ding finally walked to a corner without anyone noticing, then began dancing about happily with happiness plastered all over his face.

He was far too excited after having to keep it down earlier to maintain his character.

He made the right bet! He made the right bet!

He could not wait to pick up the phone and make a call.

Ye Lingchen was with a filming crew at that time and was directing the shooting of iPartment.

The plan was to release it during New Year’s Day. It was already mid-December, so there was only half a month left. However, the progress still lagged behind, mainly because a few of the shots faced some hitches.

Ye Lingchen did not follow up on it before and it was difficult to rely on Xiao Feifei alone. Seeing as the deadline was getting closer, the progress of the shooting was significantly accelerated after Ye Lingchen joined in.

In terms of filming, Ye Lingchen did not participate much except for his initial foray into acting as a masked man and director of the action film Huo Yuanjia. However, since he had free time and also owned the company Y Group, he paid special attention to whether China’s entertainment projects could be a hit.

At that moment, Ye Lingchen’s cell phone rang.

“Grandmaster Ye. Hello, it’s me, Ma Ding.”

“Young Master Ma, hello. ”

“Grandmaster Ye, you can just call me Little Ma,” Ma Ding said immediately in a very polite manner, though there was excitement in his voice, “Grandmaster Ye, our products have passed the luxury goods appraisal process! Ten countries have already called and begged to cooperate with us! Ten! It will definitely increase in the future! This kind of treatment only exists for top luxury goods!”

The acceptance of more countries meant that the luxury goods were of much better quality. If they were loved by people all over the world, they could then be known as world-class luxury goods.

“Oh, isn’t this something to be expected?” Ye Lingchen said casually without the slightest fluctuation in his thoughts.

After reaching the peak, all those achievements should come as a matter of fact, right?

“These are luxury goods! There aren’t any luxury brands in our entire nation. In any case, this is a lifetime honor! I… You…” Ma Ding’s incoherence was due to being bamboozled by Ye Lingchen’s reaction.

‘How in the world are you so calm? This is too awesome!’

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